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Bordeaux Chateau Roquefort 1995 Wine Label

Bordeaux Chateau Roquefort 1995 Wine Label

1985 (MCMLXXXV) was a common year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1985th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 985th year of the 2nd millennium, the 85th year of the 20th century, and the 6th year of the 1980s decade.

The year 1985 was designated as the International Youth Year by the United Nations.

January 1
The Internet’s Domain Name System is created.
Greenland is withdrawn from the European Economic Community.
First UK cellular mobile phone network launched by Vodafone.
January 7
Cellnet launches 2nd UK cellular network.
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency launches Sakigake, Japan’s first interplanetary spacecraft and the first deep space probe to be launched by any country other than the United States or the Soviet Union.
January 11 – Was realized the first night of festival Rock In Rio with a legendary show of Queen and Iron Maiden.
January 13 – A passenger train plunges into a ravine in Ethiopia, killing 428 in the worst railroad disaster in Africa.
January 15 – Tancredo Neves is elected president of Brazil by the Congress, ending the 21-year military rule.
January 17 – British Telecom announces it is going to phase out its famous red telephone boxes.
January 20 – Ronald Reagan is privately sworn in for a second term as President of the United States.
January 21 – President Ronald Reagan is publicly sworn in.
January 27 – The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) is formed.
January 28 – The charity single record "We Are the World" is recorded by USA for Africa.
February 4 – The border between Gibraltar and Spain reopens for the first time since Francisco Franco closed it in 1969.
February 5 – Australia cancels its involvement in U.S.-led MX missile tests.[1][circular reference]
February 9 – U.S. drug agent Kiki Camarena is kidnapped and murdered in Mexico (his body is discovered March 5)
February 12 – Rafael Addiego Bruno is sworn in as interim President of Uruguay.
February 14 – CNN reporter Jeremy Levin is freed from captivity in Lebanon.[2]
February 16
Israel begins withdrawing troops from Lebanon.
The ideology of Hezbollah is declared in a program issued in Beirut.
February 19
William J. Schroeder becomes the first artificial heart patient to leave hospital.
China Airlines Flight 006 is involved in a mid-air incident; while there are 22 minor injuries and 2 serious injuries, no one is killed.
The first episode of the long-running British soap opera EastEnders is broadcast on BBC One television.
February 20 – Minolta releases the Maxxum 7000, the world’s first autofocus single-lens reflex camera.
February 28 – 1985 Newry mortar attack: The Provisional Irish Republican Army carries out a mortar attack on the Royal Ulster Constabulary police station at Newry, killing nine officers in the highest loss of life for the RUC on a single day.
March – The GNU Manifesto, written by Richard Stallman, is first published.
March 1 – After a 12-year-long dictatorship, Julio María Sanguinetti is sworn in as the first democratically elected President of Uruguay.
March 3 – The 8.0 Mw Algarrobo earthquake hits Santiago and Valparaíso, Chile, leaving 177 dead, 2,575 injured, 142,489 houses destroyed, and about a million people homeless.
March 4 – The United States Food and Drug Administration approves a blood test for AIDS, used since then to screen all blood donations in the United States.
March 8 – A Beirut car bomb, planted in an attempt to assassinate Islamic cleric Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, kills more than 80 people, injuring 200.
March 11
Mikhail Gorbachev becomes General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party and de facto leader of the Soviet Union.
Mohamed Al-Fayed buys the London-based department store company Harrods.
March 15 – Vice-President José Sarney, upon becoming vice president, assumes the duties of president of Brazil, as the new president Tancredo Neves had become severely ill the day before. Sarney would later become Brazil’s first civilian president in 21 years, upon Neves’ death on April 21.
March 16 – Associated Press reporter Terry Anderson is taken hostage in Beirut; he is released on December 4, 1991.
March 17 – Expo ’85, a World’s Fair, is held in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, until September 16.
March 18 – Australia’s longest-running soap opera, Neighbours, debuts on Seven Network.
March 21 – Canadian paraplegic athlete and activist Rick Hansen sets out on his 40,000 kilometres (25,000 mi), 26-month Man in Motion tour which raises $26M for spinal cord research and quality of life initiatives.
March 23 – OCAM is dissolved.
March 24 – United States Army military intelligence officer Arthur D. Nicholson is shot by Soviet military sergeant Aleksandr Ryabtsev at a Soviet military base in Ludwigslust, East Germany.
March 25 – The 57th Academy Awards are held in Los Angeles, with Amadeus winning Best Picture.
April – Soviet–Afghan War: The Soviet Union begins to transfer the burden of fighting the mujahideen to the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, an origin of the Revolutions of 1989.
April 1
Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, and Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation, are privatized and change their names to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, and Japan Tobacco.
Eighth seeded Villanova Wildcats men’s basketball defeats national powerhouse Georgetown 66–64 to win the first 64 team field NCAA Tournament in Lexington, Kentucky.
April 11
The USS Coral Sea collides with the Ecuadorian tanker ship Napo off the coast of Cuba.
First Secretary Enver Hoxha, leader of the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania dies.
April 12 – El Descanso bombing: A terrorist bombing attributed to the Islamic Jihad Organization in the El Descanso restaurant near Madrid, Spain, mostly attended by U.S. personnel from the Torrejón Air Base, causes 18 deaths (all Spaniards) and 82 injuries.
April 15 – South Africa ends its ban on interracial marriages.
April 19
The Soviet Union performs a nuclear weapon test in eastern Kazakhstan.
Siege of White Supremacist Group The Covenant, Sword and the Arm of the Lord (CSA) Begins in Arkansas
April 21 – Brazilian President Tancredo Neves dies; he is succeeded by Vice President José Sarney. The Vice President post is left vacant until 1990.
April 23 – Coca-Cola changes its formula and releases New Coke. The response is overwhelmingly negative and the original formula is back on the market in less than three months.
April 28 – The Australian Nuclear Disarmament Party (NDP) splits.
May 1 – Soekarno-Hatta International Airport officially opened, which also became the new international gateway into Indonesia.
May 4 – The 30th Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden and is won by the Bobbysocks! song La det swinge for Norway.
May 5 – U.S. President Ronald Reagan joins West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl for a controversial funeral service at a cemetery in Bitburg, West Germany, which includes the graves of 59 elite S.S. troops from World War II.
May 9 – The 3rd total Victory Day Parade, the first in 1945 and the next in 1965, is held on Red Square in Moscow, RSFSR. It features T-34-85 Tanks, Veterans of WWII from Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union, and is the first parade to be held during the reign of Mikhail Gorbachev.
May 11
The FBI brings charges against the suspected heads of the five Mafia families in New York City.
Fire engulfs a wooden stand at the Valley Parade stadium in Bradford, England, during a football match, killing 56 people.
May 13
Philadelphia Mayor Wilson Goode orders police to storm the radical group MOVE’s headquarters to end a stand-off. The police drop an explosive device into the headquarters, killing 11 MOVE members and destroying the homes of 61 city residents in the resulting fire.
The National Assembly of Kuwait grants women the right to vote. The right is revoked in 1999 and re-instated in 2005.
May 15
An explosive device sent by the Unabomber injures John Hauser at University of California, Berkeley.
Argentinian President Raúl Alfonsín terminates Argentinian administration of the Falkland Islands but does not relinquish Argentina’s claim to the islands.
May 16 – Scientists of the British Antarctic Survey announce discovery of the ozone hole.[3][4][5]
May 19 – John Anthony Walker Jr. is arrested by the FBI for passing classified naval communications to the Soviet Union.
May 23 – Thomas Patrick Cavanaugh is sentenced to life in prison for attempting to sell stealth bomber secrets to the Soviet Union.
May 25 – Approximately 10,000 people are killed when Bangladesh is affected by the storm surge from Tropical Storm One (1B).
May 26 – A new guard in auto racing took place as young gun Danny Sullivan beat the old guard Mario Andretti to win the 1985 Indianapolis 500 and landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
May 29 – Heysel Stadium disaster: Thirty-eight spectators are killed in rioting on the terraces during the European Cup final between Liverpool F.C. and Juventus at Heysel Stadium in Brussels, Belgium.
May 31 – Forty-four tornadoes hit Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario, killing 90.
June 6 – The remains of Josef Mengele, the physician notorious for Nazi human experimentation on inmates of Auschwitz concentration camp, buried in 1979 under the name of Wolfgang Gerhard, are exhumed in Embu das Artes, Brazil.
June 13 – In Auburn, Washington, police defuse a Unabomber bomb sent to Boeing.
June 14
TWA Flight 847, carrying 153 passengers from Athens to Rome, is hijacked by a Hezbollah fringe group. One passenger, U.S. Navy Petty Officer Robert Stethem, is killed. Greek police arrest a 65-year-old Lebanese suspect on September 21, 2019.[6]
The Schengen Agreement is signed between certain member states of the European Economic Community, creating the Schengen Area, a bloc of (at this time) 5 states with no internal border controls.
June 15 – Studio Ghibli, an animation studio, is founded in Tokyo.
June 17 – John Hendricks launches the Discovery Channel in the United States.
June 20 – A series of bomb blasts occur in Kathmandu and other cities of Nepal.
June 22 – British and Irish police foil a Provisional Irish Republican Army–sponsored ‘mainland bombing campaign’ which targeted luxury vacation resorts.
June 23 – Air India Flight 182, a Boeing 747, is blown up by a terrorist bomb 31,000 feet (9,500 m) above the Atlantic Ocean, south of Ireland, on a Montreal–London–Delhi flight, killing all 329 aboard.
June 24 – STS-51-G: Space Shuttle Discovery completes its mission, best remembered for having Sultan bin Salman Al Saud, the first Arab and first Muslim in space, as a Payload Specialist.
June 27 – U.S. Route 66 is officially decommissioned.

