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Bonnes Mares Chambolle Musigny 1972 Wine Label

Bonnes Mares Chambolle Musigny 1972 Wine Label

Take a look back at the year 1972

1972 (MCMLXXII) was a leap year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1972nd year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 972nd year of the 2nd millennium, the 72nd year of the 20th century, and the 3rd year of the 1970s decade.

Within the context of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) it was the longest year ever, as two leap seconds were added during this 366-day year, an event which has not since been repeated. (If its start and end are defined using mean solar time [the legal time scale], its duration was 31622401.141 seconds of Terrestrial Time (or Ephemeris Time), which is slightly shorter than 1908).[1]

4Nobel Prizes
5Other academic awards
Main article: January 1972
January 1 – Kurt Waldheim becomes Secretary-General of the United Nations.[2]
January 2 – Pierre Hotel Robbery: Six men rob the safe deposit boxes of The Pierre hotel in New York City of at least $4 million.
January 3 – MGM’s 1951 Show Boat is presented on television by NBC for the first time. This marks the first complete network telecast of any version of Show Boat (it had already been filmed as a part-talkie in 1929, and as a full-sound musical in 1936).
January 4
The first scientific hand-held calculator (HP-35) is introduced (price $395).
Rose Heilbron becomes the first woman judge at the Old Bailey in London.
January 5 – U.S. President Richard Nixon orders the development of a Space Shuttle program.
January 7
Iberia Airlines Flight 602 crashes into a 462-meter peak on the island of Ibiza; 104 are killed.
Howard Hughes speaks to the press by telephone to denounce Clifford Irving’s hoax biography of him.
January 9 – The RMS Queen Elizabeth is destroyed by fire in Hong Kong harbor.
January 10 – Sheikh Mujibur Rahman returns to Bangladesh after spending over nine months in prison in Pakistan.
January 11 – East Pakistan renames itself Bangladesh.
January 13 – Prime Minister of Ghana Kofi Abrefa Busia is overthrown in a military coup by Colonel Ignatius Kutu Acheampong.
January 14 – Queen Margrethe II of Denmark succeeds her father, King Frederick IX, on the throne of Denmark, the first Queen of Denmark since 1412 and the first Danish monarch not named Frederick or Christian since 1513.
January 19 – The Libertarian enclave Minerva on a platform in the South Pacific, sponsored by the Phoenix Foundation, declares independence. Soon neighboring Tonga annexes the area and dismantles the platform.
January 20
President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto announces that Pakistan will immediately begin a nuclear weapons program.
Fears are growing about the economy of the United Kingdom, where unemployment is now exceeding 1 million for the first time since World War II.[3]
January 21
A New Delhi bootlegger sells wood alcohol to a wedding party; 100 die.
Tripura, part of the former independent Twipra Kingdom, becomes a full state of India.
January 24 – Japanese soldier Shoichi Yokoi is discovered in Guam; he had spent 28 years in the jungle.
January 25 – Shirley Chisholm, the first African American Congresswoman, announces her candidacy for President.
January 26
Yugoslavian air stewardess Vesna Vulović is the only survivor when her plane crashes in Czechoslovakia. She survives after falling 10,160 meters (33,330 feet) in the tail section of the aircraft.
The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is set up on the lawn of Parliament House in Canberra.
January 27 – Two New York City Police Department officers, Gregory Foster and Rocco Laurie, are assassinated by members of the Black Liberation Army (BLA) while on foot patrol in New York’s East Village area.
January 30
Bloody Sunday: The British Army kills 14 unarmed nationalist civil rights marchers in Derry, Northern Ireland.
Pakistan withdraws from the Commonwealth of Nations.
January 31 – King Birendra succeeds his father as King of Nepal.
Main article: February 1972
February 2
A bomb explodes at the British Yacht Club in West Berlin, killing Irwin Beelitz, a German boat builder.
The German militant group 2 June Movement announces its support of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.
Anti-British riots take place throughout Ireland. The British Embassy in Dublin is burned to the ground, as are several British-owned businesses.
The last draft lottery is held, a watershed event in the wind-down of military conscription in the United States during the Vietnam era. These draft candidates are never called to duty.
February 3–13 – The 1972 Winter Olympics are held in Sapporo, Japan.
February 4 – Mariner 9 sends pictures as it orbits Mars.
February 5
Bob Douglas becomes the first African American elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.
February 9 – The British government declares a state of emergency over a miners’ strike.
February 15
President of Ecuador José María Velasco Ibarra is deposed for the fourth time.
Phonorecords are granted U.S. federal copyright protection for the first time.
February 17 – Volkswagen Beetle sales exceed those of the Ford Model T when the 15,007,034th Beetle is produced.
February 18 – The California Supreme Court voids the state’s death penalty, commuting all death sentences to life in prison.
February 19 – Asama-Sansō incident: Five United Red Army members break into a lodge below Mount Asama, taking the wife of the lodge keeper hostage.
February 21 – The Soviet unmanned spaceship Luna 20 lands on the Moon.
February 21 – February 28 – U.S. President Richard M. Nixon makes an unprecedented 8-day visit to the People’s Republic of China and meets with Mao Zedong.
February 22
Aldershot Bombing: An Official IRA bomb kills seven in Aldershot, England.
Lufthansa Flight 649 is hijacked and taken to Aden. Passengers are released the following day after a ransom of 5 million US dollars is agreed.
February 23 – Angela Davis is released from jail. A Caruthers, California farmer, Rodger McAfee, helps her make bail.
February 24 – North Vietnamese negotiators walk out of the Paris Peace Talks to protest U.S. air raids.
February 26
A coal sludge spill kills 125 people in Buffalo Creek, West Virginia.
Luna 20 comes back to Earth with 55 grams (1.94 oz) of lunar soil.
February 28 – The Asama-Sanso incident ends in a standoff between 5 members of the Japanese United Red Army and the authorities, in which two policemen are killed and 12 injured.
Main article: March 1972
March 1
The Thai province Yasothon is created after being split off from the Ubon Ratchathani Province.
The Club of Rome publishes its report The Limits to Growth.
Juan María Bordaberry is sworn in as President of Uruguay amid accusations of election fraud.
March 2
The Pioneer 10 spacecraft is launched from Cape Kennedy, to be the first man-made satellite to leave the solar system.
Jean-Bédel Bokassa becomes President of the Central African Republic.
March 3
Sculpted figures of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson are completed at Stone Mountain in the U.S. state of Georgia.
Mohawk Airlines Flight 405 crashed into a house on Edgewood Avenue in Albany, New York, killing 16 of the 47 persons on board, and one person in an upstairs apartment. The impact happened at 8:48 pm after the commuter plane lost power during a snowstorm.
Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull is released, a concept album supposedly written by an 8-year-old boy, Gerald Bostock.
March 4
Libya and the Soviet Union sign a cooperation treaty.
The Organisation of the Islamic Conference Charter is signed (effective February 28, 1973).
March 5 – Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis leaves the Greek Communist Party.
March 13
The United Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China elevate diplomatic exchanges to the ambassadorial level after 22 years.
Clifford Irving admits to a New York court that he had fabricated Howard Hughes’ "autobiography".
March 15 – The Godfather has its premiere at the Loew’s State Theatre in New York City.
March 16 – The first building of the Pruitt–Igoe housing development in St. Louis is destroyed.
March 19 – India and Bangladesh sign the Indo-Bangladeshi Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Peace.
March 22 – The 92nd U.S. Congress votes to send the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the states for ratification.
March 24 – The British government announces the prorogation of the Parliament of Northern Ireland and the introduction of ‘Direct Rule’ of Northern Ireland, after the Unionist government refuses to cede security powers.
March 25 – Après toi sung by Vicky Leandros (music by Klaus Munro & Mario Panas, lyric by Klaus Munro & Yves Dessca) wins the Eurovision Song Contest 1972 for Luxembourg.
March 26
An avalanche on Mount Fuji kills 19 climbers.
The last trolleybus system in the United Kingdom closes in Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire after over 60 years of operation.
After 14 years, the last of Leonard Bernstein’s Young People’s Concerts is telecast by CBS. This last concert is devoted to Gustav Holst’s The Planets.
March 27 – The First Sudanese Civil War ends.
March 30
Vietnam War: The Easter Offensive begins after North Vietnamese forces cross into the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) of South Vietnam
The Parliament of Northern Ireland is suspended.
Main article: April 1972
April 7 – Vietnam War veteran Richard McCoy, Jr. hijacks a United Airlines jet and extorts $500,000; he is later captured.
April 10
The U.S. and the Soviet Union join some 70 nations in signing the Biological Weapons Convention, an agreement to ban biological warfare.
Tombs containing bamboo slips, among them Sun Tzu’s Art of War and Sun Bin’s lost military treatise, are accidentally discovered by construction workers in Shandong.
The 6.7 Mw  Qir earthquake shook southern Iran with a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent), killing 5,374 people in the province of Fars.
The 44th Annual Academy Awards are held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles.
April 12 – The X-rated animated movie Fritz the Cat is released.
April 13 – The Universal Postal Union decides to recognize the People’s Republic of China as the only legitimate Chinese representative, effectively expelling the Republic of China administering Taiwan.
April 16
Apollo 16 (John Young, Ken Mattingly, Charlie Duke) is launched. During the mission, the astronauts, driving the Lunar Roving Vehicle, achieve a lunar rover speed record of 18 km/h.
Vietnam War – Nguyen Hue Offensive: Prompted by the North Vietnamese offensive, the United States resumes bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong.
April 17 – The first Boston Marathon in which women are officially allowed to compete.
April 22 – Sylvia Cook and John Fairfax finish rowing across the Pacific.
April 26 – The Lockheed L-1011 TriStar enters service with Eastern Airlines.
April 27
The Burundian Genocide against the Hutu begins; more than 500,000 Hutus die.
A no-confidence vote against German Chancellor Willy Brandt fails under obscure circumstances.
April 29 – The fourth anniversary of the Broadway musical Hair is celebrated with a free concert at a Central Park bandshell, followed by dinner at the Four Seasons. There, 13 Black Panther protesters and the show’s co-author, Jim Rado, are arrested for disturbing the peace and for using marijuana.
Main article: May 1972
May 2 – Fire at the Sunshine Mine, a silver mine in Idaho, kills 91.
May 5 – An Alitalia DC-8 crashes west of Palermo, Sicily; 115 die.
May 7 – General elections are held in Italy.
May 8 – U.S. President Richard Nixon orders the mining of Haiphong Harbor in Vietnam.
May 10 – Operation Linebacker and Operation Custom Tailor begin with large-scale bombing operations against North Vietnam by tactical fighter aircraft.
May 11 – The Boston Bruins defeat the New York Rangers four games to two to win the Stanley Cup.
May 13 – A fire in a nightclub atop the Sennichi department store in Osaka, Japan, kills 115.
May 15
Okinawa is returned to Japan after 27 years of United States occupation.
Governor George C. Wallace of Alabama is shot and paralyzed by Arthur Bremer at a Laurel, Maryland, political rally.
May 16 – The first financial derivatives exchange, the International Monetary Market (IMM), opens on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
May 18 – Four troopers of the British Special Air Service and Special Boat Service are parachuted onto the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 1,600 kilometres (1,000 mi) across the Atlantic after a bomb threat and ransom demand which turn out to be bogus.
May 19 – Three out of six bombs explode in the Axel Springer AG media company offices in Hamburg, Germany, injuring 17; the Red Army Faction claims responsibility.
May 21 – In St. Peter’s Basilica (Vatican City), Laszlo Toth attacks Michelangelo’s Pietà statue with a geologist’s hammer, shouting that he is Jesus Christ.
May 22
The Dominion of Ceylon becomes the republic of Sri Lanka under prime minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike, when its new constitution is ratified.
Ferit Melen forms the new (interim) government of Turkey (35th government)
May 23 – The Tamil United Front (later known as Tamil United Liberation Front), a pro-Tamil organization, is founded in Sri Lanka.
May 24
Scottish Association football club Rangers F.C. win the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, defeating FC Dynamo Moscow 3-2 in the final at Camp Nou in Barcelona (Spain). A pitch invasion by their supporters leads to the team being banned from defending the trophy the following season.
A Red Army Faction bomb explodes in the Campbell Barracks of the U.S. Army Supreme European Command in Heidelberg, West Germany; three U.S. soldiers (Clyde Bonner, Ronald Woodard and Charles Peck) are killed.
The Magnavox Odyssey video game system is first demoed, marking the dawn of the video game age; it goes on sale to the public in August.
May 26
Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev sign the SALT I treaty in Moscow, as well as the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and other agreements.
Wernher von Braun retires from NASA, frustrated by the agency’s unwillingness to pursue a manned trans-orbital space program.
Willandra National Park is established in Australia.
May 27 – Mark Donohue wins the Indianapolis 500 in the Penske Racing McLaren–Offenhauser.
May 30
The Angry Brigade goes on trial in the United Kingdom.
Three Japanese Red Army members kill 24 and injure 100 in Lod Airport, Israel.
Main article: June 1972
June – Iraq nationalizes the Iraq Petroleum Company.
June 2 – Andreas Baader, Jan-Carl Raspe, Holger Meins and some other members of the Red Army Faction are arrested in Frankfurt am Main after a shootout.
June 3 – Sally Priesand becomes the first female U.S. rabbi.
June 4 – Angela Davis is found not guilty of murder.
June 5–16 – The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment is held in Stockholm, Sweden
June 8
Seven men and three women hijack a plane from Czechoslovakia to West Germany.
Vietnam War: Associated Press photographer Nick Ut takes his Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of a naked nine-year-old Phan Thi Kim Phuc running down a road after being burned by napalm.
June 9 – The Black Hills flood kills 238 in South Dakota.
June 11 – Henri Pescarolo (France) and co-driver former World Drivers’ Champion Graham Hill (Britain) win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the Equipe Matra MS670.
June 14–23 – Hurricane Agnes kills 117 on the U.S. East Coast.
June 14
Japan Airlines Flight 471 crashes outside of New Delhi airport, killing 82 of 87 occupants.
The first Popeyes fried chicken restaurant opens in the New Orleans suburb of Arabi, Louisiana.
June 15 – Ulrike Meinhof and Gerhard Müller of the Red Army Faction are arrested in a teacher’s apartment in Langenhagen, West Germany.
June 15–18 – The first U.S. Libertarian Party National Convention is held in Denver, Colorado.
June 16 – 108 die as two passenger trains hit the debris of a collapsed railway tunnel near Soissons, France.
June 17
Watergate scandal: Five White House operatives are arrested for burglarizing the offices of the Democratic National Committee.
The United States returns Okinawa, occupied and governed since the World War II Battle of Okinawa, to Japan.
Chilean president Salvador Allende forms a new government.
June 18
Staines air disaster: 118 die when a Trident 1 jet airliner crashes two minutes after take off from London Heathrow Airport.
West Germany beats the Soviet Union 3–0 to win Euro 72.
Hong Kong’s worst flooding and landslides in recorded history with 653.2 millimetres (25.72 in) of rainfall in the previous three days. 67 people die due to building collapses in Mid-levels districts landslide and building collapses, with a further 83 due to flooding-related fatalities. It is the second worst fatality due to building collapses, and the worst flooding in Hong Kong’s recorded history.
June 23 – Watergate scandal: U.S. President Richard M. Nixon and White House chief of staff H. R. Haldeman are taped talking about using the C.I.A. to obstruct the F.B.I.’s investigation into the Watergate break-ins.
June 26 – Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney co-found Atari.
June 28 – U.S. President Richard Nixon announces that no new draftees will be sent to Vietnam.
June 29 – Furman v. Georgia: The Supreme Court of the United States rules that capital punishment is unconstitutional.
June 30 – The International Time Bureau adds the first leap second (23:59:60) to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) at the end of the month.
Main article: July 1972
July – U.S. actress Jane Fonda tours North Vietnam, during which she is photographed sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun.
July 1
The Canadian ketch Vega, flying the Greenpeace III banner, collides with the French naval minesweeper La Paimpolaise while in international waters, to protest French nuclear weapon tests in the South Pacific.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms becomes independent from the IRS.
July 2 – Following Pakistan’s surrender to India in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, both nations sign the historic Simla Agreement, agreeing to settle their disputes bilaterally.
July 4 – The first Rainbow Gathering is held in Colorado.
July 8 – The U.S. sells grain to the Soviet Union for $750 million.
July 10 – India’s news agency reports that at least 24 people have been killed in separate incidents, in the Chandka Forest in India, by elephants crazed by heat and drought.
July 10–14 – The Democratic National Convention meets in Miami Beach. Senator George McGovern, who backs the immediate and complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Vietnam, is nominated for President. He names fellow Senator Thomas Eagleton as his running mate.
July 15 – The Pruitt–Igoe housing development is demolished in St. Louis, Missouri.
July 18 – Anwar Sadat expels 20,000 Soviet advisors from Egypt.
July 21
Bloody Friday: 22 bombs planted by the Provisional IRA explode in Belfast, Northern Ireland; nine people are killed and 130 seriously injured.[4]
Comedian George Carlin is arrested by Milwaukee police for public obscenity, for reciting his "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television" at Summerfest.
A collision between two trains near Seville, Spain kills 76 people.
July 23 – The United States launches Landsat 1, the first Earth-resources satellite.
July 24 – King Jigme Singye Wangchuck succeeds his father Jigme Dorji Wangchuck as king of Bhutan.
July 25 – U.S. health officials admit that African-Americans were used as guinea pigs in the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.
July 27 – The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle makes its first flight.
July 28 – A national dock strike begins in Britain.
July 31 – The Troubles, Northern Ireland:
Operation Motorman 4:00 AM: The British Army begins to regain control of the "no-go areas" established by Irish republican paramilitaries in Belfast, Derry ("Free Derry") and Newry.[4]
Claudy bombing ("Bloody Monday"), 10:00 AM: Three car bombs in Claudy, County Londonderry, kill nine. It becomes public knowledge only in 2010 that a local Catholic priest was an IRA officer believed to be involved in the bombings but his role was covered up by the authorities.[5]
Main article: August 1972
August 1 – U.S. Senator Thomas Eagleton, the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, withdraws from the race after revealing he was once treated for mental illness.
August 4
Arthur Bremer is jailed for 63 years for shooting George Wallace.
Dictator Idi Amin declares that Uganda will expel 50,000 Asians with British passports to Britain within 3 months.
A huge solar flare (one of the largest ever recorded) knocks out cable lines in U.S. It begins with the appearance of sunspots on August 2; an August 4 flare kicks off high levels of activity until August 10.
August 10 – A brilliant, daytime meteor skips off the Earth’s atmosphere due to an Apollo asteroid streaking over the western US into Canada.[6]
August 12 – Oil tankers Oswego-Guardian and Texanita collide near Stilbaai, South Africa.
August 14 – An East German Ilyushin airliner crashes near East Berlin; all 156 on board perish.
August 16 – As part of a coup attempt, members of the Royal Moroccan Air Force fire upon, but fail to bring down, Hassan II of Morocco’s plane while he is traveling back to Rabat.
August 19 – The first daytime episode of the second incarnation of American game show The Price Is Right is taped at CBS Television City, to be aired on September 4.[7]
August 21 – The Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida renominates U.S. President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew for a second term.
August 22
Rhodesia is expelled by the IOC for its racist policies.
John Wojtowicz, 27, and Sal Naturile, 18, hold several Chase Manhattan Bank employees hostage for 17 hours in Gravesend, Brooklyn, N.Y. (an event later dramatized in the film Dog Day Afternoon).
In the Almirante Zar Naval Base, Argentina, 16 detainees are executed by firing squad in the Trelew massacre.
August 26 – September 10 – The 1972 Summer Olympics are held in Munich, West Germany.
Main article: September 1972
September 1
Bobby Fischer defeats Boris Spassky in a chess match in Reykjavík, Iceland, becoming the first American world chess champion.
The Second Cod War begins between the United Kingdom and Iceland.
September 4 – The first daytime episode of the second incarnation of American game show The Price Is Right, hosted by Bob Barker, is aired on CBS. Gambit and The Joker’s Wild also premiere.
September 5–6 – Munich massacre: Eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich are murdered after eight members of the Arab terrorist group Black September invade the Olympic Village; five guerillas and one policeman are also killed in a failed hostage rescue.
September 10 – The Brazilian driver Emerson Fittipaldi wins the Italian Grand Prix at Monza and becomes the youngest Formula One World Champion.
September 14 – West Germany and Poland renew diplomatic relations.
September 17
Uganda announces that there are Tanzanian troops in its territory.
The television series M*A*S*H begins its run on CBS.
September 18 – São Paulo Metro is inaugurated in Brazil.
September 19 – A parcel bomb sent to the Israeli Embassy in London kills one diplomat.
September 23 – Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos announces on national television the issuance of Proclamation No. 1081 placing the entire country under martial law.[8][9]

