2011 – Harley-Davidson Museum

2011 - Harley-Davidson Museum

Harley-Davidson motorcycles bring heart-thumping adventure, life-changing freedom and a bit of rebellion into the lives of people around the world. But whether you were born to be wild – or mild – makes no difference at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Much more than a nostalgia trip for motorcycle enthusiasts, the Museum offers a glimpse of American history and culture like you’ve never seen it before – through the successes and trials of an iconic American Motor company.
This is Harley heaven. Everything you could want to know about the company is displayed from its humble beginnings in a shed to the disastrous AMF years to the worldwide powerhouse of today.

The top floor is devoted to the beginnings of the company. It is simply amazing the number of bikes they have on display here. It was also amazing to see the first generation Harley’s fully restored and even more amazing that people Actually road them. The lower level continued the Harley story taking you into Harley in films and the end of the tour features a section where you can climb atop various Harleys in history.

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