Live Aid at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia
July 1 – The Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons enters into force.
July 3 – Back to the Future opens in American theatres and ends up being the highest-grossing film of 1985 in the United States and the first film in the successful franchise.
July 4 – Ruth Lawrence, 13, achieves a first in mathematics at Oxford University, becoming the youngest British person ever to earn a first-class degree and the youngest known graduate of Oxford University.
July 10 – The Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior is bombed and sunk in Auckland Harbour by French DGSE agents.
July 13
Live Aid benefit concerts in London and Philadelphia raise over £50 million for famine relief in Ethiopia.
U.S. Vice President George H. W. Bush serves as Acting President for eight hours, while President Ronald Reagan undergoes colon cancer surgery at Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.
July 19
U.S. Vice President George H. W. Bush announces that New Hampshire teacher Christa McAuliffe will become the first schoolteacher to ride aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger.
The Val di Stava Dam in Italy collapses.
July 20 – State President of South Africa, P. W. Botha, declares a state of emergency in 36 magisterial districts of South Africa amid growing civil unrest in black townships.
July 23 – Commodore launches the Amiga personal computer at the Lincoln Center in New York.
July 27 – The 63 Building officially opens as the tallest skyscraper outside of North America in Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea.[7]
August – ATI Technologies is founded (originally as Array Technology) in North America by Lee Ka Lau, Francis Lau, Benny Lau and Kwok Yuen Ho.
August 2 – Delta Air Lines Flight 191 crashes near Dallas, Texas, killing 127 people.
August 7 – Takao Doi, Mamoru Mohri and Chiaki Mukai are chosen to be Japan’s first astronauts.
August 12 – Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashes in Japan, killing 520 people (the worst single-aircraft disaster in history).
August 14 – The Accomarca massacre takes place in Ayacucho, Peru.
August 15 – Three miners die in an accident at a coal mine in southeastern Kentucky.[8]
August 20 – Iran–Contra affair: The first arms, 96 BGM-71 TOWs, are sent to Iran in exchange for hostages in Lebanon and profits for the Nicaraguan Contras. The public does not know about the arms sale.
August 22 – British Airtours Flight 28M: The 737’s left engine catches fire while on its takeoff roll and 60 people are killed while trying to evacuate the aircraft.
August 25 – Samantha Smith, 13, "Goodwill Ambassador" between the Soviet Union and the United States for writing a letter to Yuri Andropov about nuclear war, and eventually visiting the Soviet Union at Andropov’s request, dies in the Bar Harbor Airlines Flight 1808 plane crash.
August 28 – The first smoking ban banning smoking in restaurants in the United States is passed in Aspen, Colorado.[9]
August 31 – Richard Ramirez, the serial killer known as the Night Stalker, is captured in Los Angeles.
September 1 – The wreck of the RMS Titanic (1912) in the North Atlantic is located by a joint American-French expedition led by Dr. Robert Ballard (WHOI) and Jean-Louis Michel (IFREMER) using side-scan sonar from RV Knorr.[10][11]
September 2 – Hurricane Elena makes landfall on the U.S. Gulf Coast after reaching a Category 3 status
September 4 – Catcher Gary Carter of the New York Mets ties a record with five home runs in two games.
September 6 – Midwest Express Airlines Flight 105, a Douglas DC-9, crashes just after takeoff from Milwaukee, killing all 31.
September 11 – Pete Rose becomes the all-time hit leader in Major League Baseball, with his 4,192nd hit at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati.
September 13
Super Mario Bros. is released for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
Steve Jobs resigns from Apple Computer in order to found NeXT.[12]
September 19 – An 8.0 Mw earthquake strikes Mexico City, killing 5,000–45,000 and injuring 30,000.
September 20 – The capital gains tax is introduced to Australia.[13][14]
September 22 – The Plaza Accord is signed by five nations.
September 23 – Italian crime reporter Giancarlo Siani is killed by Camorra.
September 26 – Kalina, the first captive orca born at SeaWorld as well as the first to survive past infancy, is born at SeaWorld Orlando.
September 28 – Brixton riots are sparked with the shooting of Dorothy "Cherry" Groce by the Metropolitan Police in Brixton, South London.
October 1 – The Israeli air force bombs PLO Headquarters near Tunis.
October 3 – The Space Shuttle Atlantis makes its maiden flight.
October 4 – The Free Software Foundation is founded in Massachusetts, US.
October 7 – The cruise ship Achille Lauro is hijacked in the Mediterranean Sea by four heavily armed Palestinian terrorists. One passenger, American Leon Klinghoffer, is killed.
October 18 – The first Nintendo home video game console in the United States is released as the Nintendo Entertainment System.
October 25 – Emirates Airlines, establishes in Dubai and performs its first flight to Karachi.
November 5 – In an all English match, Mark Kaylor defeats Errol Christie to become the middleweight boxing champion, after the two brawl in front of the cameras at the weigh-in.
November 6 – Palace of Justice siege: Members of the M-19 Marxist guerrilla group take over the Palace of Justice in Bogotá, Colombia, and hold the Supreme Court hostage. Hours later, after a military raid, the incident leaves almost half of the 25 Supreme Court Justices dead.
November 9 – In an all-Soviet match, 22-year-old Garry Kasparov defeats Anatoly Karpov to become the youngest-ever undisputed winner of the World Chess Championship.
November 12 – A total solar eclipse occurs over Antarctica at 14:11:22 UTC.
November 13
Armero tragedy: The Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupts, killing an estimated 23,000 people, including 21,000 killed by lahars in the town of Armero, Colombia.
Xavier Suárez is sworn in as Miami’s first Cuban-born mayor.
November 19 – Cold War: In Geneva, U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev meet for the first time.
November 20 – Microsoft Corporation releases the first version of Windows, Windows 1.0.
November 23 – EgyptAir Flight 648 is hijacked by the Abu Nidal group and flown to Malta, where Egyptian commandos storm the plane; 60 are killed by gunfire and explosions.
November 25 – 1985 Aeroflot Antonov An-12 shoot-down: A Soviet Aeroflot Antonov An-12 cargo airplane, en route from Cuito Cuanavale to Luanda, is shot down by South African Special Forces and crashes approximately 43 km east of Menongue, the provincial center of the Cuando Cubango Province, Angola, killing 8 crew members and 13 passengers on board.
November 26 – U.S. President Ronald Reagan sells the rights to his autobiography to Random House for a record US$3 million.
November 29 – Gérard Hoarau, exiled political leader from the Seychelles, is assassinated in London.
December 1
The Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (Organización e Estados Iberoamericanos para la Educación la Ciencia y la Cultura) (OEI) is created.
The Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable are released for sale to the public.
December 8 – The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is established.
December 11 – Hugh Scrutton is killed outside his Sacramento, California computer rental store by a Unabomber explosive, becoming the first fatality of the bombing campaign
December 12 – Arrow Air Flight 1285, a Douglas DC-8, crashes after takeoff from Gander, Newfoundland, killing 256 people – 248 of whom were U.S. servicemen returning to Fort Campbell, Kentucky from overseeing a peacekeeping force in the Sinai Peninsula.
December 16 – In New York City, American Mafia bosses Paul Castellano and Thomas Bilotti are shot dead in front of Spark’s Steak House, making hit organizer John Gotti the leader of the powerful Gambino crime family.
December 20 – Pope John Paul II announces the instituting of World Youth Day for Catholic youths.
December 24 – Extremist David Lewis Rice murders civil rights attorney Charles Goldmark as well as Goldmark’s wife and two children in Seattle. Rice suspects the family of being Jewish and Communist and claims his dedication to the Christian Identity movement drove him to the crime.
December 27
Rome and Vienna airport attacks: Abu Nidal terrorists open fire in the airports of Rome and Vienna, leaving 18 dead and 120 injured.
American naturalist Dian Fossey is found murdered in Rwanda.
December 31 – American singer, songwriter and actor Ricky Nelson dies in a plane crash in De Kalb, Texas.
Date unknown[edit]
Western Sahara is admitted to the Organization of African Unity; Morocco, which claims Western Sahara, leaves in protest.
The fullerene Buckminsterfullerene (C60) is first intentionally prepared by Harold Kroto, James R. Heath, Sean O’Brien, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley at Rice University in the United States.
DNA is first used in a criminal case.[15]
The Asian tiger mosquito, an invasive species, is first found in Houston, Texas.
The Tommy Hilfiger clothing brand is established in the United States.
Multiple cases of espionage in the United States prompt the media to label this "The Year of the Spy".
The 1983–85 famine in Ethiopia continues; USA for Africa (We Are the World) and Live Aid raise funds for famine relief.
Africa has a population growth of 3.2 percent per year.
World population[edit]
World population
Globe.svg World4,830,979,0004,434,682,000396,297,000 Green Arrow Up.svg5,263,593,000432,614,000 Green Arrow Up.svg
Africa satellite orthographic.jpg Africa541,814,000469,618,00072,196,000 Green Arrow Up.svg622,443,00080,629,000 Green Arrow Up.svg
Two-point-equidistant-asia.jpg Asia2,887,552,0002,632,335,000255,217,000 Green Arrow Up.svg3,167,807,000280,255,000 Green Arrow Up.svg
Europe satellite orthographic.jpg Europe706,009,000692,431,00013,578,000 Green Arrow Up.svg721,582,00015,573,000 Green Arrow Up.svg
Latin America terrain.jpg South America401,469,000361,401,00040,068,000 Green Arrow Up.svg441,525,00040,056,000 Green Arrow Up.svg
LocationWHNorthernAmerica.png North America269,456,000256,068,00013,388,000 Green Arrow Up.svg283,549,00014,093,000 Green Arrow Up.svg
Oceania (World-Factbook).jpg Oceania24,678,00022,828,0001,850,000 Green Arrow Up.svg26,687,0002,009,000 Green Arrow Up.svg
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Lewis Hamilton