September 23: Martial law in the Philippines.
September 24 – An F-86 fighter aircraft leaving an air show at Sacramento Executive Airport fails to become airborne and crashes into a Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour, killing 12 children and 11 adults.[10]
September 25 – 1972 Norwegian EC referendum: Norway rejects membership in the European Economic Community.
September 28 – The Canadian national men’s hockey team defeats the Soviet national ice hockey team in Game 8 of the 1972 Summit Series (French: La Série du Siècle, Russian: Суперсерия СССР — Канада), 6–5, to win the series 4–3–1.
September 29 – Sino-Japanese relations: The Joint Communiqué of the Government of Japan and the Government of the People’s Republic of China is signed in Beijing, which normalizes diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China after breaking official ties with the Republic of China (Taiwan).
September 30 – Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Roberto Clemente collects his 3,000 career base hit against the New York Mets. It was to be his final hit of his career due to his tragic death in a plane crash three months later.
Main article: October 1972
October – The government of former President of Somalia Mohamed Siad Barre formally introduces the Somali alphabet as Somalia’s official writing script.[11]
October 1
The first publication reporting the production of a recombinant DNA molecule marks the birth of modern molecular biology methodology.[12]
Alex Comfort’s bestselling manual The Joy of Sex is published.
October 2 – Denmark joins the European Community; the Faroe Islands stay out.
October 5 – The United Reformed Church is founded out of the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches.
October 6 – A train crash in Saltillo, Mexico kills 208 people.[13]
October 8
A major breakthrough occurs in the Paris peace talks between Henry Kissinger and Lê Đức Thọ.
R. Sargent Shriver is chosen to replace Thomas Eagleton as the U.S. vice-presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.
October 12 – En route to the Gulf of Tonkin, an anti-war protest, the USS Kitty Hawk riot led by African-Americans and interpreted by some as a race riot involving more than 200 sailors, breaks out aboard the United States Navy aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk; nearly 50 sailors are injured.
October 13 – Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571: A Fairchild FH-227D passenger aircraft transporting a rugby union team crashes at about 14,000 feet (4,300 m) in the Andes mountain range, near the Argentina/Chile border. Sixteen of the survivors are found alive December 20 but they have had to resort to cannibalism to survive.
October 16
A plane carrying U.S. Congressman Hale Boggs of Louisiana and three other men vanishes in Alaska. The wreckage has never been found, despite a massive search at the time.
Rioting Maze Prison inmates cause a fire that destroys most of the camp.
October 17 – Elizabeth II visits Yugoslavia.
October 24 – Jackie Robinson, the first black player in modern Major League Baseball history, dies at his home in Stamford, Connecticut at the age of 53.
October 25
The first female FBI agents are hired.
Belgian Eddy Merckx sets a new world hour record in cycling in Mexico City.
October 26 – Following a visit to South Vietnam, U.S. National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger suggests that "peace is at hand."
October 28 – The Airbus A300 flies for the first time.
October 29 – Lufthansa Flight 615 is hijacked and threats are made to be blown up if the three surviving perpetrators of the Munich massacre are not released from prison in West Germany. The demands are accepted, leading to fierce condemnation by Israel.[14]
October 30
U.S. President Richard Nixon approves legislation to increase Social Security spending by US$5.3 billion.
A commuter train collision in Chicago kills 45, injures hundreds.
Main article: November 1972
At a scientific meeting in Honolulu, Herbert Boyer and Stanley N. Cohen conceive the concept of recombinant DNA. They publish their results in November 1973 in PNAS. Separately in 1972, Paul Berg also recombines DNA in a test tube. Recombinant DNA technology has dramatically changed the field of biological sciences, especially biotechnology, and opened the door to genetically modified organisms.
The Nishitetsu Lions baseball club, part of the NPB’s Pacific League, is sold to the Fukuoka Baseball Corporation, a subsidiary of Nishi-Nippon Railroad. The team is renamed the Taiheiyo Club Lions.
November 5 – A group of Amerindians occupies the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
November 7 – 1972 U.S. presidential election: Republican incumbent Richard Nixon defeats Democratic Senator George McGovern in a landslide (the election had the lowest voter turnout since 1948, with only 55 percent of the electorate voting).
November 11 – Vietnam War – Vietnamization: The United States Army turns over the massive Long Binh military base to South Vietnam.
November 14 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 1,000 (1,003.16) for the first time.
November 16 – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization adopts the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage[15]
November 19 – Seán Mac Stíofáin, a leader of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, is arrested in Dublin after giving an interview to RTÉ.
November 22 – Vietnam War: The United States loses its first B-52 Stratofortress of the war.
November 28 – The last executions in Paris, France. Roger Bontems and Claude Buffet – the Clairvaux Mutineers – are guillotined at La Santé Prison by chief executioner André Obrecht. Bontems had been found innocent of murder by the court, but as Buffet’s accomplice is condemned to death anyway. President Georges Pompidou, in private an abolitionist, upholds both death sentences in deference to French public opinion.
November 29
Atari kicks off the first generation of video games with the release of their seminal arcade version of Pong, the first game to achieve commercial success.

The arcade version of Pong is released.
The "tea house" Mellow Yellow opens on the Amstel River in Amsterdam, pioneering the legal sale of cannabis in the Netherlands.[16]
November 30
Vietnam War: White House Press Secretary Ron Ziegler tells the press that there will be no more public announcements concerning United States troop withdrawals from Vietnam, due to the fact that troop levels are now down to 27,000.
Cod War: British Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Douglas-Home says that Royal Navy ships will be stationed to protect British trawlers off Iceland.
Main article: December 1972
December 2 – 1972 Australian federal election: The Labor Party led by Gough Whitlam defeats the Liberal/Country Coalition Government led by Prime Minister William McMahon. Consequently, Whitlam becomes the first Labor Prime Minister of Australia since the defeat of Ben Chifley in 1949. Whitlam would be sworn in on December 5th; his first action using executive power was to withdraw all Australian personnel from the Vietnam War. McMahon resigned from the Liberal leadership almost immediately; he would be replaced by outgoing Treasurer Billy Snedden.
December 7
Apollo 17 (Gene Cernan, Ronald Evans, Harrison Schmitt), the last manned Moon mission to date, is launched and The Blue Marble photograph of the Earth is taken. The mission also includes five mice.
The Provisional Irish Republican Army kidnaps Jean McConville in Belfast.
Imelda Marcos is stabbed and seriously wounded by an assailant; her bodyguards shoot him.
December 8
United Airlines Flight 553 crashes short of the runway, killing 43 of 61 passengers and two people on the ground.
Over $10,000 cash is found in the purse of Watergate conspirator Howard Hunt’s wife.
International Human Rights Day is proclaimed by the United Nations.
December 11 – Apollo 17 lands on the Moon.
December 14 – Apollo program: Eugene Cernan is the last person to walk on the Moon, after he and Harrison Schmitt complete the third and final Extra-vehicular activity (EVA) of Apollo 17. This is currently the last manned mission to the Moon.
December 15
The Commonwealth of Australia ordains equal pay for women.
The United Nations Environment Programme is established as a specialized agency of the United Nations.
December 16
The Constitution of Bangladesh comes into effect.
The Portuguese army kills 400 Africans in Tete, Mozambique.
December 19 – Apollo program: Apollo 17 returns to Earth, concluding the program of lunar exploration.
December 21
East Germany and West Germany recognize each other.
ZANLA troopers attack Altera Farm in north-east Rhodesia.
December 22
Australia establishes diplomatic relations with China and East Germany.
A peace delegation that includes singer-activist Joan Baez and human rights attorney Telford Taylor visit Hanoi to deliver Christmas mail to American prisoners of war (they will be caught in the Christmas bombing of North Vietnam).
December 23
The 6.2 Mw Nicaragua earthquake kills 5,000–11,000 people in the capital Managua. President Anastasio Somoza Debayle is later accused of not distributing millions of dollars worth of foreign aid.
The Pittsburgh Steelers win their first ever post-season NFL game, defeating the Oakland Raiders 13–7, on a last second play that becomes known as The Immaculate Reception.
Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme compares the American bombings of North Vietnam to Nazi massacres. The U.S. breaks diplomatic contact with Sweden.
December 25 – The Christmas bombing of North Vietnam causes widespread criticism of the U.S. and President Richard Nixon.
December 26 – Former United States President Harry S. Truman dies in Kansas City, Missouri.
December 28 – The bones of Martin Bormann are identified in Berlin.
December 29 – Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 crashes into the Everglades in Florida, killing 101 of 176 on board. It is the first hull-loss of a wide-body aircraft.
December 31
Roberto Clemente dies in a plane crash off the coast of Puerto Rico while en route to deliver aid to Nicaraguan earthquake victims.
For the first and last time, a 2nd leap second is added (23:59:60) to a year, making 1972 366 days and two seconds long, the longest year ever within the context of UTC.
The US ban on the pesticide DDT takes effect.
Date unknown[edit]
The International Year of the Book is designated by UNESCO.
The last major epidemic of smallpox in Europe breaks out in Yugoslavia.
The United Kingdom begin to train Special Air Service for anti-terrorist duties in response to the Munich massacre
The first women are admitted to Dartmouth College in the United States.
Colombian looters find Ciudad Perdida but keep it a secret until the government reveals it in 1975.
The Yellow River dries up for the first time in known history.
Worship of Norse gods is officially approved in Iceland.
The Climatic Research Unit is founded by climatologist Hubert Lamb at the University of East Anglia.
The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia bans the cultural organization Matica hrvatska, founded in 1842.
The German company SAP AG is founded.
Kadir Nurman introduces a sandwich made with döner kebab meat as a fast-food item in Berlin.[17][18]
Burt Reynolds poses nude for the centerfold of the April edition of Cosmopolitan.
Film director Stanley Kubrick asks Warner Bros. to withdraw A Clockwork Orange from exhibition in the UK following death threats made against his family. The film does not receive a public viewing in the country for another 27 years.
Motown moves all of its operations from Detroit to Los Angeles in June.

