American Turbo Pack, Turbo Kit from Z1R-TC;
Motor has Elmer Trent Big Block 1327 turbo kit;
Forged pistons;
Titanium Retainers and Spring kit;
Undercut 5-speed transmission;
Falcon balanced, trued, indexed, welded mark II ,28mm crankshaft.
Custom 12clutch basket; extra deep oil pan with extended super-deep rear oil pickup. MSD ignition, coils with rev. limiter; pringle fuel valve; frame modification includes Koshman brothers five degree rake, 2inch over swing arm, front forks cut down 3 inches ;
MRI (murdock racing enterprise ) airshifter;
Glycerine filled air and boost pressure guages;
Magnesium rear rim, electric start, current inspection, and street legal,
9.50 e.t. at 150mph, quarter mile .

Posted by 40ford on 2009-01-13 16:14:50

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