Sidharth Malhotra

Doutzen Kroes

Michael Trevino

András Kállay-Saunders

January 1
Jeff Carter, Canadian hockey player
Steven Davis, Northern Irish footballer
January 2
Teng Haibin, Chinese gymnast
Heather O’Reilly, U.S. women’s national soccer player
Damien Bodie, Australian actor
January 3
John David Booty, American football quarterback, USC
Linas Kleiza, Lithuanian basketball player
January 4
Danielle Campo, Canadian Paralympic swimmer
Al Jefferson, American basketball player
Fernando Rees, Brazilian race car driver
January 5
Michael Cuccione, Canadian child actor and activist (d. 2001)
Lopez Lomong, Sudan-born American Olympic runner
Diego Vera, Uruguayan footballer
January 7
Lewis Hamilton, British 6-Time Formula One world champion
Tiger Kirchharz, German dancer
Wayne Routledge, English footballer
January 8 – Rachael Lampa, American Christian singer
January 9 – Bobô, Brazilian footballer
January 10 – Martiño Rivas, Spanish actor
January 11
Newton Faulkner, British rock musician
Rie fu, Japanese pop and rock musician
Lucy Knisley, American comic artist and musician
January 15 – Brandon Mebane, American football player
January 16
Joe Flacco, American football player
Gintaras Januševičius, Lithuanian pianist
Sidharth Malhotra, Indian actor
Renée Felice Smith, American actress
January 17
Kangin, Korean singer (Super Junior)
Simone Simons, Lead singer of Dutch rock group Epica
January 19
Damien Chazelle, American film director and screenwriter
Rika Ishikawa, Japanese singer and host of television and radio programs
January 20 – Marina Inoue, Japanese voice actress
January 21
Aura Dione, Danish pop musician
Sasha Pivovarova, Russian model
January 22
Akira Nagata, Japanese singer (Run&Gun), actor and voice actor
Orianthi, Australian rock musician
January 23 – Doutzen Kroes, Dutch supermodel
January 25
Michael Trevino, American actor
Tina Karol, Ukrainian singer
Claudia Kim, South Korean actress and model
January 26
Edwin Hodge, American actor
Rusko, British musician
January 28
J. Cole, American hip-hop musician and record producer
Tom Hopper, British actor
András Kállay-Saunders, Hungarian American recording artist, songwriter and record producer
January 29
Bosh Berlin, American drummer (Living Things)
Liu Chunhong, Chinese weightlifter
Marc Gasol, Spanish basketball player
Isabel Lucas, Australian actress
January 30 – Richie Porte, Australian professional cyclist (Tasmanian)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Crystal Reed