Lilian Thuram

Jang Seo-hee

Sakis Rouvas

Amanda Peet

Claudia Winkleman

Nikki Haley

Mark Owen
January 1
Sharon Blynn, American actress and cancer activist
Yoon Chan, South Korean actor
Jennifer Hale, American voice actress
Barron Miles, Canadian defensive back for the BC Lions in the CFL
Lilian Thuram, French football player
January 2 – Eduardo Pereira, Timorese footballer
January 4 – Brad Zavisha, Canadian ice hockey player
January 5
Jang Seo-hee, South Korean actress
Sakis Rouvas, Greek recording, film and television artist; model; businessman and former pole vaulter
January 9 – Mat Hoffman, American BMX rider
January 10 – Thomas Alsgaard, Norwegian cross-country skier
January 11 – Amanda Peet, American actress
January 12
Espen Knutsen, Norwegian hockey player
Toto Wolff, Austrian former race car driver, team principal
January 13
Nicole Eggert, American actress
Yukiko Iwai, Japanese voice actress
Vitaly Scherbo, Belarusian gymnast
January 15
Il Mi Chung, South Korean golfer
Claudia Winkleman, British television presenter
Yang Yong-eun, South Korean golfer
January 16
Ruben Bagger, Danish footballer
Ang Christou, Australian rules footballer
Dameon Clarke, Canadian actor and voice actor
Yuri Alekseevich Drozdov, Russian footballer
Ezra Hendrickson, Vincentian footballer
Salah Hissou, Moroccan long-distance runner
Joe Horn, American football player
Greg Page, Australian musician and actor
Alen Peternac, Croatian footballer
January 17 – Ken Hirai, Japanese singer and songwriter
January 17 – Kang Hui, Chinese anchor
January 18 – Mike Lieberthal, American baseball player
January 19 – Angham, Egyptian singer, record producer and actress
January 20 – Nikki Haley, Indian-American politician, Governor of South Carolina (2010-2017) and current U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
January 21 – Billel Dziri, Algerian footballer
January 22
Gabriel Macht, American actor
Romi Park, Japanese voice actress
January 23
Ewen Bremner, Scottish actor
Marcel Wouda, Dutch swimmer
January 25 – Chantal Andere, Mexican actress
January 27
Wynne Evans, Welsh operatic tenor
Bibi Gaytán, Mexican singer and actress[19]
Mark Owen, British pop singer (Take That)
Keith Wood, Irish rugby player
January 29 – Matt Brandstein, American writer

Dana International

Kristopher Carter

Robyn Lively

Crispin Freeman

Jaromír Jágr

Billie Joe Armstrong

Olexandra Timoshenko

Keith Ferguson

Pedro Sánchez
February 1 – Tego Calderón, Puerto Rican hip hop musician and actor
February 2
Dana International, Israeli transsexual singer, Eurovision Song Contest 1998 winner
Klára Dobrev, wife of Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány
Naheed Nenshi, Canadian politician, mayor of Calgary
Hendrick Ramaala, South African long-distance runner
Hisashi Tonomura, Japanese musician
February 3 – Jesper Kyd, Danish video game composer
February 4 – Giovanni Silva de Oliveira, Brazilian footballer
February 5
Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark
Koriki Chōshū, Japanese comedian
Kristopher Carter, American composer
February 7
Robyn Lively, American actress
Jamie Shannon, Canadian actor and director
February 8 – Big Show, American professional wrestler
February 9
Crispin Freeman, American voice actor
Norbert Rózsa, Hungarian swimmer
February 11
Craig Jones, American musician
Steve McManaman, British footballer
Kelly Slater, American professional surfer
February 14
Drew Bledsoe, American football player
Rob Thomas, American singer-songwriter (Matchbox Twenty)
February 15 – Jaromír Jágr, Czech hockey player
February 16 – Jerome Bettis, American football player
February 17
Billie Joe Armstrong, American rock musician and lead singer/guitarist (Green Day)
Philippe Candeloro, French figure skater
Yuki Isoya, Japanese singer
Ralphie May, American stand-up comedian and actor (d. 2017)
Valeria Mazza, Argentinean model and businesswoman
February 18 – Olexandra Timoshenko, Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast
February 19 – Malky Mackay, Scottish footballer
February 20 – Todd Graves, American entrepreneur & founder of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers
February 21 – Seo Taiji, Korean musician
February 22
Michael Chang, American tennis player
Claudia Pechstein, German speed-skater
February 24
Pooja Bhatt, Indian actress
Richard Chelimo, Kenyan athlete (d. 2001)
James Bachman, English comedian, actor and writer
February 25 – Jaak Mae, Estonian cross-country skier
February 26
Keith Ferguson, American voice actor
Maz Jobrani, Iranian-American actor, comedian, and director
February 29
Antonio Sabàto, Jr., Italian actor
Sylvie Lubamba, Italian showgirl
Dave Williams, American musician and singer of Drowning Pool (d. 2002)
Saul Williams, American singer, poet and actor
Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain

Shaquille O’Neal

Leigh-Allyn Baker


Mark Hoppus

Dane Cook

Leslie Mann

Nick Frost

Priti Patel
March 3
Darren Anderton, English footballer
March 4
Nocturno Culto, Norwegian musician
Pae Gil-su, North Korean gymnast
Ivy Queen, Puerto Rican-American actress, singer-songwriter and record producer
Jos Verstappen, Dutch race car driver
March 6
Shaquille O’Neal, African-American basketball player
Jaret Reddick, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
March 9
Ronald Cheng, Hong Kong singer and actor
Spencer Howson, Australian radio announcer
Travis Lane Stork, American emergency room physician and television personality
Kerr Smith, American actor
Jean Louisa Kelly, American actress
March 10
Takashi Fujii (Matthew Minami), Japanese television performer
Matt Kenseth, American race car driver
Michael Lucas, Russian gay pornographic actor and director
Timbaland, American record producer, songwriter and rapper
March 13
Leigh-Allyn Baker, American actress
Common, African-American rapper and actor
Trent Dilfer, American football player
Reshef Levi, Israeli comedian
March 15
Mark Hoppus, American musician and bassist (blink-182)
Erik S. Kristensen, American U.S. Navy SEAL (d. 2005)
March 17
Mia Hamm, American soccer player
Paige Hemmis, American television personality
Sean Price, American rapper (Heltah Skeltah) (d. 2015)
March 18 – Dane Cook, American comedian
March 21
Chris Candido, American professional wrestler (d. 2005)
Balázs Kiss, Hungarian Olympic athlete
Derartu Tulu, Ethiopian long-distance runner
March 22
Shawn Bradley, American basketball player
Cory Lidle, American baseball player (d. 2006)
Elvis Stojko, Canadian figure skater
March 23
Joe Calzaghe, Welsh boxer
Judith Godrèche, French actress
March 26 – Leslie Mann, American actress and comedian
March 27
Kieran Modra, Australian swimmer and cyclist (d. 2019)
Ignacio Garrido, Spanish golfer
Charlie Haas, American professional wrestler
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Dutch footballer
Ben Richards, British actor, better known for his role in The Bill
March 28
Nick Frost, English actor, comedian and screenwriter
Eby J. Jose, Indian journalist and human rights activist
March 29
Hera Björk, Icelandic singer
Priti Patel, British Indian politician, Secretary of State for the Home Department
Junichi Suwabe, Japanese voice actor
March 30 – Karel Poborský, Czech Republic football player

Tim Peake

Jennifer Garner

Carmen Electra

Željko Joksimović
April 3 – Jennie Garth, American actress
April 4
Tag Adams, American pornographic film actor
Bastian Pastewka, German comedian and actor
Lisa Ray, Canadian model and actress
April 5 – Junko Takeuchi, Japanese voice actress
April 6 – Jason Hervey, American actor
April 8
Ariel Hernandez, Cuban boxer
Sung Kang, Korean actor
April 7 – Tim Peake, British astronaut
April 9 – Bernard Ackah, Ivorian mixed martial artist and comedian
April 10 – Vincent Zhao, Chinese actor and martial artist
April 11
Balls Mahoney, American professional wrestler (d. 2016)
Jason Varitek, American baseball player
April 12 – Şebnem Ferah, Turkish singer and songwriter
April 13 – Mariusz Czerkawski, Polish ice hockey player
April 14 – Dean Potter, American free climber (d. 2015)
April 15
Lou Romano, American animator and voice actor
Arturo Gatti, Canadian boxer (d. 2009)
April 16 – Conchita Martínez, Spanish tennis player
April 17
Tony Boselli, American football player
Jennifer Garner, American actress
Muttiah Muralitharan, Sri Lankan cricketer
Terran Sandwith, Canadian ice hockey player
April 19 – Rivaldo, Brazilian footballer
April 20
Lê Huỳnh Đức, Vietnamese footballer
Carmen Electra, American actress and singer
Željko Joksimović, Serbian singer, composer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer
Marko Kon, Serbian composer, producer and singer
Stephen Marley, Jamaican-American musician
April 23
Amira Medunjanin, singer from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Choky Ice, Hungarian porn actor
April 24
Chad I Ginsburg, American musician and record producer (CKY)
Chipper Jones, American baseball player
April 26 – Avi Nimni, Israeli footballer
April 27 – David Lascher, American actor
April 29 – Fredrik Kempe, Swedish songwriter and opera and pop singer
April 30 – Takako Tokiwa, Japanese actress

Julie Benz

Dwayne Johnson

Martin Brodeur

Daniela Silivaș

Khary Payton

Alison Eastwood
May 1 – Julie Benz, American actress
May 2
Paul Adcock, English footballer
Dwayne Johnson, American professional wrestler and actor
May 3 – Vyacheslav Kozlov, Russian hockey player
May 4 – Mike Dirnt, American rock musician and bassist (Green Day)
May 5 – James Cracknell, British Olympic winning rower
May 6
Janne Blomqvist, Finnish swimmer
Martin Brodeur, Canadian hockey goaltender
Naoko Takahashi, Japanese long-distance runner
May 7 – Asghar Farhadi, Iranian film director
May 8
Darren Hayes, Australian musician
Ray Whitney, Canadian former NHL player
May 9
Lisa Ann, American pornographic actress
Daniela Silivaș, Romanian gymnast
May 10
Radosław Majdan, Polish goalkeeper
Katja Seizinger, German alpine skier
May 14 – Amma Asante, Dutch politician
May 15 – Richard Blackwood, English comedian, actor and rapper
May 16
Derek Mears, American actor/stuntman
Khary Payton, American actor
May 17
Tyson Cane, American gay pornographic actor
Roman Genn, Russian artist
May 19
Jenny Berggren, Swedish rock singer (Ace of Base)
Claudia Karvan, Australian actress
May 20
Andreas Lundstedt, Swedish singer and actor (Alcazar)
Busta Rhymes, African-American rapper and actor
May 21
The Notorious B.I.G., African-American rapper (d. 1997)
Kaoru Fujino, Japanese voice actress
May 22
Max Brooks, American horror author and screenwriter
Alison Eastwood, American actress
May 23 – Rubens Barrichello, Brazilian race car driver
May 24 – Maia Sandu, Prime Minister of Moldova
May 25
Karan Johar, Indian film director, producer, and screenwriter
Jules Jordan, American pornographic movie director, actor, and producer
Octavia Spencer, African-American actress, author, and producer
May 26 – Ahmad Dhani, Indonesian rock musician, songwriter, arranger, producer, and politician
May 27 – Ivete Sangalo, Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress and television show host
May 28 – Michael Boogerd, Dutch cyclist
May 29 – Stanislas Renoult, French singer
May 30 – Manny Ramírez, Dominican baseball player
May 31
Frode Estil, Norwegian cross-country skier
Dave Roberts, American baseball player

Rick Gomez

Wayne Brady

Karl Urban


C. H. Greenblatt

Jean Dujardin

Zinedine Zidane

Maria Butyrskaya

Samantha Smith
June 1
Daniel Casey, English actor
Rick Gomez, American actor and voice actor
June 2
Wayne Brady, African-American comedian
Wentworth Miller, American actor and screenwriter
June 4
Derian Hatcher, American ice hockey player
Debra Stephenson, English actress
Stoja, Serbian pop-folk singer
June 5
Mike Bucci, American professional wrestler
Paweł Kotla, Polish conductor
Yogi Adityanath, Indian priest and politician
June 6
Noriaki Kasai, Japanese ski jumper
Cristina Scabbia, Italian singer
June 7 – Karl Urban, New Zealand actor
June 8 – Chapman To, Hong Kong actor
June 10 – Steven Fischer, American film producer and director
June 14 – Matthias Ettrich, German computer scientist
June 15
Marcus Hahnemann, American retired soccer player
Andy Pettitte, American baseball player
June 16 – John Cho, Korean-American actor and musician
June 17
Rikrok, British-Jamaican singer
Iztok Čop, Slovenian rower
C. H. Greenblatt, American animator
June 18
Michal Yannai, Israeli actress
June 19
Jean Dujardin, French actor, comedian, and film director
Rayveness, American porn actress
June 20 – Shane Hamman, American Olympic weightlifter and powerlifter
June 21 – Irene van Dyk, South African and New Zealand netball player
June 22 – Miguel del Toro, Mexican baseball player
June 23 – Zinedine Zidane, French-Algerian footballer and manager
June 24
Robbie McEwen, Australian professional road bicycle racer
Denis Žvegelj, Slovenian rower
Kim Yeo-jin, South Korean actress and activist
June 25 – Carlos Delgado, Puerto Rican baseball player
June 27 – Christian Kane, American actor and singer-songwriter
June 28
Maria Butyrskaya, Russian figure skater
Jon Heidenreich, American professional wrestler
June 29
Samantha Smith, American peace activist (d. 1985)
Nawal Al Zoghbi, Lebanese singer
June 30
Molly Parker, Canadian actress
Fabiano Scherner, German-Brazilian mixed martial artist and jiu-jitsu black belt

Robert Esmie

Sofía Vergara

Andrew Holness

Maya Rudolph

Wil Wheaton
July 1
Christopher Smiyh, British film director and screenwriter
Steve Little, American actor and comedian
July 2
Darren Shan, British author
Coster Balakasi, Zimbabwean sculptor
July 3
Henrik Fritzon, Swedish politician
Aleksei Kulashko, New Zealand chess player
July 4
Nina Badrić, Croatian pop singer
Alexei Shirov, Spanish chess Grandmaster
Craig Spearman, New Zealand cricketer
Shira Arad, Israeli film editor and musical supervisor
July 5
Ted Price, American businessman and video game designer
Robert Esmie, American Olympic athlete
Gilles Lellouche, French actor
July 6
Isabelle Boulay, French Canadian singer
Mark Gasser, British concert pianist
Levent Üzümcü, Turkish actor
July 7
Lisa Leslie, American basketball player
Stoney Case, American football player
Kirsten Vangsness, American actress and writer
July 8
Shōsuke Tanihara, Japanese actor
Sourav Ganguly, Indian cricketer
Victor Mikhalevski, Israeli chess grandmaster
July 10
Rosnah Shirlin, Malaysian politician
Sofía Vergara, Colombian actress and model
Peter Serafinowicz, English actor, voice actor, comedian, and writer
Tilo Wolff, German musician
John Viener, American actor, voice actor, writer, and comedian
Julián Legaspi, Uruguayan-Peruvian actor
Christoph Hochhäusler, German film director and screenwriter
July 11 – Michael Rosenbaum, American actor, producer and comedian
July 12
Gabriel Garko, Italian actor and fashion model
Travis Best, American basketball player
Nenad Jezdić, Serbian actor
Jake Wood, English actor
July 13 – Sean Waltman, American professional wrestler
July 14 – Masami Suzuki, Japanese voice actress
July 15
Scott Foley, American actor, director and screenwriter
Chitalu Chilufya, Zambian doctor and politician
July 18 – Fredrik Åkesson, Swedish guitarist
July 19
Naohito Fujiki, Japanese actor and singer
Daedalus Howell, American writer and filmmaker
July 20 – Jozef Stümpel, Slovak professional ice hockey
July 21
Justin Edwards, English actor and writer
Catherine Ndereba, Kenyan long-distance runner
Josué Guébo, Ivorian academic
July 22
Andrew Holness, 9th Prime Minister of Jamaica
Keyshawn Johnson, American football player
July 23 – Marlon Wayans, American actor, comedian, producer, and screenwriter
July 26 – Nathan Buckley, Australian rules footballer
July 27
Takako Fuji, Japanese actress
Maya Rudolph, American actress, comedian
Takashi Shimizu, Japanese director
Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Malaysian orthopaedic surgeon and the first commercial astronaut
July 28
Elizabeth Berkley, American actress
Evan Farmer, American television host, actor, and musician
Yum Jung-ah, South Korean actress
July 29 – Wil Wheaton, American actor
July 31 – Tami Stronach, Iranian-born dancer and former actress

