The Ron Philips Four 249cc racing motorcycle

The Ron Philips Four 249cc racing motorcycle

Every now and again, something unusual happens.

Me and my mates were mooching around at The 23rd Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show, Stafford when we came across what appeared to be a nice looking Honda racing bike. I peered inside the fairing (as you do) and said "oi look at that – I’ve never seen anything like it", or words to that effect. I moved round the front to read the sheet stuck on the fairing only to say – "Its a Ron Philips!!!"

The owner then said something along the lines of "What do you know about Ron Philips?" and I said I’d seen his "Four", up close and personal.

We then had a bit of a natter and I promised to send over a link to one of the photos I took at the time.

I got a reply today thanking me for the link and sending over some stuff about the amazing, but mysterious, Ron.

If you are interested – and I’m guessing that as you’ve read this far, you might be – here is a link to when it was last auctioned:-

Ron Philips was clearly a very clever man building the engine and frame in his garden shed! He seems to have cut a few corners though by buying in the gearbox, pistons and carbs (lol – only joking).

I once managed to make a very wobbly bird table in my shed, so hats off to Ron.

I really like this bike and think it is the work of a genius.

In some ways, it looks like a cross between an RC Honda and an MV Agusta.

OK, so looking inside fairings and waxing lyrical about what you see might be a bit sad to some people – but they are probably the type of boring old tossers that spend 6 hours a day watching all kinds of dross on TV, but fail to see anything "sad" whatsoever in that.

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