Deborah Ann Woll

Trevor Smith

David Gallagher

Haylie Duff

Yulia Volkova

Zach Roerig
February 2 – Fontel Mines, American football player
February 4
Bashy, English recording artist and actor
Bug Hall, American actor
February 5
Vicki Chase, American porn actress
Laurence Maroney, American football player
Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese footballer
February 6
Kris Humphries, American basketball player
Joji Kato, Japanese speedskater
Crystal Reed, American actress
February 7
Donald Moatshe, South African musician
Tegan Moss, Canadian actress
Tina Majorino, American actress
Deborah Ann Woll, American actress
February 8
Seo Min-woo, South Korean idol singer and actor (d. 2018)
Jeremy Davis, American bassist (Paramore)
Bob Morris, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Hush Sound)
Trevor Smith, Canadian ice hockey player
February 9
David Gallagher, American actor
Rachel Melvin, American actress
February 10 – Anette Sagen, Norwegian ski jumper
February 11
William Beckett, American singer and songwriter
Mike Richards, Canadian hockey player
February 12 – Saskia Burmeister, Australian actress
February 15 – Natalie Morales, American actress
February 17 – Zelda Harris, American actress
February 18
Chelsea Hobbs, Canadian actress and singer
Todd Lasance, Australian actor
Lee Boyd Malvo, Jamaican serial killer
Jos van Emden, Dutch cyclist
February 19
Haylie Duff, American actress and singer
Arielle Kebbel, American model and actress
February 20 – Yulia Volkova, Russian singer
February 21 – Larisa Bakurova, Ukrainian actress and model based in Taiwan
February 22
Hameur Bouazza, Algerian footballer
Zach Roerig, American actor
February 25
Benji Marshall, Australian rugby league player
Joakim Noah, American basketball player
February 26
Shiloh Fernandez, American actor
Miki Fujimoto, Japanese actor and pop singer
February 27 – Nicole Linkletter, American model
February 28
Fefe Dobson, Canadian pop and rock singer
Jelena Janković, Serbian tennis player
Diego Ribas da Cunha, Brazilian soccer player


Emile Hirsch

Eva Amurri

Kellan Lutz

Jonathan Groff

Keira Knightley

Jessica Szohr
March 1 – Cole Sanchez, American voice actor and artist
March 2
Reggie Bush, American football player
Robert Iler, American actor
Patrick Makau Musyoki, Kenyan long-distance runner
March 3
Alena and Ninel Karpovich, Belarusian twin sister musical duo, members of 3+2
Sam Morrow, Northern Irish footballer
March 7 – Cameron Prosser, Australian swimmer
March 8 – Ewa Sonnet, Polish model
March 9
Brent Burns, Canadian hockey player
Rachel Nabors, American cartoonist
March 10 – Lassana Diarra, French footballer
March 11
Paul Bissonnette, Canadian ice hockey player
Ajantha Mendis, Sri Lankan cricketer
Hakuhō Shō, 69th Yokozuna
March 12
Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Australian soccer player
Stromae, Belgian musical artist
March 13 – Emile Hirsch, American actor
March 14
Eva Angelina, American pornographic actress
March 15
Eva Amurri, American actress
Antti Autti, Finnish snowboarder
Curtis Davies, English football player
Kellan Lutz, American fashion model and actor
March 17 – Dominic Adams, British actor and model
March 18
Krisztián Berki, Hungarian artistic gymnast
Bianca King, Filipina actress and model
March 19 – E. J. Viso, Venezuelan race car driver
March 21
Ryan Callahan, American hockey player
Adrian Peterson, American football player
Sonequa Martin-Green, American actress
March 22
Mayola Biboko, Belgian footballer
Jakob Fuglsang, Danish cyclist
Mike Jenkins, American football player
Justin Masterson, American baseball player
Kelli Waite, Australian swimmer
March 23 – Maryana Spivak, Russian actress
March 24
Haruka Ayase, Japanese actress and model
Sayaka Hirano, Japanese table tennis player
Jeremy James Kissner, American actor
March 25 – Yūsuke Kobayashi, Japanese voice actor
March 26
Matt Grevers, American Olympic swimmer
Jonathan Groff, American actor, singer and dancer
Keira Knightley, English actress
Francesca Marie Smith, American actress, voice actress and writer
March 27
Blake McIver, American singer-songwriter, actor, model and pianist
Danny Vuković, Australian soccer player
Caroline Winberg, Swedish model
March 29 – William Chak, Hong Kong actor
March 31 – Jessica Szohr, American actress

Beth Tweddle

Jari-Matti Latvala

Leona Lewis

Olga Seryabkina

Rooney Mara

Luke Mitchell

Elena Temnikova

Gal Gadot
April 1
Danilo Caçador, Brazilian footballer (d. 2018)
Daniel Murphy, American baseball player
Beth Tweddle, British artistic gymnast
Josh Zuckerman, American actor
April 2
Barry Corr, Irish footballer
Thom Evans, Zimbabwean-Scottish rugby player
Stéphane Lambiel, Swiss figure skater
April 3
Leona Lewis, British pop musician
Jari-Matti Latvala, Finnish race car driver
April 4
Todrick Hall, American singer, songwriter, actor, director, choreographer and YouTuber
Lance Dos Ramos, Venezuelan actor, model and animator
Rudy Fernández, Spanish professional basketball player
Ricardo Vilar, Brazilian footballer
April 5
Kim Ji-hoo, South Korean model and actor (d. 2008)
Lastings Milledge, American baseball player
April 6
Clarke MacArthur, Canadian ice hockey player
Al Mukadam, Canadian actor, director, and producer
Frank Ongfiang, Cameroonian footballer
Sinqua Walls, American basketball player and actor
April 7
Ariela Massotti, Brazilian actress
KC Concepcion, Filipina actress and singer
April 8
Patrick Schliwa, German rugby player
Yemane Tsegay, Ethiopian runner
April 9
Tim Bendzko, German singer-songwriter
David Robertson, American baseball player
Tomohisa Yamashita, Japanese singer and actor
Brian Elliott, Canadian ice hockey goaltender
April 10
Christie Laing, Canadian actress
Dion Phaneuf, Canadian NHL hockey player
Wang Meng, Chinese short track skater
April 12
Brennan Boesch, American baseball player
Olga Seryabkina, Russian pop musician
Hitomi Yoshizawa, Japanese singer and actress
April 13 – Carmen Carrera, American model
April 16
Nate Diaz, American mixed martial artist
Benjamín Rojas, Argentine singer and actor
April 17
Rooney Mara, American film and television actress
Luke Mitchell, Australian actor and model
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, French tennis player
April 18
Łukasz Fabiański, Polish footballer
Elena Temnikova, Russian pop singer
April 19
Sabrina Jalees, Canadian comedian, dancer, actress, presenter, and writer
Zhang Xi, Chinese beach volleyball player
April 20 – Billy Magnussen, American actor
April 22
Kristin Fairlie, Canadian actress
Camille Lacourt, French swimmer
April 23
Taio Cruz, British hip-hop musician
Angel Locsin, Filipino actress
April 24
Courtnee Draper, American actress, singer and voice actress
Joséphine Jobert, French actress and singer
Kaori Nazuka, Japanese voice actress and singer
April 26
Nam Gyu-ri, Korean actress and pop singer
Jemima Kirke, English-American artist and actress
Bre Scullark, American fashion model and actress
April 28 – Brandon Baker, American actor
April 30 – Gal Gadot, Israeli actress and model