Devon Hughes

Geri Halliwell

Michael Sinterniklaas

Ben Affleck

Jimmy Pop

Cameron Diaz
August 1
Marc Costanzo, Canadian musician
Devon Hughes, American professional wrestler
August 2
Chris Bender, American musician (d. 1991)
Kelly Richardson, Canadian contemporary artist
August 3 – Patrik Isaksson, Swedish singer and songwriter
August 6 – Geri Halliwell, British pop singer (Spice Girls)
August 7
Sarah Cawood, British television presenter
Karen Disher, American film director
Brad Patton, Swedish pornographic actor
August 9 – A-mei, Taiwanese singer
August 10 – Angie Harmon, American actress
August 11 – Jonathon Prandi, American model and actor
August 12
Demir Demirkan, Turkish rock musician and songwriter
Jonathan Coachman, American World Wrestling Entertainment announcer
August 13
Kevin Plank, American entrepreneur (Under Armour)
Michael Sinterniklaas, French-born American voice actor
August 14
Takako Honda, Japanese voice actress
Yoo Jae-suk, South Korean comedian and television comedy show host
Ed O’Bannon, American basketball player
August 15
Ben Affleck, American actor and film director
Mikey Graham, Irish singer (Boyzone)
Jonathan Slinger, British actor
August 16
Frankie Boyle, Scottish comedian
Emily Robison, American country music performer (Dixie Chicks)
August 17 – Ken Ryker, American pornographic actor
August 18 – Leo Ku, Hong Kong actor and singer
August 19 – Sammi Cheng, Hong Kong singer and actress
August 20 – Chaney Kley, American actor (d. 2007)
August 23 – Anthony Calvillo, Canadian Football League quarterback
August 25 – Marvin Harrison, American football player
August 26 – Samar Kokash, Syrian actress and voice actress
August 27
Denise Lewis, English track and field athlete,
Jimmy Pop, American musician
Mike Smith, Canadian actor
The Great Khali, Indian promoter, actor, powerlifter and professional wrestler
August 29 – Bae Yong-joon, South Korean actor
August 30
Cameron Diaz, American actress
Pavel Nedvěd, Czech footballer

Idris Elba

Natasha Kaplinsky

Jimmy Carr

Sprent Dabwido

Liam Gallagher

Karl Pilkington

Beto O’Rourke

Gwyneth Paltrow

Dita Von Teese
September 2 – Sergejs Žoltoks, Latvian hockey player (d. 2004)
September 4 – Françoise Yip, Chinese-Canadian actress
September 6
Idris Elba, English actor
Martin Gooch, English filmmaker
Anika Noni Rose, American actress
September 7 – Sean Daley, American hip-hop musician (Atmosphere)
September 8
Giovanni Frezza, Italian actor
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, American disc jockey and political satirist
Os du Randt, South African rugby player
Tomokazu Seki, Japanese voice actor
September 9 – Natasha Kaplinsky, English newsreader
September 10
Sara Groves, American Christian musician
Bledar Sejko, Albanian guitarist, composer, and singer
Ghada Shouaa, Syrian athlete
Rio Tahara, Japanese snowboarder
September 12
Gideon Emery, English actor
Budi Putra, Indonesian journalist, writer and blogger
September 13 – Kelly Chen, Hong Kong actress and singer
September 15
Queen Letizia of Spain
Jimmy Carr, British comedian
September 16
Sprent Dabwido, Nauruan politician (d. 2019)
Alessandro "Lord Vampyr" Nunziati, Italian singer, record producer and writer (Theatres des Vampires, Cain, Lord Vampyr’s Shadowsreign)
Vebjørn Rodal, Norwegian Olympic athlete
September 17 – Bobby Lee, Asian-American comedian
September 19
Jim Druckenmiller, National Football League quarterback
Ashot Nadanian, Armenian chess player, theoretician and coach
September 20
Victor Ponta, 3-Time Prime Minister of Romania
Sergio Di Zio, Canadian actor
September 21
Jon Kitna, American football player
Liam Gallagher, British singer (Oasis)
Erin Fitzgerald, Canadian-American voice actress
September 22
Dana Vespoli, American porn actress and director
Matthew Rush, American gay pornographic actor
September 23
Ana Marie Cox, American author and blogger
Karl Pilkington, English radio producer
Pierre Amine Gemayel, Lebanese politician (d. 2006)
Galit Gutman, Israeli female model
September 24 – Karyn Bosnak, American author
September 26
Beto O’Rourke, American politician, representative of Texas 16th congressional district
Shawn Stockman, American singer and musician (Boyz II Men)
September 27
Sylvia Crawley, American basketball player
Gwyneth Paltrow, American actress
September 28
Guta Stresser, Brazilian actress
Dita Von Teese, American burlesque artist
September 29 – Robert Webb, comedian and actor
September 30
Ari Behn, Norwegian author
José Lima, Dominican baseball player (d. 2010)
Shaan, Indian singer


Gabrielle Union

Sandra Kim


Matt Dawson
October 1 – Jean Paulo Fernandes, Brazilian footballer
October 2 – Konstantinos Papadakis, Greek pianist
October 3
Kim Joo-hyuk, South Korean actor (d. 2017)
Guy Oseary, Israeli-American businessman
October 4 – Van Darkholme, Vietnamese-American gay pornographic actor, director and photographer
October 5



Gabrielle Union

Sandra Kim


Matt Dawson
October 1 – Jean Paulo Fernandes, Brazilian footballer
October 2 – Konstantinos Papadakis, Greek pianist
October 3
Kim Joo-hyuk, South Korean actor (d. 2017)
Guy Oseary, Israeli-American businessman
October 4 – Van Darkholme, Vietnamese-American gay pornographic actor, director and photographer
October 5
Aaron Guiel, Canadian baseball player
Grant Hill, African-American basketball player
October 6
Anders Iwers, Swedish musician
Ko So-young, South Korean actress
J. J. Stokes, American football player
October 8 – Kim Myung-min, South Korean actor
October 9 – Etan Patz, missing American schoolboy
October 10 – Jun Lana, Filipino playwright and screenwriter
October 11
Claudia Black, Australian actress
Tamara Gee, American vocalist, songwriter, producer, dancer and model
October 13 – Danny Lloyd, American actor
October 12 – Mechele Linehan, American murderer
October 15 – Sandra Kim, Belgian singer, Eurovision Song Contest 1986 winner
October 17
Eminem, American rapper and actor
Sharon Leal, American actress and director
Tarkan, Turkish singer
October 19 – Sayaka Aoki, Japanese voice actress
October 21
Evgeny Afineevsky, Russian-born American film director and producer
Masakazu Morita, Japanese voice actor
Evhen Tsybulenko, Ukrainian professor of international law
Ilaria Latini, Italian voice actress
October 22 – Saffron Burrows, British actress
October 24
Van Darkholme, Vietnamese-American dungeon master, performance artist and film director
T. J. Cunningham, American football player (d. 2019)
Kim Ji-soo, South Korean actress
Scott Peterson, American convicted murderer
Pat Williams, American football player
October 25 – Esther Duflo, French American economist, recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
October 27
Lee Clark, English footballer
Elissa, Lebanese singer
Marika Krook, Finnish singer (Edea)
Maria de Lurdes Mutola, Mozambican athlete
Brad Radke, American baseball player
October 28
Terrell Davis, American football player
Brad Paisley, American country music singer-songwriter
October 29
Takafumi Horie, Japanese entrepreneur
Tracee Ellis Ross, American actress
Gabrielle Union, American actress
October 31 –
Matt Dawson, English rugby player and TV personality.
Pharoahe Monch, American Rapper

Jenny McCarthy

Samantha Womack

Thandie Newton

Rebecca Romijn

Eric Dane

Trevor Devall

Josh Duhamel

Jonny Lee Miller
November 1
Mario Barth, German comedian
Toni Collette, Australian actress, singer, and musician
Jenny McCarthy, American actress and model
Naoki Yanagi, Japanese voice actor
November 2
Vladimir Vorobiev, Russian ice hockey player
Samantha Womack, British actress
November 4
Luís Figo, Portuguese footballer
Julissa Gomez, American gymnast (d. 1991)
November 5 – Krassimir Avramov, Bulgarian singer and songwriter
November 6
Adonis Georgiades, Greek historian and politician, Greek Minister of Health
Thandie Newton, British actress
Rebecca Romijn, American actress and model
November 7
Danny Grewcock, British rugby player
Christopher Daniel Barnes, American actor and voice actor
November 8
Gretchen Mol, American actress
Maja Marijana, Serbian pop-folk singer
November 9
Eric Dane, American actor
Doug Russell, American sports media personality
Naomi Shindō, Japanese voice actor
November 10
Lou Brutus, American radio host, musician and photographer
Shawn Green, American baseball player
Trevor Devall, Canadian actor and voice actor
November 11 – Adam Beach, Canadian actor
November 13 – Takuya Kimura, Japanese actor
November 14
Matt Bloom, American wrestler
Josh Duhamel, American actor and model
November 15 – Jonny Lee Miller, English-American actor
November 16
Aurelia Dobre, Romanian artistic gymnast
Missi Pyle, American actress and singer
November 18 – Zubeen Garg, Indian Singer
November 21 – Rain Phoenix, American actress
November 22 – Gabe Khouth, Canadian actor and voice actor (d. 2019)
November 23
Veronica Avluv, American porn actress
Alf-Inge Håland, Norwegian footballer
November 26 – Arjun Rampal, Indian actor
November 28 – Jesper Strömblad, Swedish musician
November 29
Brian Baumgartner, American actor and director
Andreas Goldberger, Austrian ski jumper
November 30 – Christopher Fitzgerald, American actor

Daniel Alfredsson

Miranda Hart

Alyssa Milano

Jude Law
December 4
Marc Bator, German journalist and television presenter
Yūko Miyamura, Japanese voice actress, actress and singer
December 5 – Cole Youngblood, American pornographic actor
December 6 – Mónica Santa María, Peruvian model and TV host (d. 1994)
December 7
Hermann Maier, Austrian skier
Tammy Lynn Sytch, American wrestling manager and personality
Jason Winer, American actor, comedian, writer, director and producer
December 9 – Tré Cool, American rock musician and drummer (Green Day)
December 10
Puff Johnson, American singer (d. 2013)
Brian Molko, American musician (Placebo)
December 11
Daniel Alfredsson, Swedish-Canadian former ice hockey player
LaMont Smith, American Olympic athlete
December 12
Wilson Kipketer, Kenyan-Danish athlete
Brandon Teena, American murder victim (d. 1993)
Quan Yeomans, Australian musician; leader singer of Regurgitator
December 13 – Chris Grant, Australian footballer
December 14 – Miranda Hart, British Comedian and Actress
December 15
Rodney Harrison, American football player
Lee Jung-jae, South Korean actor
Stuart Townsend, Irish actor
December 16 – Angela Bloomfield, New Zealand actress
December 17 – John Abraham, Indian actor
December 18 – Eimear Quinn, Irish Celtic singer, Eurovision Song Contest 1996 winner
December 19
Alyssa Milano, American actress
Rosa Blasi, American actress
Warren Sapp, American football player
December 20 – Gen Urobuchi, Japanese writer
December 22 – Vanessa Paradis, French singer and actress
December 23
Morgan, Italian singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and X Factor (Italy) judge
Christian Potenza, Canadian actor/voice actor
December 24 – Klaus Schnellenkamp, German-Chilean author
December 25
Josh Freese, American musician and drummer
Qu Yunxia, Chinese middle-distance runner
December 26 – Shane Meadows, English director
December 27 – Colin Charvis, Welsh rugby player
December 28
Patrick Rafter, Australian tennis player
Adam Vinatieri, American football player
December 29 – Jude Law, British actor
December 30 – Kerry Collins, American football player
December 31 – Joey McIntyre, American actor and singer (New Kids on the Block)
Date unknown[edit]
Imaani, English singer, Eurovision Song Contest 1998 runner-up
Marente de Moor, Dutch writer
Artur Żurawski, Polish cinematographer and director

Maurice Chevalier

King Frederick IX of Denmark

Mohammad Al-Abbasi

Mahalia Jackson

King Mahendra of Nepal
January 1
Maurice Chevalier, French singer and actor (b. 1888)
Patriarch Maximus V of Constantinople, Turkish Orthodox Christian bishop (b. 1897)
Jane Morgan, British-born American actor and singer (b. 1880)
January 3 – Frans Masereel, Belgian painter and graphic artist (b. 1889)
January 7 – Emma P. Carr, American spectroscopist (b. 1880)
January 8
Edwin Hugh Lundie, American architect (b. 1886)
Kenneth Patchen, American poet and painter (b. 1911)
Wesley Ruggles, American film director (b. 1889)
January 9 – Ted Shawn, American dancer (b. 1891)
January 16 – Ross Bagdasarian Sr., American record producer (Alvin and the Chipmunks) (b. 1919)
January 17
Rochelle Hudson, American actress (b. 1916)
Betty Smith, American writer (b. 1896)
January 18 – Clarence Earl Gideon, American defendant in civil rights court case (Gideon v. Wainwright) (b. 1910)
January 19 – Mohammad Al-Abbasi, Minister of Foreign Affairs and 45th Prime Minister of Jordan (b. 1914)
January 24 – Jerome Cowan, American actor (b. 1897)
January 25 – Erhard Milch, German field marshal and Luftwaffe officer (b. 1892)
January 27 – Mahalia Jackson, American gospel singer (b. 1911)
January 29 – Hugh McDermott, British actor and golfer (b. 1908)
January 31 – King Mahendra of Nepal (b. 1920)

Maria Goeppert-Mayer
February 2 – Jessie Royce Landis, American actress (b. 1896)
February 3 – John Litel, American actor (b. 1892)
February 4 – Orlando Ward, American general (b. 1891)
February 5 – Marianne Moore, American poet (b. 1887)
February 7
Walter Lang, American film director (b. 1896)
Bob Woodward, American actor (b. 1909)
February 11
Jan Wils, Dutch architect (b. 1891)
Colin Munro MacLeod, Canadian-American geneticist (b. 1909)
February 17 – Gavriil Popov, Soviet Russian composer (b. 1904)
February 19 – John Grierson, Scottish documentary filmmaker (b. 1898)
February 20
Maria Goeppert-Mayer, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1906)
Walter Winchell, American journalist (b. 1897)
February 21 – Zhang Guohua, Chinese general and politician (b. 1914)

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Royal Mail Christmas 1992 – Karl Parsons Stained Glass Artist

Royal Mail Christmas 1992 -  Karl Parsons Stained Glass Artist

1992 (MCMXCII) was a leap year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1992nd year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 992nd year of the 2nd millennium, the 92nd year of the 20th century, and the 3rd year of the 1990s decade.

1992 was designated as:

International Space Year by the United Nations.

