Harley Davidson Ken

Harley Davidson Ken

I was able to get this Ken thanks to a fellow collector who decided to downsize the number of her dolls. She kept him NRFB so I had some doubts whether to let him out of his confinement. Unfortunatelly my will is not strong enough to keep my dolls boxed – I always release them.
The motorbiker had stayed in his prison for too many years, which caused some damage to his leather(ish) clothes – they are ripped at the back and I’m not sure if they can be mended. The doll, however, is in perfect condition – no stains of flaws whatsoever.
I’m immensely pleased to have joined this gentleman to my flock – he’s a fine specimen of the "grown-up" male dolls and there’s undeniably the air of sexiness around him πŸ™‚

Posted by Stary_Zgred on 2016-05-08 20:04:48

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