Lily Allen

Silvia Stroescu

Odette Annable

Zack Ryder

Derek Hough

Alison Carroll

Andrew Francis

Carey Mulligan
May 1 – Drew Sidora, American actress and singer
May 2
Lily Allen, British pop musician
Kyle Busch, American race car driver
Sarah Hughes, American figure skater
Alexander Galimov, Russian hockey player (d. 2011)
May 3 – Meagan Tandy, American actress and model
May 4
Fernandinho, Brazilian footballer
Bo McCalebb, American/Macedonian basketball player
May 5
Clark Duke, American actor
Shoko Nakagawa, Japanese actress, voice actress and singer
May 6
Chris Paul, American basketball player
Dent May, American pop musician
May 7
J Balvin, Colombian-born reggaeton singer
Andrew Carroll, American ice hockey player (d. 2018)
May 8 – Silvia Stroescu, Romanian artistic gymnast
May 9 – Chris Zylka, American actor and model
May 10
Odette Annable, American actress
David Miranda, Brazilian journalist and politician
May 11 – Jadyn Wong, Canadian actress
May 12 – Dániel Tőzsér, Hungarian footballer
May 13 – Iwan Rheon, Welsh actor, singer and musician
May 14
Lina Esco, American actress, producer and activist
Sally Martin, New Zealand actress
Zack Ryder, American professional wrestler
May 15
Derek Hough, American dancer, choreographer and musician, six-time winner of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars
Cristiane, Brazilian footballer
Tathagata Mukherjee, Indian actor
Tyrone Savage, Canadian voice actor and theatre, film and television actor
May 17
Christine Nesbitt, Canadian speed skater
Matt Ryan, American football player
May 18 – Oliver Sin, Hungarian painter
May 20 – Chris Froome, Kenyan-born British road racing cyclist
May 21
Mutya Buena, British urban singer and was member of Sugababes
Alison Carroll, British artistic gymnast, actress and model
May 22
Chrissie Chau, Hong Kong model
Marc-Antoine Pouliot, Canadian ice hockey player
May 23 – Kanyeria, Kenyan music producer
May 24 – John Vigilante, American ice hockey (d. 2018)
May 25
Luciana Abreu, Portuguese pop singer and actress
Lauren Frost, American actress and singer
Roman Reigns, American professional wrestler
May 26 – Ashley Vincent, English footballer
May 27
Chien-Ming Chiang, Taiwanese baseball player
Andrew Francis, Canadian voice actor and actor
May 28
Colbie Caillat, American musician
Carey Mulligan, British actress
Emily Wilson, American actress
May 29
Yukihiro Takiguchi, Japanese actor, singer, and model (d. 2019)
Blake Foster, American actor and martial artist
May 30
Sam Gifaldi, American actor
Turk McBride, American National Football League player
May 31
Zoraida Gómez, Mexican actress
Navene Koperweis, American progressive metal musician

Bar Refaeli

Sonam Kapoor

Dave Franco

Nadine Coyle

Alex Hirsch

Kris Allen

Lana Del Rey

Douglas Smith

Michael Phelps
June 1 – Ari Herstand, American singer-songwriter
June 2 – Miyuki Sawashiro, Japanese voice actress
June 4
Evan Lysacek, American figure skater
Lukas Podolski, German footballer
Ana Carolina Reston, Brazilian fashion model (d. 2006)
Bar Refaeli, Israeli model and occasional actress
June 6 – Abbie Cobb, American actress and author
June 7 – Marie Miyake, Japanese voice actress
June 9
Eusebio Henrique de Almeida, East Timorese footballer
Sonam Kapoor, Indian actress and model
Sebastian Telfair, American basketball player
June 10
Andy Schleck, Luxembuergian road cyclist
Rok Perko, Slovenian professional skier
Kaia Kanepi, Estonian tennis player
Celina Jade, American actress
Kristina Apgar, American actress
June 11 – Dmitry Koldun, Belarusian singer
June 12
Dave Franco, American television and film actor
Blake Ross, American software developer
June 13 – Danny Syvret, Canadian ice hockey player
June 15 – Nadine Coyle, Irish singer
June 17
Kateryna Handziuk, Ukrainian politician (d. 2018)
Andrea Demirović, Montenegrin pop singer
Marcos Baghdatis, Cypriot tennis player
June 18 – Alex Hirsch, American animator and voice actor
June 19 – Ai Miyazato, Japanese golfer
June 20
Mark Saul, American actor
Matt Flynn, American football player
Darko Miličić, Serbian basketball player
June 21
Kris Allen, 8th American Idol winner, rock musician
Sharna Burgess, Australian ballroom dancer
Lana Del Rey, American pop musician
June 22
Aaron Lim, Malaysian racing driver
Douglas Smith, American actor
Lindsay Ridgeway, American actress
Rosa Kato, Japanese actress and model
June 23
Marcel Reece, American football player
Kavka Shishido, Japanese drummer and vocalist
June 24
Tom Kennedy, English footballer
Aste, Finnish rapper
Justin Hires, American actor and stand-up comedian
Krunoslav Simon, Croatian basketball player
June 25
Ehra Madrigal, Filipino actress
Mohd Fitri Omar, Malaysian footballer
Scott Brown, Scottish footballer
Maria Kristin Yulianti, Indonesian badminton player
Annaleigh Ashford, American actress, singer and dancer
Ethan Klein, American YouTuber
June 26
Arjun Kapoor, Indian actor
Bobo Sollander, Swedish footballer
Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader
Cameron Tovey, Malaysian-Australian basketball player
June 27
Martin Sensmeier, Alaska Native actor
James Hook, Welsh rugby union player
Svetlana Kuznetsova, Russian tennis player
Nico Rosberg, German 2016 Formula 1 world champion
June 28
Phil Bardsley, English footballer
Ahmed Kantari, Moroccan footballer
June 29 – Steven Hauschka, American football player
June 30
Michael Phelps, American swimmer
Hugh Sheridan, Australian actor, musician and television presenter
Lasarus Ratuere, Australian actor
Cody Rhodes, American professional wrestler