January 1 – Boutros Boutros-Ghali of Egypt replaces Javier Pérez de Cuéllar of Peru as United Nations Secretary-General.
January 2 – President of Russia Boris Yeltsin ends price controls.
January 6
The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is proclaimed by the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh.
1991-92 Georgian coup d’état: President of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia flees the country as a result of the military coup.
January 7 – The Yugoslav Air Force downs a helicopter, killing five military observers from the European Communities.
January 9
Bosnian Serbs declare their own republic within Bosnia and Herzegovina, in protest of the decision by Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats to seek recognition by the European Communities.
First confirmed detection of exoplanets with announcement of the discovery of several terrestrial-mass planets orbiting the pulsar PSR B1257+12 by radio astronomers Aleksander Wolszczan and Dale Frail working in the United States.[1]
January 11
Singer Paul Simon is the first major artist to tour South Africa after the end of the cultural boycott.
An Albanian referendum for territorial and political autonomy is held in the Republic of Macedonia.[2]
January 13 – Japan apologizes for forcing Korean women into sexual slavery during World War II.
January 15 – The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia begins to break up; Slovenia and Croatia gain independence and international recognition in some Western countries.
January 16 – El Salvador officials and rebel leaders sign the Chapultepec Peace Accords in Mexico City, ending the 12-year Salvadoran Civil War that claimed at least 75,000 lives.
January 18 – In Nairobi, Kenya, more than 100,000 attend protests demanding an end to one-party rule by the Kenya African National Union.
January 19
The Bulgarian presidential election is won by Zhelyu Zhelev, leader of the Union of Democratic Forces.
Paramount Leader of China Deng Xiaoping speaks in Shenzhen during his southern tour, a move that would return China on its right-wing march towards free market economics.[3]
January 22 – Rebel forces occupy Zaire’s national radio station in Kinshasa and broadcast a demand for the government’s resignation.
January 24 – China and Israel establish diplomatic relations.
January 26
Boris Yeltsin announces that Russia will stop targeting cities of the United States and her allies with nuclear weapons. In return President George H. W. Bush announces that the United States and her allies will stop targeting Russia and the remaining communist states with nuclear weapons.
In Mauritania, security forces open fire on opponents of President of Mauritania Maaouya Ould Sid’Ahmed Taya, killing at least five people.
January 27 – Nagorno-Karabakh War: in the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, fighting between Armenians and Azeris leaves at least 60 people dead.
January 30 – North Korea signs an accord with the International Atomic Energy Agency allowing for international inspections of North Korea’s nuclear power plants.
February 1
President of the United States George H. W. Bush meets with President of Russia Boris Yeltsin at Camp David, where they formally declare that the Cold War is over.
The United States Coast Guard begins deporting the first of some 14,000 refugees from Haiti.
February 3 – South African State President F.W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela, African National Congress leader, are jointly awarded the Felix Houphouet-Boigny Peace Prize at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.
February 4 – In Venezuela, Hugo Chávez leads an unsuccessful coup attempt against President of Venezuela Carlos Andrés Pérez
February 7 – The Maastricht Treaty is signed, founding the European Union.
February 8 – The opening ceremony for the 1992 Winter Olympics is held in Albertville, France.
February 9 – Algerian Civil War: The government of Algeria declares a state of emergency and begins a crackdown on the Islamic Salvation Front.
February 14 – Ukraine and four other nations in the Commonwealth of Independent States reject Russia’s proposal to maintain unified armed forces. Ukraine, Moldova, and Azerbaijan announce they will go ahead with plans to create their own armed forces.
February 16 – In Lebanon, Israeli helicopter gunships assassinate Abbas al-Musawi, the leader of Hezbollah, and his son, in retaliation for a February 14 raid that killed three Israeli soldiers.
February 17 – A court in Milwaukee, Wisconsin sentences serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer to life in prison.
February 18 – Iraq disarmament crisis: The Executive Chairman of UNSCOM details Iraq’s refusal to abide by UN Security Council disarmament resolutions.
February 21 – The United Nations Security Council approves Resolution 743 to send a UNPROFOR peacekeeping force to Yugoslavia.
February 25 – 26 – 613 Azerbaijani civilians are massacred in Khojaly.
February 26 – The Irish supreme court rules that a 14-year-old rape victim may travel to England to have an abortion.
February 28 – Ownership of the port town of Walvis Bay is transferred from South Africa to Namibia.
March 1 – The first victims of the Bosnian War are a Serb groom’s father and an Orthodox priest in a Sarajevo shooting.[4] The Bosnian independence referendum was held from February 29 – March 1, in which the majority of the Bosniak and Bosnian Croat communities, but boycotted by Bosnian Serbs, voted for Bosnia-Herzegovina’s independence.
March 2 – In Dubăsari, Moldova, escalating tensions turn into open hostilities and the beginning of the Transnistria War.
March 3 – Turkey’s worst coal mine disaster leaves 263 dead near Zonguldak.
March 4 – The Supreme Court of Algeria bans the Islamic Salvation Front, which is poised to win control of the Parliament of Algeria in runoff elections.
March 9 – The People’s Republic of China ratifies the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
March 12 – Mauritius becomes a republic while remaining a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.
March 13 – The 6.7 Mw Erzincan earthquake affects eastern Turkey with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe), killing 498–652 and injuring around 2,000.
March 16 – President Boris Yeltsin announces the creation of a separate Russian army, leading to questions about the viability of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
March 18 – White South Africans vote in favour of political reforms which will end the apartheid regime and create a power-sharing multi-racial government.[5]
March 22
In French regional elections, the conservative Rally for the Republic and the centre-right Union for French Democracy win in a landslide, capturing 20 of 22 metropolitan regional presidencies.
STS-45: Space Shuttle Atlantis takes off from Cape Canaveral carrying instruments designed to study global warming.
March 24 – The Open Skies Treaty is signed in Helsinki, Finland to establish a program of unarmed survelliance flights over the 34 member states. It went into effect on January 1, 2002.
March 25
The International Atomic Energy Agency orders Iraq to destroy an industrial complex at Al Atheer that is being used to manufacture nuclear weapons.
Pakistan beats England in the final to win the Cricket World Cup for the very first time.
March 31 – The Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act of Singapore comes into force.
"April 1992" redirects here. For the Merzbow album, see April 1992 (album).
April 5
The Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (without the presence of Serb political delegates) proclaims independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
Bosnian War: Serb troops, following a mass rebellion of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina against the Bosnian declaration of independence from Yugoslavia, besiege the city of Sarajevo.
Approximately 500,000 people march on Washington, D.C. in support of abortion rights in advance of oral arguments in the case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey.
President of Peru Alberto Fujimori issues Decree Law 25418, dissolving the Congress of the Republic of Peru, imposing censorship and having opposition politicians arrested, setting off the 1992 Peruvian constitutional crisis.
April 6 – Republic of Ilirida, was proclaimed by Albanian Macedonian activists in Struga, Republic of Macedonia.[6]
April 7 – The United States recognizes the independence of Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The European Communities also recognizes Bosnia and Herzegovina.
April 9
A Miami jury convicts former Panamanian ruler Manuel Noriega of assisting Colombia’s cocaine cartel.
The United Kingdom general election is narrowly won by the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister of the United Kingdom John Major.
April 10
Nagorno-Karabakh War: Maraga massacre – At least 43 Armenian civilians are killed as their village of Maraga, Azerbaijan, is captured and destroyed by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.
A Provisional Irish Republican Army bomb explodes in the Baltic Exchange in the City of London; three are killed, 91 injured.
April 13 – The 5.3 Mw Roermond earthquake affects the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VII (Very strong).
April 15 – The National Assembly of Vietnam adopts the 1992 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
April 16 – President of Afghanistan Mohammad Najibullah is ousted and detained by Muslim rebels moving towards Kabul, setting the stage for the civil war in Afghanistan (1992–96).
April 20 – The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, held at Wembley Stadium, London, is televised live to over one billion people and raises millions of dollars for AIDS research.
April 21 – The death of Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich of Russia results in a succession dispute between Nicholas Romanov, Prince of Russia and Vladimir’s daughter Maria for the leadership of the Imperial Family of Russia.
April 22 – Fuel that leaked into a sewer explodes in Guadalajara, Mexico; 215 are killed, 1,500 injured.
April 27 – Betty Boothroyd becomes the first woman elected Speaker of the British House of Commons.
April 28 – The two remaining constituent republics of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – Serbia and Montenegro – form a new state, named the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (which in 2003 became Serbia and Montenegro), bringing to an end the official state union of Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Montenegrins, Bosnian Muslims, and Macedonians that existed from 1918 (with the exception of an occupation period during World War II).
April 29
Los Angeles riots: The acquittal of four police officers in the Rodney King beating criminal trial triggers massive rioting in Los Angeles. The riots will last for six days resulting in 53 deaths and over $1 billion in damages before order is restored by the military.
In Sierra Leone, a group of young soldiers launch a military coup that sends president Joseph Saidu Momoh into exile in Guinea, and the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) is established with 25-year-old Captain Valentine Strasser as its chairman and Head of State of the country.
May 1 – Lithuania introduces its new currency, the talonas.[7]
May 5
Russian leaders in Crimea declare their separation from Ukraine as a new republic. They withdraw the secession on May 10.
Armand Césari Stadium disaster in Bastia (Corsica): 18 people are killed and 2,300 are injured when one of the terraces collapses before a football match between SC Bastia and Olympique de Marseille.
May 7
STS-49: Space Shuttle Endeavour makes its maiden flight, as a replacement for Space Shuttle Challenger.
The Sydney River McDonald’s murders in Nova Scotia, Canada got international attention as three employees where killed and a fourth was left permanently disabled during a botched robbery. It was the first fast food restaurant murders in Canada.
May 9
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is adopted in New York.
The Westray Mine Disaster occurs in Plymouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, when the mine explodes, killing all 26 miners working the night shift.
May 10 – Sweden wins the Ice Hockey World Championships in Czechoslovakia defeating Finland, 5-2, in the final game in Prague.
May 13 – Falun Gong is introduced by Li Hongzhi in China.
May 15 – The Commonwealth of Independent States Collective Security Treaty (CST) is signed (effective April 20, 1994).
May 16–17 – Bosnian War: U.N. peacekeepers withdraw from Sarajevo.
May 17 – Protests begin in Bangkok, Thailand, against the government of General Suchinda Kraprayoon, sparking a bloody crackdown.
May 18 – The Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution is enacted.
May 23 – A Mafia bomb kills Italian anti-Mafia judge Giovanni Falcone.
May 24
In Thailand, Suchinda Kraprayoon agrees to resign.
Parliamentary election held in Burkina Faso, for the first time since 1978.
May 30 – United Nations Security Council Resolution 757 imposes economic sanctions on Yugoslavia in an effort to end its attacks on Bosnia and Herzegovina.
June 2 – In a national referendum Denmark rejects the Maastricht Treaty by a narrow margin.
June 8 – The first World Oceans Day is celebrated, coinciding with the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
June 10–26 – Sweden hosts the UEFA Euro 1992 football tournament, which is won by Denmark.
June 16
A ‘Joint Understanding’ agreement on arms reduction is signed by U.S. President George H. W. Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin (this is later codified in START II).
A federal grand jury indicts Caspar Weinberger for his role in covering up the Iran–Contra affair.
June 17
Two German relief workers held since 1989, Thomas Kemptner and Heinrich Struebig, are released (they are the last Western hostages in Lebanon).
Violence breaks out between the African National Congress and the Inkatha Freedom Party in Boipatong, South Africa, leaving 46 dead.
June 18 – Ireland votes to accept the Maastricht Treaty with a popular vote of over 69%.
June 20 – Estonia adopts the kroon and becomes the first former Soviet Republic to replace the Soviet ruble.
June 21 – Nelson Mandela announces that the African National Congress will halt negotiations with the government of South Africa following the Boipatong massacre of June 17.
June 22 – Two skeletons excavated in Yekaterinburg are identified as Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Tsarina Alexandra.
June 23 – The Israeli legislative election is won by the Israeli Labor Party under the leadership of Yitzhak Rabin, ousting a Likud government.
June 25 – The Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) is founded.
June 26 – Denmark beats Germany 2–0 in the final to win the 1992 UEFA European Football Championship at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden.
June 28 – Estonia holds a referendum on its constitution, which will come into effect on July 3.
June 29 – President Mohamed Boudiaf of Algeria is assassinated by one of his bodyguards.
July 6–8 – The 18th G7 summit is held in Munich.
July 6–29 – Iraq disarmament crisis: Iraq refuses a U.N. inspection team access to the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture. UNSCOM claims that it has reliable information that the site contains archives related to illegal weapons activities. U.N. inspectors stage a 17-day "sit-in" outside of the building, but leave when their safety is threatened by Iraqi soldiers.
July 9 – Bill Clinton announces his selection of Al Gore as his running mate in the 1992 U.S. presidential election.
July 10
In Miami, former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega is sentenced to 40 years in prison for drug and racketeering violations.
The Giotto spacecraft flies past Comet 26P/Grigg–Skjellerup, gathering measurements about the comet.
July 13 – Yitzhak Rabin becomes prime minister of Israel.[8]
July 16 – At the 1992 Democratic National Convention, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton accepts his party’s presidential nomination on behalf of the "forgotten middle class".
July 17 – The Slovak National Council declares Slovakia an independent country, signaling the breakup of Czechoslovakia.
July 19
A car bomb placed by the Mafia (with the collaboration of Italian intelligence) kills judge Paolo Borsellino and five members of his escort.
The Cabinet of Israel approves a freeze on new settlements in the occupied territories, a move expected to reinvigorate the Middle East Peace Process.
July 20 – Václav Havel resigns as president of Czechoslovakia.
July 21 – Transnistria War ends with a ceasefire.
July 22 – Near Medellín, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar escapes from his luxury prison, fearing extradition to the United States.
July 23 – Abkhazia declares independence from Georgia.
July 25 – August 9 – The 1992 Summer Olympics are held in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
July 26 – Iraq agrees to allow U.N. weapons inspectors to search the Iraqi Agricultural Ministry building in Baghdad. When inspectors arrive on July 28 and 29, they find nothing and voice suspicions that Iraqi records had been removed.
July 31
Georgia becomes the 179th member of the United Nations after seceding from the Soviet Union the previous year.
Thai Airways International Flight 311, an Airbus A310-300, crashes into a mountain north of Kathmandu, Nepal killing all 113 people on board.
China General Aviation Flight 7552 bound for Xiamen crashes soon after taking off from Nanjing Dajiaochang Airport, killing 108 of the 116 people on board.
August 3–4 – Millions of black South Africans participate in a general strike called by the African National Congress to protest the lack of progress in negotiations with the government of State President of South Africa F. W. de Klerk.
August 12 – Canada, Mexico, and the United States announce that a deal has been reached on the North American Free Trade Agreement; the deal will be formally signed on December 17, 1992.
August 18 – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom John Major announces the creation of the Iraqi no-fly zones.
August 20 – Kristiansund’s connection to the mainland of Norway, Krifast, opens.
August 23 – Hurricane Andrew attains Category 5 status on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane scale and, at 2100 UTC, hits Eleuthera and the Bahama Banks.
August 24
Concordia University massacre – Valery Fabrikant murders four colleagues and seriously wounds another in a shooting at Concordia University, in Montreal, Quebec.
China and South Korea establish diplomatic relations.
August 24–28 – Hurricane Andrew hits south Florida and Louisiana and dissipates over the Tennessee valley when it merges with a storm system; 23 are killed.
August 29 – In Rostock, Germany, tens of thousands rally to protest neo-Nazi attacks on refugees and immigrants begun on August 22.
September 1 – In Beijing, police arrest Shen Tong for his role in organizing the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.
September 2 – The 7.7 Mw Nicaragua earthquake affected the west coast of Nicaragua. With a Ms –Mw  disparity of half a unit, this tsunami earthquake triggered a tsunami that caused most of the damage and casualties, with at least 116 killed. Average runup heights were 3–8 meters (9.8–26.2 ft).
September 7
In Ciskei, members of the Ciskei Defence Force loyal to dictator Oupa Gqozo open fire into a crowd of anti-Gqozo protestors organized by the African National Congress, killing at least 28 people and wounding nearly 200.
President of Tajikistan Rahmon Nabiyev is forced to resign following weeks of clan and religious warfare that left nearly 2,000 people dead.
September 11 – Hurricane Iniki hits the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai and Oahu.
September 12 – In Peru, police arrest Abimael Guzmán, the leader of the Shining Path guerilla movement, who had evaded capture for 12 years.
September 16 – Black Wednesday: The pound sterling and the Italian lira are forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.
September 17 – Two Kurdish opposition leaders are assassinated by the Iranian Kazem Darabi and the Lebanese Abbas Rhayel.
September 20 – French voters narrowly approve the Maastricht Treaty in the French Maastricht Treaty referendum.
September 21 – Mexico establishes diplomatic relations with Vatican City, ending a break that lasted over 130 years.
September 23 – Operation Julin is the last nuclear test conducted by the United States at the Nevada Test Site.
September 28 – Law enforcement officials in the United States, Colombia, and Italy announce that they have arrested more than 165 people on money laundering charges related to cocaine trafficking.
September 29 – The Chamber of Deputies of Brazil votes to impeach President of Brazil Fernando Collor de Mello, the country’s first democratically elected leader in 29 years. Vice President Itamar Franco becomes acting president.
October 1 – Turner Broadcasting System launches Cartoon Network, the first all-animation television channel.
October 2 – A riot breaks out in the Carandiru Penitentiary in São Paulo, Brazil, resulting in the Carandiru massacre.
October 3 – After performing a song protesting alleged child abuse by the Catholic Church, Sinéad O’Connor rips up a photo of Pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live, causing huge controversy, leading the switchboards at NBC to ring off the hook.
October 4
The government of Mozambique signs a truce with leaders of RENAMO, ending the 16-year-old Mozambican Civil War.
Israeli cargo plane El Al Flight 1862 crashes into residential buildings in Amsterdam’s Bijlmermeer, Netherlands, after taking off from Schiphol Airport and losing two engines, killing all 4 people on board and 39 on the ground.
October 6 – Lennart Meri becomes the first President of Estonia after regaining independence. The Estonian Government in Exile resigns on the next day.
October 7 – In Peru, Shining Path leader Abimael Guzmán is convicted of treason and sentenced to life in prison.
October 11 – The Catechism of the Catholic Church is promulgated by Pope John Paul II with his apostolic constitution, Fidei depositum.[9]
October 12
In the Dominican Republic, Pope John Paul II celebrates the 500th anniversary of the meeting of two cultures.
The 5.8 mb Cairo earthquake affects the city with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe), leaving 545 dead and 6,512 injured.
October 14 – In Japan, Shin Kanemaru of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party resigns over receiving illegal payments from Sagawa Express.
October 19 – The Communist Party of China promotes several market-oriented reformers to the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, signaling a defeat for hard-line ideologues.
October 21 – 150,000 coal miners march in London to protest government plans to close coal mines and reduce the number of coal miners.[10]
October 23 – Emperor of Japan Akihito begins the first imperial visit of China, telling a Beijing audience he felt deep sorrow for the suffering of the Chinese people during World War II.
October 25 – Lithuania holds a referendum on its first constitution after declaring independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.
October 26 – In a national referendum, voters in Canada reject the Charlottetown Accord.
October 31 – Pope John Paul II issues an apology and lifts the edict of the Inquisition against Galileo Galilei.
November 3 – Democratic Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton defeats Republican President George H. W. Bush and Independent Ross Perot in the 1992 Presidential Election.
November 8 – More than 350,000 people rally in Berlin to protest right-wing violence against immigrants; stones and eggs are thrown at President of Germany Richard von Weizsäcker and Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl.
November 11 – The Church of England votes to allow women to become priests.
November 13
The government of Peru announces it has arrested a small group of army officers who were plotting the assassination of President Alberto Fujimori.
A report by the World Meteorological Organization reports an unprecedented level of ozone depletion in both the Arctic and Antarctic.
November 15 – The Lithuanian parliamentary election sees the Communists of the Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania, led by Algirdas Brazauskas, return to power.
November 18 – Russian President Boris Yeltsin releases the flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR) of Korean Air Flight 007, which was shot down by the Soviets in 1983.
November 24 – In China, China Southern Airlines Flight 3943, a China Southern Airlines domestic flight, crashes, killing all 141 people on board.
November 25
The Czechoslovakia Federal Assembly votes to split the country into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, starting on January 1, 1993.
In a national referendum related to abortion, voters in Ireland reject the proposed Twelfth Amendment of the Constitution Bill 1992 but approve the Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland and the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland.
November 27 – The government of Venezuela announces that it has put down a coup attempt by a group of army officers who bombed the presidential palace.
December 1 – South Korea and South Africa reestablish diplomatic relations. South Korea previously had diplomatic relations with South Africa from 1961 to 1978, when they were severed by the former due to the latter’s policy of apartheid.
December 3
UN Security Council Resolution 794 is unanimously passed, approving a coalition of United Nations peacekeepers led by the United States to form UNITAF, tasked with ensuring humanitarian aid gets distributed and establishing peace in Somalia.
A test engineer for Sema Group uses a personal computer to send the world’s first text message via the Vodafone network to the phone of a colleague.
December 4 – U.S. military forces land in Somalia.
December 6 – Extremist Hindu activists demolish Babri Masjid – a 16th-century mosque in Ayodhya, India, which had been used as a temple since 1949, leading to widespread communal violence, including the Bombay riots, in all killing over 1,500 people.
December 9 – The Prince and Princess of Wales publicly announce their separation.
December 12 – The 7.8 Mw Flores earthquake affected the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe) leaving at least 2,500 dead. A destructive tsunami with wave heights of 25 m (82 ft) followed.
December 16 – The Czech National Council adopts the Constitution of the Czech Republic.
December 18 – The South Korean presidential election is won by Kim Young-sam, the first non-military candidate elected since 1961.
December 21 – President of Serbia Slobodan Milošević defeats Milan Panić in the Serbian presidential election.
December 22 – The Archives of Terror are discovered by Dr. Martín Almada, detailing the fates of thousands of Latin Americans who had been secretly kidnapped, tortured, and killed by the security services of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay in what became known as Operation Condor.
December 24 – President George H. W. Bush pardons six national security officials implicated in the Iran–Contra affair, including Caspar Weinberger.
December 29 – Brazil’s president Fernando Collor de Mello is found guilty on charges that he stole more than $32 million from the government, preventing him from holding any elected office for eight years.
Date unknown[edit]
Deng Xiaoping accelerates market reforms to establish a socialist market economy in China.
The Australian state of Queensland introduces Freedom Of Information Laws.
In terms of units sold, compact discs outsell audiocassettes for the first time in the United States.[11]
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Quincy Promes

