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Vincent Black Shadow

Vincent Black Shadow

The Vincent Black Shadow was a hand-built motorcycle produced by Vincent HRD from 1948. The series "C", which was introduced in 1949, had a 998 cc (60.9 cu in) 50 degree OHV V-twin engine running a 7.3:1 compression ratio.
The reason for its name "Black" Shadow was that the entire bike (including the engine) was coloured black including baked enamel on crank-case and covers. The reason for the black on the crankcases is still disputed to this day. Some claim that the black colour was for looks, others claim that it had something to do with heat transfer and dissipation. Whatever the original reason behind the painting of the engine, it was very different from anything else at a time when everything was polished and chromed. There were a small number (about 16) of White Shadows, machines made to Shadow specification but with the plain aluminium finish of the Rapide. Fewer than 1,700 Vincent Black Shadows were made, all hand-assembled.This Vincent was photographed at Rivington Barn Lancashire.

Posted by Jeffrey Patrick Webb on 2013-12-22 15:22:39

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