Ashley Tisdale

Guillermo Ochoa

Chace Crawford

James Lafferty

Shantel VanSanten

Lou Taylor Pucci

Dustin Milligan

Aml Ameen
July 1
Nineteen85, Canadian hip-hop producer
Spose, American hip-hop musician
Sebalter, Swiss pop musician and fiddle player
Léa Seydoux, French actress
Ocean Mushure, Zimbabwean footballer
Zohre Esmaeli, Afghan-born fashion model
July 2
Gábor Máthé, Hungarian Deaflympic Champion in tennis
Ashley Tisdale, American actress, singer and producer
Vlatko Ilievski, Macedonian singer and actor (d. 2018)
July 3
Dean Cook, British actor
Keisuke Minami, Japanese singer and actor
July 4
Mariana Rios, Brazilian actress and singer
Pei Yuwen, Chinese footballer
Lartiste, Moroccan-French singer and rapper
July 5
Judith Chemla, French actress
Stephanie McIntosh, Australian actress
Nick O’Malley, British musician
François Arnaud, French-Canadian actor
July 6
Matt Overton, American football player
Killian Scott, Irish actor
Ranveer Singh, Bollywood actor
D. Woods, American pop musician
July 7
Pong Escobal, Filipino basketball player
Langton Rusere, Zimbabwean cricket umpire
Zulkifli Che Ros, Malaysian male weightlifter
Seo Woo, Korean actress
July 8
Emanuele Abate, Italian athlete
Jason Day, Peruvian actor
July 9
Paweł Korzeniowski, Polish swimmer
Cathy Leung, Hong Kong singer
Ashley Young, English footballer
July 10
Mario Gómez, German footballer
Tidiane Sane, Senegalese footballer
Bastian Schulz, German footballer
Park Chu-young South Korean footballer
July 11
David Narváez and Sergio Narváez, Spanish footballers
Tobias Jesso Jr., Canadian musician
Lilian Marijnissen, Dutch politician
Ele Opeloge, Samoan weightlifter
Robert Adamson, American actor
July 12
Jasper Brinkley, American football player
Casper Brinkley, American football player
Adam Gregory, Canadian singer
Emil Hegle Svendsen, Norwegian biathlete
Luiz Ejlli, Albanian singer
Natasha Poly, Russian model
July 13
Charlotte Dujardin, English dressage rider
Guillermo Ochoa, Mexican footballer
Andrew Wolff, Filipino-British Rugby Player
July 14
Oleksandr Pyatnytsya, Ukrainian javelin thrower
Lee Kwang-soo, South Korean actor, entertainer and model
July 15
Pedro Carvalho, Portuguese actor
Agniya Kuznetsova, Russian actress
Chris Tiu, Filipino professional basketball player, TV host, commercial model, and politician
Crowd Lu, Taiwanese singer-songwriter and actor
Tomer Kapon, Israeli actor
July 16
Cha Ye-ryun, South Korean actress
Denis Tahirović, Croatian footballer
Yōko Hikasa, Japanese actress
Hiroyuki Onoue, Japanese actor
July 17
Tom Fletcher, British musician
Tom Cullen, Welsh actor, writer and director
Caitlin Van Zandt, American actress
July 18
José Carlos Júnior, Brazilian footballer
Hopsin, American rapper and record producer
James Norton, British actor
Chace Crawford, American actor
July 19 – LaMarcus Aldridge, American basketball player
July 20 – John Francis Daley, American television and film actor
July 21 – Guillaume Bastille, Canadian short track speed skater
July 22
Jessica Abbott, Australian swimmer
Blake Harrison, English actor
Ryan Dolan, Irish singer
Takudzwa Ngwenya, Zimbabwean-American rugby player
Akira Tozawa, Japanese wrestler
July 23
William Dunlop, Northern Irish motorcycle racer (d. 2018)
Scott Chandler, American football player
July 24 – Teagan Presley, American porn star
July 25
James Lafferty, American actor and athlete
Shantel VanSanten, American actress and model
Nelson Piquet Jr., Brazilian Formula One and NASCAR driver
July 27
Aljin Abella, Australian actor
Lou Taylor Pucci, American actor
July 28
Dustin Milligan, Canadian actor
Darren Murphy, Irish footballer
July 30
Aml Ameen, British actor
Elena Gheorghe, Romanian singer

Anna Kendrick

Filipe Luís

Emily Kinney

Nipsey Hussle

Laura Haddock

Éva Risztov

Mohammad bin Salman
August 2 – Davey Boy Smith Jr., British-Canadian professional wrestler
August 3 – Sonny Bill Williams, New Zealand Rugby League player
August 4 – Crystal Bowersox, American singer-songwriter
August 5 – Salomon Kalou, Ivorian footballer
August 7 – Rick Genest, Canadian artist, actor, and fashion model (d. 2018)
August 8 – Toby Flood, English rugby union player
August 9
Anna Kendrick, American actress
Hayley Peirsol, American swimmer
Filipe Luís, Brazilian footballer
August 10 – Jared Nathan, American actor (d. 2006)
August 11
Asher Roth, American rapper
Jacqueline Fernandez, Sri Lankan-born Indian Bollywood actress
August 12 – África Zavala, Mexican actress
August 14
Ashlynn Brooke, American pornographic actress
Shea Weber, Canadian ice hockey player
August 15
Emily Kinney, American actress, singer, and songwriter
Nipsey Hussle, American rapper (d. 2019)
August 16
Agnes Bruckner, American actress
Arden Cho, American actress, singer and model
Cristin Milioti, American actress and singer
August 19 – David A. Gregory, American actor
August 20 – Brant Daugherty, American actor
August 21
Melissa M, French singer
Jake Pitts, American singer-songwriter (Black Veil Brides)
Laura Haddock, English actress
August 23 – Juss Haasma, Estonian actor
August 25
Andien, Indonesian jazz singer
Wynter Gordon, American pop/dance singer-songwriter
August 27
Alexandra Nechita, American artist
Kayla Ewell, American actress
Sean Foreman, American singer, songwriter and performer; member of electro hop group 3OH!3
August 28 – Ashlyne Huff, American singer-songwriter and dancer
August 29 – Jeffrey Licon, American actor
August 30
Eamon Sullivan, Australian swimmer
Leisel Jones, Australian swimmer
Richard Duffy, Wales international footballer
Éva Risztov, Hungarian Olympic Champion swimmer
August 31 – Mohammad bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Luka Modrić

Max Minghella

Alexander Ovechkin

Tatiana Maslany

Calvin Johnson

September 1
Lilan Bowden, American actress
Camile Velasco, Filipina-American actress
September 2
Allison Miller, American actress
Yani Gellman, Canadian/Australian film and television actor
September 3 – Yūki Kaji, Japanese voice actor
September 4
Morgan Garrett, American voice actress
Raúl Albiol, Spanish footballer
Ri Kwang-chon, North Korean footballer
Walid Mesloub, Algerian footballer
September 5 – Dilshad Vadsaria, American television actress
Oleksandr Akymenko, Ukrainian football striker
Jan Mazoch, Czech former ski jumper.
Dario Jertec, Croatian football midfielder
Weronika Deresz, Polish rower
September 6
Lauren Lapkus, American actress and comedian
Mitch Moreland, American baseball player
September 7
Radhika Apte, Indian film and theatre actress
Alyssa Diaz, American actress
Alyona Lanskaya, Belarusian singer
Rafinha, Brazilian football player
September 8
Justin Bradley, Canadian actor
Vanessa Baden, American actress
Denny Morrison, Canadian speed skater
September 9
Amy Manson, British actress
Luka Modrić, Croatian football player
J. R. Smith, American basketball player
Robert Sanford, Philanthropist
September 10 – Elyse Levesque, Canadian film and television actress
September 13 – Emi Suzuki, Chinese-born Japanese female model
September 14
Aya Ueto, Japanese actress
Dilshad Vadsaria, American television actress
September 15
Kayden Kross, American porn actress
Iselin Steiro, Norwegian model
September 16
Madeline Zima, American actress
Max Minghella, English actor
Danny Fernandes, Canadian singer
September 17
Alexander Ovechkin, Russian hockey player
Jon Walker, American musician
September 19 – Song Joong-ki, South Korean actor, model and host
September 22 – Tatiana Maslany, Canadian actress
September 23
Tessanne Chin, Jamaican singer, winner of The Voice season 5
Maki Goto, Japanese singer and actress
Joba Chamberlain, American baseball player
September 24
Eric Adjetey Anang, Ghanaian sculptor
Kimberley Nixon, Welsh actress
Jessica Lucas, Canadian actress
September 26
Talulah Riley, English actress
Marcin Mroziński, Polish actor, singer and television presenter
September 28 – Shindong, Korean singer
September 29
Calvin Johnson, retired American football player and contestant on Dancing with the Stars season 23
Michelle Payne, Australian jockey
Dani Pedrosa, Spanish motorcycle racer
September 30 – T-Pain, American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer and actor