Shawn Johnson East

Tyler Seguin
January 1
He Kexin, Chinese artistic gymnast
Jack Wilshere, English footballer
January 4
Sajjad Ganjzadeh, Iranian karateka
Quincy Promes, Dutch footballer[12]
January 5
Trent Sainsbury, Australian footballer[13]
Suki Waterhouse, English model and actress
January 8 – Koke, Spanish footballer
January 9 – Fang Bo, Chinese table tennis player
January 10
Christian Atsu, Ghanaian footballer
Šime Vrsaljko, Croatian footballer
January 11 – Dani Carvajal, Spanish footballer[14]
January 12 – Georgia May Jagger, English model
January 13 – Santiago Arias, Colombian footballer[15]
January 14
Robbie Brady, Irish footballer[16]
Wang Qiang, Chinese tennis player
January 16 – Maja Keuc, Slovenian singer
January 19
Shawn Johnson East, American Olympic gymnast
Logan Lerman, American actor
Mac Miller, American rapper, singer, and record producer (d. 2018)
January 26
Vincent Aboubakar, Cameroonian footballer
Sasha Banks, American professional wrestler
January 30 – Tom Ince, English footballer
January 31 – Tyler Seguin, Canadian ice hockey player


Taylor Lautner

Alexandria Mills
February 1 – Kelli Goss, American actress[importance?]
February 5
Neymar, Brazilian footballer
Kejsi Tola, Albanian singer
Stefan de Vrij, Dutch footballer
February 7 – Sergi Roberto, Spanish footballer
February 9 – Avan Jogia, Canadian actor
February 10 – Karen Fukuhara, American actress
February 11 – Taylor Lautner, American actor and model
February 14
Christian Eriksen, Danish footballer
Freddie Highmore, English actor
February 15 – Greer Grammer, American actress
February 17 – Meaghan Martin, American actress and singer
February 18
Le’Veon Bell, American football player
Melinda Shankar, Canadian actress
February 19
Paulina Gaitán, Mexican actress[importance?]
Camille Kostek, American model[17][18][importance?]
February 20 – Jarred Tinordi, American ice hockey player
February 21 – Phil Jones, English footballer
February 22 – Haris Seferović, Swiss footballer
February 23
Casemiro, Brazilian footballer
Samara Weaving, Australian actress
February 25 – Zahia Dehar, French lingerie designer
February 26
Mikael Granlund, Finnish ice-hockey player
Alexandria Mills, American television host, fashion model, and beauty pageant contestant
Ai Shinozaki, Japanese gravure idol and singer
February 29 – Saphir Taïder, Algerian footballer

Emily Osment

John Boyega

Kyrie Irving
March 2
Charlie Coyle, American hockey player
Maisie Richardson-Sellers, English actress
March 4
Erik Lamela, Argentine footballer
Bernd Leno, German footballer
Gaurav Sharma, Indian author
Jared Sullinger, American basketball player
March 6 – Momoko Tsugunaga, Japanese singer
March 9 – María Eugenia Suárez, Argentine actress and model
March 10
Pablo Espinosa, Spanish actor, singer, and musician
Emily Osment, American actress, singer, and songwriter
March 13
Lucy Fry, Australian actress
Kaya Scodelario, English actress and model
March 15 – Anna Shaffer, English actress
March 17 – John Boyega, British actor
March 21 – Karolína Plíšková, Czech tennis player
March 23
Kyrie Irving, American-Australian basketball player
Vanessa Morgan, Canadian actress and singer
March 25 – Elizabeth Lail, American actress
March 26 – Nina Agdal, Danish model
March 27 – Aoi Yūki, Japanese actress and singer
March 28 – Sergi Gómez, Spanish footballer
March 30
Enrique Gil, Filipino actor, dancer and singer
Mino, South Korean rapper

Chad le Clos

Amy Deasismont

Deng Linlin

Doc Shaw
April 1
Alex Gilbert, New Zealand adoption advocate
Sui Lu, Chinese artistic gymnast
April 4 – Alexa Nikolas, American actress
April 6 – Ken, South Korean singer and actor
April 7 – Alexis Jordan, American singer and actress
April 8
Mathew Ryan, Australian footballer
Shelby Young, American actress
April 10
Sadio Mané, Senegalese footballer
Daisy Ridley, British actress
April 12 – Chad le Clos, South African Olympic swimmer
April 13 – George North, Welsh rugby player
April 15
Amy Deasismont, Swedish pop musician
John Guidetti, Swedish footballer
Richard Sandrak, Ukrainian bodybuilder
April 16 – Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg
April 17 – Shkodran Mustafi, German footballer
April 18 – Chloe Bennet, American actress and singer
April 21
Isco, Spanish footballer
Deng Linlin, Chinese gymnast
April 23 – Syd tha Kyd, American singer, producer and DJ
April 24
Laura Kenny, British cyclist
Doc Shaw, American actor, singer, and rapper
April 26 – Aaron Judge, American baseball player
April 30 – Marc-André ter Stegen, German footballer

Byun Baek-hyun

Christina McHale

Sam Smith
May 1 – Hani, South Korean singer and entertainer
May 2 – Sunmi, South Korean singer
May 4 – Phyllis Francis, American track and field athlete
May 6
Byun Baek-hyun, South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor
Brendan Gallagher, Canadian ice hockey player
Jonas Valančiūnas, Lithuanian basketball player
May 7 – Alexander Ludwig, Canadian actor
May 8 – Olivia Culpo, American fashion influencer[19]
May 10 – Jake Zyrus, Filipino singer
May 11
Thibaut Courtois, Belgian footballer
Christina McHale, American tennis player
May 18
Spencer Breslin, American actor and musician
Brian Idowu, Russian footballer
Nina Petushkova, Russian figure skater
May 19
Sam Smith, British soul singer
Eleanor Tomlinson, English actress
May 20
Enes Kanter, Turkish basketball player
Jack Gleeson, Irish actor
Gerónimo Rulli, Argentine footballer
May 21
Hutch Dano, American actor, writer, producer, and musician
Olivia Olson, American actress and singer-songwriter
May 22
Anna Baryshnikov, American actress
Chinami Tokunaga, Japanese singer
May 27 – Jeison Murillo, Colombian footballer
May 28
Mira Gonzalez, American poet
Gaku Shibasaki, Japanese footballer
May 29 – Gregg Sulkin, British actor
May 30 – Harrison Barnes, American basketball player

Philippe Coutinho

Oscar Taveras

Jennette McCurdy
June 1 – Amanda Ware, Australian model
June 3 – Mario Götze, German footballer
June 6
DeAndre Hopkins, American football player
Hyuna, South Korean singer
June 9 – Yannick Agnel, French Olympic swimmer
June 10 – Kate Upton, American model and actress
June 12
Philippe Coutinho, Brazilian footballer
Allie DiMeco, American actress, reality television personality and multi instrumentalist
June 14 – Daryl Sabara, American actor
June 15
Mohamed Salah, Egyptian footballer
Dafne Schippers, Dutch track and field athlete
June 19 – Oscar Taveras, Dominican–Canadian baseball player (d. 2014)
June 21 – Max Schneider, American singer-songwriter and actor
June 23
Kate Melton, American actress
Bridget Sloan, American artistic gymnast
Nyambayaryn Tögstsogt, Mongolian boxer
June 24
David Alaba, Austrian football player
Raven Goodwin, American actress
June 25 – Jaden Schwartz, Canadian ice hockey player
June 26
Joel Campbell, Costa Rican footballer
Jennette McCurdy, American actress and singer
June 27 – Ahn So-hee, South Korean actress and singer
June 28 – Elaine Thompson, Jamaican track and field sprinter
June 29 – Adam G. Sevani, American actor and dancer

Nathalia Ramos

Larrissa Miller

Selena Gomez

Spencer Boldman
July 1 – Ásgeir Trausti, Icelandic singer-songwriter and musician
July 2 – Jānis Timma, Latvian basketball player
July 3
Nathalia Ramos, Spanish actress
Santiago Segura, American actor
Maasa Sudo, Japanese singer
July 5 – Alberto Moreno, Spanish footballer
July 6 – Seedy Bah, Gambian footballer
July 7 – Manjot Singh, Indian actor
July 8
Sky Ferreira, American singer, songwriter, model, and actress
Sandi Morris, American pole vaulter
July 9 – Douglas Booth, English actor
July 10
Ahn Ji-hyun, South Korean actress
Kristin Allen, American acrobatic gymnast
Jonas Bloquet, Belgian actor
Eva Lim, Dutch figure skater
July 11 – Mohamed Elneny, Egyptian footballer
July 12
Larrissa Miller, Australian gymnast
Woo Do-hwan, South Korean actor
July 13
Dylan Patton, American actor
Rich the Kid, American rapper
July 14 – Brytiago, Puerto Rican singer and songwriter
July 15 – Wayde van Niekerk, South African athlete
July 16 – Sam Naismith, Australian rules footballer
July 17
Tom Eisenhuth, Australian rugby league footballer
Billie Lourd, American actress
July 19 – Ellie Rowsell, English singer-songwriter and musician
July 20
Paige Hurd, American actress
Jordan Rodrigues, Australian actor
July 21 – Rachael Flatt, American figure skater
July 22 – Selena Gomez, American actress and singer
July 23
Danny Ings, English footballer
Diwakar Vaish, Indian roboticist
July 24 – Dionatan Teixeira, Brazilian footballer (d. 2017)
July 28 – Spencer Boldman, American actor
July 29 – Djibril Sidibé, French footballer
July 30 – Fabiano Caruana Italian-American chess grandmaster
July 31 – Kiara Advani, Indian actress