Bruno Mars

Michelle Trachtenberg

Wayne Rooney

Troian Bellisario

Janet Montgomery

Kether Donohue

Anthony Fantano
October 1
Sicily, American actress
Tirunesh Dibaba, Ethiopian long distance runner
Porcelain Black, American industrial pop singer-songwriter
Matt Healy, lead singer and guitarist of the band Rock Incorporated
October 3
Courtney Lee, American basketball player
Megumi Takamoto, Japanese voice actress and singer
October 5
Nathalie Kelley, Peruvian actress
Nicola Roberts, British singer
Brooke Valentine, American singer
October 7 – Evan Longoria, American professional baseball player
October 8
Jesse MacDonald, Leader of new-wave band "The Fruit Patrol", Lazy Rights Activist
Bruno Mars, American singer-songwriter and music producer
Kimberly Kevon Williams, American actress
Magda Apanowicz, Canadian actress
October 9 – Frankmusik, English electropop musician
October 10
Marina Diamandis, Welsh singer-songwriter
Kyle Switzer, Canadian actor
Dominique Cornu, Belgian professional cyclist
Aaron Himelstein, American actor
October 11
Lee Min-hye, South Korean racing cyclist (d. 2018)
Margaret Berger, Norwegian electropop singer-songwriter
Michelle Trachtenberg, American actress
October 14
Daniel Clark, American-Canadian actor
Justin Forsett, American football player
Sherlyn, Mexican actress
October 16 – Casey Stoner, Australian motorcycle racer
October 18 – Iori Nomizu, Japanese voice actress, actress and singer
October 19 – RR Enriquez, Filipino model, television host and actress
October 20 – Jennifer Freeman, American actress
October 22
Manpei Takagi, Japanese actor
Shinpei Takagi, Japanese actor
October 23
Chris Neal, English footballer
Masiela Lusha, Albanian-American actress, poet, and humanitarian
October 24 – Wayne Rooney, English footballer
October 25
Ciara, African-American singer
Christopher Sean, American actor
John Robinson, American actor
October 26
Andrea Bargnani, Italian professional basketball player
Asin Thottumkal, Indian actress
October 27
Briana Lane, American actress and musician
Troian Bellisario, American actress
October 28 – Anthony Fantano, American music critic
October 29 – Ximena Sariñana, Mexican singer and actress
October 29 – Janet Montgomery, English film and television actress
October 31 – Kether Donohue, American actress and singer

Lily Aldridge

Dan Byrd

Carly Rae Jepsen

Alison Pill

Kaley Cuoco

Chrissy Teigen
November 2 – Josh Grelle, American voice actor
November 3
Tyler Hansbrough, American basketball player
Philipp Tschauner, German footballer
November 4 – Victoria Leigh Soto, American educator (d. 2012)
November 5 – Elizabeth Rice, American actress
November 6 – Shayne Lamas, American reality television personality and actress
November 7 – Paul Terry, English actor
November 8 – Jack Osbourne, English television personality
November 10
Giovonnie Samuels, American actress
Ricki-Lee Coulter, former Australian Idol contestant and singer
November 11
Remona Fransen, Dutch athlete
Raquel Guerra, Portuguese singer and actress
Kalan Porter, Canadian singer
Robin Uthappa, Indian cricketer
November 12 – Daria Bijak, German artistic gymnast
November 13
Rahul Kohli, English actor
Michael Bennett, American football player
Asdrúbal Cabrera, Venezuelan baseball player
Simo-Pekka Olli, Finnish volleyball player
November 14 – Thomas Vermaelen, Belgian footballer
November 15
Lily Aldridge, American model
Casnel Bushay, Vincentian sprinter
Nick Fradiani, American singer
Jeffree Star, American musician and YouTuber
November 17 – Bea Saw, Filipino actress
November 20 – Dan Byrd, American actor
November 21 – Carly Rae Jepsen, Canadian singer-songwriter
November 22 – Asamoah Gyan, Ghanaian football player
November 23
Katie Crown, American actress
Ahn Hyun-Soo, South Korean short track skater
November 25 – Marcus Hellner, Swedish cross-country skier
November 27 – Alison Pill, Canadian actress
November 28
Nathan Keyes, American actor
Magdolna Rúzsa, Hungarian singer
Ryan Sampson, British actor
November 30
Luis Valbuena, Venezuelan baseball player (d. 2018)
Kaley Cuoco, American actress and producer
Chrissy Teigen, American model

Amanda Seyfried

Stephen Dawson

Frankie Muniz

Dulce María

Dwight Howard

December 1
John Coughlin, American pair skater (d. 2019)
Philip DeFranco, American YouTube star and video blogger
Janelle Monáe, African-American R&B/soul musician
Chanel Preston, American porn actress
December 2 – Amaury Leveaux, French swimmer
December 3
László Cseh, Hungarian swimmer
Amanda Seyfried, American actress, model and singer-songwriter
December 4
Stephen Dawson, Irish footballer
Krista Siegfrids, Finnish singer
December 5 – Frankie Muniz, American actor, musician, writer, producer, and racecar driver
December 6 – Dulce María, Mexican singer and actress
December 7 – Jon Moxley, American professional wrestler
December 8 – Dwight Howard, American basketball player
December 9 – Wil Besseling, Dutch golfer
December 10
Edmund Entin, American actor
Gary Entin, American actor
Meghan Linsey, American singer-songwriter
Matt Forté, American football player
Raven-Symoné, African-American actress, singer, songwriter, executive producer, and director
December 11 – Samantha Steele, American sportscaster
December 12 – Juan Camilo Zúñiga, Colombian footballer
December 14 – Nonami Takizawa, Japanese actress
December 16 – Amanda Setton, American actress
December 17 – Greg James, British radio DJ
December 18 – Hana Soukupová, Czech model
December 19
Christina Loukas, American diver
Lady Sovereign, British rapper
David Reale, Canadian actor
Gary Cahill, English footballer
December 21
James Stewart Jr., American motorcycle racer
Tom Sturridge, English actor
December 22 – Edurne, Spanish singer, actress, and TV presenter
December 23
Harry Judd, English drummer
Luke O’Loughlin, Australian actor
December 26
Yu Shirota, Japanese actor and singer
Beth Behrs, American actress
December 27
Paul Stastny, Canadian-American professional ice hockey player
Jessica Harmon, Canadian actress
Halley Gross, American screenwriter
December 28 – Taryn Terrell, American professional wrestler
December 29 – Alexa Ray Joel, American singer, songwriter and pianist
December 30 – Anna Wood, American actress
December 31 – Jonathan Horton, American gymnast
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Mikhail Gromov