Cole Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse

Cara Delevingne

Demi Lovato
August 1 – Austin Rivers, American basketball player
August 2
Hallie Eisenberg, American actress
Charli XCX, English singer
August 3
Karlie Kloss, American model
Jannik Vestergaard, Danish footballer
August 4
Tiffany Evans, American singer
Cole Sprouse, American actor
Dylan Sprouse, American actor and entrepreneur
August 5 – Yasutaka Uchiyama, Japanese tennis player
August 8 – Casey Cott, American actor
August 9 – Burkely Duffield, Canadian actor
August 11 – Tomi Lahren, American television host
August 12 – Cara Delevingne, British model
August 13 – Lucas Moura, Brazilian footballer
August 16
Diego Schwartzman, Argentine tennis player
Nur Tatar, Turkish taekwondo practitioner
August 17 – Paige, English professional wrestler
August 18
Frances Bean Cobain, American visual artist
Amy Willerton, British model
August 20
Neslihan Atagül, Turkish actress
Demi Lovato, American singer and actress
Alex Newell, American actor and singer
August 21
Brad Kavanagh, English actor and singer-songwriter
RJ Mitte, American actor
Felipe Nasr, Brazilian race car driver
August 24 – Johnny Rapid, American gay pornographic film actor
August 25
Miyabi Natsuyaki, Japanese singer
Miguel Trauco, Peruvian footballer
Ricardo Rodríguez, Swiss footballer
August 26
Jesse Delgado, American wrestler
Yang Yilin, Chinese artistic gymnast
August 27 – Blake Jenner, American actor and singer
August 28 – Bismack Biyombo, Congolese basketball player
August 31 – Nicolás Tagliafico, Argentine footballer

Nick Jonas

Safura Alizadeh

Kōko Tsurumi
September 1 – Woo Hye-rim, Korean singer and rapper
September 4 – Layvin Kurzawa, French footballer
September 7 – Gizem Karaca, Turkish model
September 9 – Damian McGinty, Irish singer and actor
September 11 – María Gabriela de Faría, Venezuelan actress and singer
September 12 – Mahmood, Italian singer-songwriter
September 14
Danielle Williams, Jamaican athlete
Zico, South Korean rapper, songwriter, and producer
September 15 – Camélia Jordana, French singer
September 16 – Nick Jonas, American singer-songwriter and actor
September 18
Joji, Japanese singer and record producer
Amber Liu, American singer
September 19
Jiro Kuroshio, Japanese professional wrestler[importance?]
Palmer Luckey, American entrepreneur
Diego Antonio Reyes, Mexican footballer
September 20 – Safura Alizadeh, Azerbaijani singer, actress, and saxophonist
September 21
Alireza Beiranvand, Iranian footballer
Chen, South Korean singer and songwriter
Mariya Muzychuk, Ukrainian chess player
September 22 – Philip Hindes, British cyclist
September 24 – Jack Sock, American tennis player
September 27
Sam Lerner, American actor
Granit Xhaka, Swiss footballer
September 28
Mawra Hocane, Pakistani actress and model
Kōko Tsurumi, Japanese artistic gymnast
September 29 – Marina Antipova, Russian ice dancer
September 30 – Ezra Miller, American actor

Tyler James Williams

Cardi B

Josh Hutcherson
October 2 – Alisson Becker, Brazilian footballer
October 5
Mercedes Lambre, Argentine actress, singer, dancer, and model
Kevin Magnussen, Danish racing driver
October 7 – Grace Bawden, Australian singer
October 9 – Tyler James Williams, American actor and rapper
October 10 – Gabrielle Aplin, English singer and songwriter
October 11 – Cardi B, American hip hop artist
October 12 – Josh Hutcherson, American actor and producer
October 14 – Ahmed Musa, Nigerian footballer
October 15 – Vincent Martella, American actor and singer
October 16 – Bryce Harper, American baseball player
October 17 – Jacob Artist, American actor, singer, and dancer
October 18 – Barry Keoghan, Irish actor
October 20 – Ksenia Semyonova, Russian Olympic gymnast
October 22
21 Savage, American rapper
Sofia Vassilieva, American actress
October 23 – Álvaro Morata, Spanish footballer
October 24 – Thelma Fardin, Argentine actress
October 27
Brandon Saad, American ice hockey player
Stephan El Shaarawy, Italian footballer
October 28 – Lexi Ainsworth, American actress
October 30
Greeicy Rendón, Colombian actress and singer
Tequan Richmond, American actor and rapper
October 31 – Vanessa Marano, American actress

Nathan Kress

Miley Cyrus
November 2 – Chelsea Davis, American artistic gymnast
November 3 – Willi Orban, Hungarian footballer
November 5
Odell Beckham Jr., American football player
Marco Verratti, Italian footballer
November 7 – Christopher Tavarez, American actor, model, and athlete[importance?]
November 10 – Wilfried Zaha, English footballer
November 12 – Macey Cruthird, American actress
November 15 – Minami Minegishi, Japanese singer and actress
November 16 – Marcelo Brozović, Croatian footballer
November 18 – Nathan Kress, American actor, director, and former child model
November 21 – Mireia Lalaguna, Spanish actress and model
November 23
Miley Cyrus, American actress, singer, songwriter, and actress
Gabriel Landeskog, Swedish hockey player
November 25
Ana Bogdan, Romanian tennis player
Zack Shada, American actor, producer, and director
November 27 – Park Chanyeol, South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, actor, and model.
November 28 – Adam Hicks, American actor, rapper, and singer-songwriter

Bridgit Mendler

Sheryl Rubio
December 3 – Jessy Mendiola, Filipina actress
December 4 – Kim Seok-jin, South Korean singer
December 6 – Syed Saddiq, Malaysian politician and activist
December 8 – Katie Stevens, American singer
December 12 – Chen Ruolin, Chinese diver
December 14
Tori Kelly, American singer and songwriter
Ryo Miyaichi, Japanese footballer
December 15 – Jesse Lingard, English footballer
December 16 – Tom Rogic, Australian footballer
December 18
Ryan Crouser, American shot putter and discus thrower
Bridgit Mendler, American actress, singer-songwriter, and musician
December 22
Shiori Kutsuna, Australian-Japanese actress
Moonbyul, South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, and actress
December 23 – Dylan Sahara, Indonesian television actress and presenter (d. 2018)
December 24 – Serge Aurier, Ivorian professional footballer
December 28 – Sheryl Rubio, Venezuelan actress, singer and model
Further information: Category:1992 deaths
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Judith Anderson

José Ferrer

Nahman Avigad

Willie Dixon
January 1
Kenneth Emory, American anthropologist (b. 1897)
George M. Ferris, American investment banker and philanthropist (b. 1893)
Francis J. Field, American philatelist and stamp dealer (b. 1895)
Edward Leslie Gray, politician and member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (b. 1895)
Grace Hopper, American computer scientist (b. 1906)
Josef R. Sheetz, American World War II military commander (b. 1895)
January 2 – Virginia Field, British actress (b. 1917)
January 3
Dame Judith Anderson, Australian-born British actress (b. 1897)
Gábor Szarvas, Hungarian Olympic weightlifter (b. 1943)
January 7 – Richard Hunt, American puppeteer (b. 1951)
January 9
Bill Naughton, British playwright (b. 1910)
Hans Jenny, soil scientist and expert on pedology (b. 1899)
Luigi Stipa, Italian aeronautical, hydraulic and civil engineer and aircraft designer (b. 1900)
January 11 – Juan Gilberto Funes, Argentine footballer (b. 1963)
January 14 – Irakli Abashidze, Georgian poet, literary scholar and politician (b. 1909)
January 17 – Frank Pullen, English businessman and racehorse owner (b. 1915)
January 18
Alexander Almetov, Soviet Olympic ice hockey player (b. 1940)
Theodore Leslie Futch, United States Army officer with the rank of Brigadier General (b. 1895)
January 20 – Abdul Khalek Hassouna, Egyptian diplomat, 2nd Secretary-General of the Arab League (b. 1898)
January 21 – Eddie Mabo, Australian Indigenous rights activist (b. 1936)
January 22
A. J. Antoon, American theater director (b. 1944)
Mark Hopkinson, American murderer (b. 1949)
January 23
Freddie Bartholomew, English-American actor (b. 1924)
Ian Wolfe, American actor (b. 1896)
January 26 – José Ferrer, Puerto Rican-American actor (b. 1912)
January 27
Dame Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, British actress (b. 1891)
Sally Hayfron, First Lady of Zimbabwe (b. 1933)
January 28 – Nahman Avigad, Israeli archaeologist (b. 1905)
January 29 – Willie Dixon, American composer and musician (b. 1915)
January 31 – Mel Hein, American football player (b. 1909)

Bert Parks

Ray Danton

Jânio Quadros
February 2 – Bert Parks, American game show host (b. 1914)
February 3
Junior Cook, American musician (b. 1934)
Jay Ilagan, Filipino actor (b. 1953)
February 4 – Lisa Fonssagrives, Swedish model (b. 1911)
February 5 – Sergio Méndez Arceo, Mexican bishop (b. 1907)
February 8 – Denny Wright, British jazz guitarist (b 1924)
February 9 – Jack Kinney, American animator (b. 1909)
February 10 – Alex Haley, American author (b. 1921)
February 11 – Ray Danton, American actor (b. 1931)
February 12 – Bep van Klaveren, Dutch boxer (b. 1907)
February 13
Nikolay Bogolyubov, Russian mathematician and physicist (b. 1909)
Dorothy Tree, American actress (b. 1906)
February 15 – William Schuman, American composer (b. 1910)
February 16
Angela Carter, English novelist and journalist (b. 1940)
Jules Gros, Breton linguist specializing in popular language (b. 1890)
Abbas al-Musawi, Lebanese Shia cleric and Secretary General of Hezbollah (b. 1952)
Jânio Quadros, 22nd President of Brazil (b. 1917)
February 20
Eugene R. Black Sr., American banker, former president of the World Bank (b. 1898)
A. J. Casson, member of the Canadian group of artists known as the Group of Seven (b. 1898)
Roberto D’Aubuisson, Salvadorean Army officer and right-wing political leader (b. 1944)
Dick York, American actor (b. 1928)
February 22 – Sudirman Arshad, Malaysian singer and songwriter (b. 1954)
February 23 – Markos Vafiadis, Greek Communist leader (b. 1906)
February 27 – Algirdas Julien Greimas, French-Lithuanian literary scientist (b. 1917)
February 29 – Buddy O’Grady, American basketball player and coach (b. 1920)

Menachem Begin

John Ireland

Friedrich Hayek
March 2 – Sandy Dennis, American actress (b. 1937)
March 3 – Robert Beatty, Canadian actor (b. 1909)
March 4
Néstor Almendros, Spanish cinematographer (b. 1930)
Art Babbitt, American animator (b. 1907)
March 5 – Pare Lorentz, American filmmaker (b. 1905)
March 9 – Menachem Begin, Israel politician, 6th Prime Minister of Israel, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1913)
March 11
László Benedek, Hungarian film director (b. 1905)
Richard Brooks, American film director (b. 1912)
Liu Geping, Chinese politician (b. 1904)
March 13
Joseph Anderson, secretary to the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (b. 1889)
Irmã Dulce Pontes, Brazilian religious sister and social activist (b. 1914)
March 14
Jean Poiret, French actor, screenwriter. and director (b. 1926)
Elfrida Vipont, British writer (b. 1902)
March 16 – Yves Rocard, French nuclear physicist (b. 1903)
March 17 – Jack Arnold, American television and film director (b. 1912)
March 18 – Antonio Molina, Spanish singer (b. 1928)
March 19 – Cesare Danova, Italian-American actor (b. 1926)
March 20 – Georges Delerue, French composer (b. 1925)
March 21
John Ireland, Canadian actor (b. 1914)
Natalie Sleeth, American composer (b. 1930)
March 23 – Friedrich Hayek, Austrian economist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1899)
March 25 – Nancy Walker, American actress and comedian (b. 1922)
March 26 – Barbara Frum, Canadian journalist (b. 1937)
March 28 – Nikolaos Platon, Greek archaeologist (b. 1909)
March 29 – Paul Henreid, Austrian-born American actor (b. 1908)
March 30 – Manolis Andronikos, Greek archaeologist (b. 1919)

Isaac Asimov

Benny Hill

Satyajit Ray

Tanka Prasad Acharya
April 2
Juan Gómez González, Juanito, Spanish footballer (b. 1954)
Jan van Aartsen, Dutch politician (b. 1909)
April 4
Vintilă Horia, Romanian writer (b. 1915)
Samuel Reshevsky, seven-time U.S. Chess Champion (b. 1911)
Arthur Russell, American cellist and composer (b. 1951)
April 5
Nawab Zulfikar Ali Khan, Indian politician and army major; Royal- Titular Nawab of Rampur; (b. 1933)
Molly Picon, American Yiddish-language actress (b. 1898)
Sam Walton, American businessman, founder of Wal-Mart (b. 1918)
April 6 – Isaac Asimov, Russian-born author (b. c. 1919–20)
April 7 – Ace Bailey, Canadian hockey player (b. 1903)
April 8 – Daniel Bovet, Swiss-born pharmacologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1907)
April 10
Sam Kinison, American comedian (b. 1953)
Peter D. Mitchell, British biochemist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (b. 1920)
April 11 – Alejandro Obregón, Colombian painter (b. 1920)
April 13 – Feza Gürsey, Turkish mathematician and physicist (b. 1921)
April 14
David Miller, American film director (b. 1909)
Sammy Price, American pianist and bandleader (b. 1908)
April 16 – Neville Brand, American actor (b. 1920)
April 18 – Abdul Kadir Yusuf, Malyasian politician (b. 1915)
April 19 – Frankie Howerd, British comedian and actor (b. 1917)
April 20 – Benny Hill, British comedian and actor (b. 1924)
April 23
Tanka Prasad Acharya, Nepalese politician, 19th Prime Minister of Nepal (b. 1912)
Satyajit Ray, Indian filmmaker (b. 1921)
Czesław Zbierański, Polish engineer, pioneer of Polish aviation, and major of Polish Army (b. 1885)
April 25
Ernesto Balducci, Italian priest (b. 1922)
Yutaka Ozaki, Japanese songwriter (b. 1965)
April 27
Louise de Kiriline Lawrence, naturalist, author and nurse (b. 1894)
Olivier Messiaen, French composer (b. 1908)
April 28 – Francis Bacon, Irish-born British painter (b. 1909)
April 29 – Mae Clarke, American actress (b. 1910)

George Murphy

Marlene Dietrich

Lawrence Welk

Karl Carstens
May 3 – George Murphy, American actor and politician (b. 1902)
May 4 – Gregor Mackenzie, British Labour Party politician (b. 1927)
May 5 – Adriana Admiraal-Meijerink, Dutch olympic fencer (b. 1893)
May 6 – Marlene Dietrich, German actress (b. 1901)
May 8 – Otto Šimánek, Czech actor (b. 1925)
May 10 – John Lund, American actor (b. 1911)
May 12 – Robert Reed, American actor (b. 1932)
May 13
Gisela Elsner, German writer (b. 1937)
F. E. McWilliam, Northern Irish sculptor (b. 1909)
May 14
Lyle Alzado, American football player (b. 1949)
Nie Rongzhen, Chinese Communist military leader (b. 1899)
May 16
Chalino Sánchez, Mexican musician (b. 1960)
Sir Robert Thompson, British military officer and counter-insurgency expert (b. 1916)
May 17 – Lawrence Welk, American musician (b. 1903)
May 18 – Jake Leicht, American athlete (b. 1919)
May 19 – James Bate, American actor (b. 1945)
May 21 – T. B. Ilangaratne, Sri Lankan author, dramatist, actor, and politician (b. 1913)
May 22
Abraham Moles, French sociologist and psychologist (b. 1920)
Tony Accardo, American gangster (b. 1906)
May 23
Giovanni Falcone, Italian judge (b. 1939)
William Keene, American actor (b. 1915)
Francis McFadzean, Baron McFadzean of Kelvinside, British industrialist (b. 1915)
Atahualpa Yupanqui, Argentine singer, songwriter, and guitarist (b. 1908)
May 25
Tulio Demicheli, Argentine film director (b. 1914)
Philip Habib, Lebanese-born American diplomat (b. 1920)
May 30 – Karl Carstens, German politician and statesman, 7th President of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) (b. 1914)

Li Xiannian

James Stirling

Mohamed Boudiaf
June 2 – Philip Dunne, American screenwriter and director (b. 1908)
June 3
Robert Morley, English actor (b. 1908)
Patrick Peyton, American priest (b. 1909)
June 4 – Carl Stotz, American founder of Little League Baseball (b. 1910)
June 7 – Bill France, Sr., American founder of NASCAR (b. 1909)
June 8 – Alfred Uhl, Austrian composer (b. 1909)
June 10 – Sir Glyn Jones, British colonial administrator (b. 1908)
June 11 – Chitrananda Abeysekera, Sri Lankan veteran broadcaster (b. 1930)
June 15
Chuck Menville, American animator and writer (b. 1940)
Warren Prall Watters, Founding archbishop of the Free Church of Antioch (b. 1890)[importance?]
June 18
Peter Allen, Australian singer, songwriter (b. 1944)
Mordecai Ardon, Israeli painter (b. 1896)
Carlos Humberto Perette, Argentinian politician and Vice President of Argentina (b. 1915)
June 19 – Kathleen McKane Godfree, British tennis player (b. 1896)
June 21
Joan Fuster, Spanish writer (b. 1922)
Arthur Gorrie, Australian hobby shop proprietor (b. 1922)[importance?]
Li Xiannian, 3rd President of the People’s Republic of China and one of the Eight Elders of the Communist Party of China (b. 1909)
June 21 – Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah, Bangladeshi poet (b. 1956)
June 22 – Chuck Mitchell, American actor (b. 1927)
June 24 – Vera Griner, Russian rhythmitician (b. 1890)
June 25
Jerome Brown, American football player (b. 1965)
Sir James Stirling, British architect (b. 1926)
June 26 – Buddy Rogers, American wrestler (b. 1921)
June 27 – Allan Jones, American actor (b. 1907)
June 28 – Mikhail Tal, eighth World Chess Champion (b. 1936)
June 29
Pierre Billotte, French Army officer and politician (b. 1906)
Mohamed Boudiaf, Algerian politician, President of Algeria (b. 1919)
May Farquharson, Jamaican social worker, birth control advocate, philanthropist, and reformer (b. 1894)

Astor Piazzolla

Eric Sevareid

Hammer DeRoburt

Suleiman Frangieh
July 2 – Camarón de la Isla, Spanish flamenco singer (b. 1950)
July 4
Francis Perrin, French nuclear physicist (b. 1901)
Ástor Piazzolla, Argentine tango composer (b. 1921)
July 5 – Paul Hackman, Canadian musician (b. 1953)
July 7 – Josy Barthel, Luxembourgish Olympic athlete (b. 1927)
July 9 – Eric Sevareid, American journalist (b. 1912)
July 10
Albert Pierrepoint, British executioner (b. 1905)
Doris Tate, American campaigner for the rights of crime victims (b. 1924)
July 11 – Deng Yingchao, Chinese Communist politician, widow of Zhou Enlai (b. 1904)
July 12 – Florence McClung, American painter, printmaker, and art teacher (b. 1894)
July 13
Cicely Williams, Jamaican physician (b. 1893)[20]
July 14 – Giuseppe Prezzolini, Italian literary critic, journalist, editor, and writer (b. 1882)
July 15 – Hammer DeRoburt, 1st President of Nauru (b. 1922)
July 16 – Buck Buchanan, American football player (b. 1940)
July 18
Mordecai Ardon, Israeli painter (b. 1896)
Rudolph Ising, American cartoon animator (b. 1903)
July 19
Paolo Borsellino, Italian judge (b. 1940)
Heinz Galinski, German President of the Central Council of Jews (b. 1912)
Allen Newell, American computer scientist (b. 1927)
July 22
Suleiman Frangieh, Lebanese politician, 5th President of Lebanon (b. 1910)
Alexander McKee, British journalist, military historian, and diver (born 1918)
John Meyendorff, Russian scholar (b. 1926)
July 23 – Rosemary Sutcliff, British author (b. 1920)
July 24 – Arletty, French singer and actress (b. 1898)
July 25 – Alfred Drake, American actor (b. 1914)
July 26 – Mary Wells, American singer (b. 1943)
July 27 – Anthony Salerno, American mobster (b.1911)
July 29 – Ed Ocampo, Filipino basketball player and coach (b. 1938)
July 30
Brenda Marshall, American actress (b. 1915)
Irene Silva de Santolalla, Peruvian politician (b. 1902)
Joe Shuster, Canadian-American comic book artist (b. 1914)
July 31 – Leonard Cheshire, British war hero, activist, and philanthropist (b. 1917)

Bertil Ohlin

Rob Muldoon

John Cage
August 2 – Michel Berger, French singer-songwriter (b. 1947)
August 3
Wang Hongwen, Chinese Communist politician (b. 1935)
Bertil Ohlin, Swedish economist and politician (b. 1899)
August 4
Seichō Matsumoto, Japanese writer and journalist (b. 1909)
František Tomášek, Czech Roman Catholic prelate (b. 1899)
August 5
Robert Muldoon, 31st Prime Minister of New Zealand (b. 1921)
Jeff Porcaro, American musician (b. 1954)
August 6 – Simcha Bunim Alter, the fifth Rebbe of the Hasidic dynasty of Ger (b. 1898)
August 7
Fereydoun Farrokhzad, Iranian entertainer (b. 1938)
Lilo Milchsack, German promoter of Anglo-German relations (b. 1905)
Francisco Fernández Ordóñez, Spanish politician, former Foreign minister (b. 1930)
August 8
Alison Gertz, American AIDS activist (b. 1966)
Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei, Iranian-Iraqi Shia ayatollah and scholar (b. 1899)
August 10 – Annisteen Allen, American blues singer (b. 1920)
August 12 – John Cage, American composer (b. 1912)
August 16 – Mark Heard, American singer (b. 1951)
August 18
Keith Henderson, Scottish painter (b. 1911)
John Sturges, American film director (b. 1911)
August 19 – Curtis M. Scott, American role-playing game designer (b. c. 1960)
August 22 – Hallowell Davis, American physiologist, otolaryngologist and researcher (b. 1896)
August 23 – Charles August Nichols, American animator and film director (b. 1910)
August 25 – Cyril Stanley Smith, British metallurgist and historian of science (b. 1903)
August 28 – Tan Qixiang, Chinese historian (b. 1911)
August 29 – Félix Guattari, French psychotherapist, philosopher and semiologist (b. 1930)

Piotr Jaroszewicz

Paul Jabara
September 1
Morris Carnovsky, American actor (b. 1897)
Piotr Jaroszewicz, Polish politician, Prime Minister of Poland (b. 1909)
September 2 – Barbara McClintock, American geneticist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1902)
September 4 – John van Dreelen, Dutch actor (b. 1922)
September 5
Billy Herman, American baseball player (b. 1909)
Fritz Leiber, American author (b. 1910)
September 6 – Mervyn Johns, Welsh actor (b. 1899)
September 11 – Frank McKinney, American competition swimmer (b. 1938)
September 12
Hans F. Koenekamp, American special effects artist and cinematographer (b. 1891)
Ruth Nelson, American actress (b. 1905)
Anthony Perkins, American actor (b. 1932)
September 18
Dario Cabanelas, Spanish orientalist (b. 1916)
Princess Margaret of Denmark (b. 1895)
September 19 – Wu Zhonghua, Chinese physicist (b. 1917)
September 21
William Penn Mott Jr., American landscape architect (b. 1909)
Harry J. Sonneborn, American businessman (b. 1916)
Bill Williams, American actor (b. 1915)
September 22 – Aurelio López, Mexican baseball player (b. 1948)
September 25 – César Manrique, Spanish artist (b. 1919)
September 29 – Paul Jabara, American actor and singer-songwriter (b. 1948)

Willy Brandt

Shirley Booth

Roger Miller
October 4 – Denny Hulme, New Zealand race car driver (b. 1936)
October 5 – Eddie Kendricks, American singer (b. 1939)
October 6 – Denholm Elliott, English actor (b. 1922)
October 7
Allan Bloom, American philosopher and author (b. 1930)
Tevfik Esenç, last known speaker of Ubykh (b. 1904)
October 8 – Willy Brandt, German politician and statesman, 29th Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1913)
October 11 – Choi Sae-hwang, South Korean lawyer and Vice-Minister of Defense (b. 1919)
October 12 – Ulysses Guimarães, Brazilian politician (b. 1916)
October 14 – Willie Waddell, Scottish footballer (b. 1921)
October 15 – Oliver Franks, Baron Franks, British civil servant, diplomat, and philosopher (b. 1905)
October 16 – Shirley Booth, American actress in film, radio, stage, and television (b. 1898)
October 17 – Herman Johannes, Indonesian professor, scientist, and politician (b. 1912)
October 19
Gert Bastian, German politician (b. 1923)
Petra Kelly, German politician (b. 1947)
Arthur Wint, Jamaican Olympic runner (b. 1920)
October 21 – Jim Garrison, American attorney (b. 1921)
October 22
Red Barber, American sportscaster (b. 1908)
Cleavon Little, American actor (b. 1939)
October 24 – Laurie Colwin, American author (b. 1944)
October 25
Adelino da Palma Carlos, Portuguese politician, 102nd Prime Minister of Portugal (b. 1905)
Roger Miller, American singer-songwriter, musician, and actor (b. 1936)
October 27 – David Bohm, American-born physicist, philosopher, and neuropsychologist (b. 1917)
October 29 – Sir Kenneth MacMillan, British choreographer (b. 1929)
October 31 – Gary Rippingale, English ice hockey player (b. 1974)

Alexander Dubček

Earle Meadows

Kaysone Phomvihane
November 2 – Hal Roach, American director and producer (b. 1892)
November 4
José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Spanish film director (b. 1911)
George Klein, Canadian inventor (b. 1904)
November 5 – Jan Oort, Dutch astronomer (b. 1900)
November 7
Alexander Dubček, Slovak politician, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (b. 1921)
Jack Kelly, American actor (b. 1927)
Richard Yates, American writer (b. 1926)
November 8 – Larry Levan, American DJ (b. 1954)
November 10 – Chuck Connors, American actor (b. 1921)
November 11 – Earle Meadows, American Olympic athlete (b. 1913)
November 19
René Tavernier, Belgian geologist (b. 1914)
Diane Varsi, American actress (b. 1938)
November 21 – Kaysone Phomvihane, Laotian statesman and Communist Party leader, 11th Prime Minister of Laos and 2nd President of Laos (b. 1920)
November 22 – Sterling Holloway, American actor (b. 1905)
November 23
Roy Acuff, American singer (b. 1903)
Mohamed Benhima, 5th Prime Minister of Morocco (b. 1924)
November 25 – Joseph Arthur Ankrah, 2nd President of Ghana (b. 1903)
November 26 – John Sharp, English actor (b. 1920)
November 27 – George M. Ferris, American investment banker and philanthropist (b. 1893)
November 29
Jean Dieudonné, French mathematician (b. 1906)
Emilio Pucci, Italian fashion designer (b. 1914)
November 30 – Peter Blume, American painter and sculptor (b. 1906)

Nureddin al-Atassi

Ali Amini

Dana Andrews

December 1 – Esau Khamati Oriedo, Kenyan of African ancestry; an anti-colonialism activist and crusader (b. 1888)
December 2 – Michael Gothard, British actor (b. 1939)
December 3
Luis Alcoriza, Mexican film director (b. 1918)
Nureddin al-Atassi, Syrian Baathist, 54th Prime Minister of Syria and 17th President of Syria (b. 1929)
December 6 – Percy Herbert, English actor (b. 1920)
December 7
Richard J. Hughes, American politician, 45th Governor of New Jersey, and Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court (b. 1909)
Jean Bell Thomas, American festival promoter (b. 1881)
December 9 – Vincent Gardenia, Italian-American actor (b. 1920)
December 10
Celia Gámez, Argentinian actress (b. 1908)
Dan Maskell, British tennis coach and commentator (b. 1908)
December 12
Ali Amini, Iranian politician and 67th Prime Minister of Iran (b. 1905)
Suzanne Lilar, Belgian essayist, novelist and playwright (b. 1901)
Sir Robert Rex, 1st Premier of Niue (b. 1909)
December 17
Günther Anders, German philosopher (b. 1902)
Dana Andrews, American actor (b. 1909)
December 18 – Mark Goodson, American game show producer (b. 1915)
December 21
Stella Adler, American acting teacher (b. 1901)
Albert King, American blues musician (b. 1923)
Nathan Milstein, Ukrainian-born violinist (b. 1903)
December 22
Frederick William Franz, 4th President of Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (b. 1893)
Ted Willis, British television dramatist and author (b. 1914)
December 23 – Eddie Hazel, American guitarist (b. 1950)
December 24 – Peyo, Belgian comics artist (b. 1928)
December 25
Ted Croker, English football official (b. 1924)
Monica Dickens, English author (b. 1915)
Jules Gros, Breton linguist specializing in popular language (b. 1890)
December 26
Jan Cienski, Ukrainian clandestine Roman Catholic prelate (b. 1905)
Nikita Magaloff, Georgian-Russian pianist (b. 1912)
December 27 – Stephen Albert, American composer (b. 1941)
December 28
Sal Maglie, American baseball player (b. 1917)
Daniella Perez, Brazilian actress and ballerina (b. 1970)
December 29 – Vivienne Segal, American actress and singer (b. 1897)
Nobel Prizes[edit]
Nobel medal.png
Physics – Georges Charpak
Chemistry – Rudolph A. Marcus
Medicine – Edmond H. Fischer, Edwin G. Krebs
Literature – Derek Walcott
Peace – Rigoberta Menchú
Economics – Gary Becker

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With eight openings on the Brewers’ 40-man roster, free agency would seem to be …

With eight openings on the Brewers’ 40-man roster, free agency would seem to be an easier avenue for roster additi…

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2019 Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Classic – $16,560 Category: Cruiser Odome…

2019 Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Classic – $16,560

Category: Cruiser
Odometer: 4306 mi
Color: Vivid Black

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Midwest Express route map, May/June 2001

Midwest Express route map, May/June 2001

Midwest Express Airlines route map from May/June 2001. The Milwaukee-based carrier was one of the more successful business-focused boutique carriers, with 2-2 seating on its primarily DC-9 fleet and one of the first to offer baked onboard chocolate chip cookies, which is now a staple in US premium cabins. In addition to its Milwaukee hub, it operated focus cities in Kansas City and Omaha.

Republic Airways purchased Midwest Express (then Midwest Airlines) in 2009 and merged it with Frontier Airlines in 2010. The Midwest network was subsequently dismantled.

Midwest Express operated 35 aircraft, including eight DC-9-15s, 16 DC-9-30s and 11 MD-80s, on 1 May 2001, the Ascend Fleets database shows. Its wholly-owned regional partner Skyway Airlines operated 15 B1900Ds and seven Fairchild/Dornier 328JETs.

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The Knicks (4-18) have lost eight straight. Denver led by 43 points in the fourt…

The Knicks (4-18) have lost eight straight. Denver led by 43 points in the fourth quarter. David Fizdale called the…

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@ptknicksblog I would say this is the second year of a rebuild and the last eigh…

@ptknicksblog I would say this is the second year of a rebuild and the last eight teams they have played include 6e…

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It’s loaded. From the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine to the heated hand grips. Clas…

It’s loaded. From the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine to the heated hand grips. Classic Batwing fairing, all new BOOM!™…

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