William McKell
January 2 – Gabriel Elorde, Filipino professional boxer (b. 1935)
January 4 – Sir Brian Horrocks, British general (b. 1895)
January 5 – Robert L. Surtees, American cinematographer (b. 1906)
January 7
Ruth Godfrey, American actress (b. 1922)
Mary Hardy, Australian actress and comedian (b. 1931)
January 11 – Sir William McKell, 12th Governor-General of Australia (b. 1891)
January 13 – Carol Wayne, American actress (b. 1942)
January 14
Jetta Goudal, Dutch actress (b. 1891)
Anagarika Govinda, German buddhist lama (b. 1898)
January 18 – Mahmoud Mohammed Taha, Sudanese religious thinker (b. 1909)
January 19 – Eric Voegelin, German-American philosopher (b. 1901)
January 20 – Gillis W. Long, American politician (b. 1923)
January 22
Sir Arthur Bryant, British historian (b. 1899)
Mikhail Gromov, Soviet aviator (b. 1899)
January 26 – Kenny Clarke, American jazz drummer and bandleader (b. 1914)
January 29
Georges Portmann, French physician (b. 1890)
Billy Cook, Australian jockey (b. 1910)
January 31 – Tatsuzō Ishikawa, Japanese novelist (b. 1905)

Clarence Nash

Efrem Zimbalist
February 4 – Jesse Hibbs, American film director (b. 1906)
February 6 – Neil McCarthy, English actor (b. 1932)
February 8
William Lyons, British automobile engineer and designer (b. 1901)
Marvin Miller, American actor (b. 1913)
February 11 – Henry Hathaway, American film director (b. 1898)
February 12 – Nicholas Colasanto, American actor (b. 1924)
February 18 – Randolph E. Haugan, American author, editor and publisher (b. 1902)
February 20 – Clarence Nash, American actor (b. 1904)
February 21
Ina Claire, American actress (b. 1893)
Louis Hayward, British actor (b. 1909)
John G. Trump, American electrical engineer, inventor, and physicist (b. 1907)
February 22
Efrem Zimbalist, Russian-American violinist (b. 1889)
Alexander Scourby, American film, television, and voice actor (b. 1913)
February 26 – Tjalling Koopmans, Dutch economist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1910)
February 27
Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., American politician (b. 1902)
Iain Moncreiffe, Scottish genealogist and Officer of Arms (b. 1919)
J. Pat O’Malley, English actor (b. 1904)

Konstantin Chernenko

Sir Michael Redgrave

Marc Chagall

Gerhard Stock
March 3 – Iosif Shklovsky, Soviet astronomer and astrophysicist (b. 1916)
March 7 – George Schick, Czechoslovakian conductor and music educator (b. 1908)
March 8 – Edward Andrews, American stage, film and television actor (b. 1914)
March 10
Konstantin Chernenko, Soviet politician, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (b. 1911)
Bob Nieman, American baseball player (b. 1927)
March 11
Tom Adams, Barbadosian politician, 2nd Prime Minister of Barbados (b. 1931)
Nazem Akkari, Lebanese politician, 19th Prime Minister of Lebanon (b. 1902)
March 12 – Eugene Ormandy, Hungarian-American conductor (b. 1899)
March 13 – Mabel Alvarez, American painter (b. 1891)
March 15 – Radha Krishna Choudhary, Indian historian (b. 1921)
March 16 – Roger Sessions, American composer (b. 1896)
March 21 – Sir Michael Redgrave, British actor (b. 1908)
March 23
Doctor Richard Beeching, Chairman of British Rail (b. 1913)
Zoot Sims, American jazz saxophonist (b. 1925)
March 28 – Marc Chagall, Russian-born painter (b. 1887)
March 29
The Singing Nun, Belgian nun and singer (b. 1933)
Gerhard Stock, German Olympic athlete (b. 1911)
March 30 – Shizuko Kasagi, Japanese singer (b. 1914)
March 31
Michel Georges-Michel, French painter, journalist, novelist (b. 1883)
Richard McKeon, American philosopher (b. 1900)

Enver Hoxha

Tancredo Neves
April 4 – Kate Roberts, Welsh-language author (b. 1891)
April 5 – Paul Hugh Emmett, American chemical engineer (b. 1900)
April 6 – Terence Sanders, British Olympic rower – coxless fours (b. 1901)
April 7 – Carl Schmitt, German jurist, political theorist and professor of law (b. 1888)
April 8 – J. Fred Coots, American songwriter (b. 1897)
April 10 – Alfredo Duhalde, Chilean statesman (b. 1898)
April 11 – Enver Hoxha, Albanian Communist politician, leader of the Party of Labour 22nd Prime Minister of Albania (b. 1908)
April 14 – Noele Gordon, British actress (b. 1919)
April 15 – Jack Medica, American Olympic swimmer (b. 1914)
April 16 – Scott Brady, American actor (b. 1924)
April 17 – Evadne Price, Australian-British writer, actress and astrologer (b. 1888)
April 18 – Gertrude Caton–Thompson, English archaeologist (b. 1888)
April 19 – Sergei Aleksandrovich Tokarev, Russian ethnologist (b. 1899)
April 21
John Welsh, Irish actor (b. 1914)
Tancredo Neves, Brazilian elected president and former Prime Minister (b. 1910)
April 22 – Paul H. Emmett, American chemical engineer (b. 1900)
April 23 – Kent Smith, American actor (b. 1907)
April 24 – Mildred W. Pelzer, American artist (b. 1889)
April 25 – Richard Haydn, English actor (b. 1905)
April 26 – Albert Maltz, American screenwriter, one of the Hollywood Ten (b. 1908)

Tahar Ben Ammar

Margaret Hamilton
May 1 – Denise Robins, (akas: Francesca Wright, Ashley French, Harriet Gray, Julia Kane) British romance novelist (b. 1897)
May 4 – Clarence Wiseman, the 10th General of The Salvation Army (b. 1907)
May 5 – Sir Donald Bailey, British civil engineer (b. 1901)
May 6
Pete Desjardins, American Olympic diver (b. 1907)
Julie Vega, Filipino child actress and singer (b. 1968)
May 7 – Dawn Addams, British actress (b. 1930)
May 8
Theodore Sturgeon, American writer (b. 1918)
Dolph Sweet, American actor (b. 1920)
May 9 – Edmond O’Brien, American actor (b. 1915)
May 10
Tahar Ben Ammar, Tunisian politician, 8th Prime Minister of Tunisia (b. 1889)
Florizel von Reuter, American violinist and composer (b. 1890)
May 12 – Jean Dubuffet, French artist (b. 1901)
May 13
Selma Diamond, American actress (b. 1920)
Leatrice Joy, American actress (b. 1893)
May 15 – Rama Devi, Indian nationalist leader (b. 1889)
May 16
Margaret Hamilton, American actress (b. 1902)
Shirley Ximena Hopper Russell, American artist (b. 1886)
May 17 – Andrej Bicenko, Russian fresco painter (b. 1886)
May 18 – Penn Nouth, Cambodian politician, 7-time Prime Minister of Cambodia (b. 1906)
May 19 – W. H. Diddle, American amateur golfer (b. 1882)
May 20 – Ben Hall, American actor (b. 1899)
May 22
Charles Murphy, American architect. (b. 1890)
Wolfgang Reitherman, German animator, director and producer (b. 1909)
May 28 – Roy Plomley, English radio broadcaster, producer, playwright and novelist (b. 1914)
May 30 – George K. Arthur, English actor and producer (b. 1899)

Tage Erlander

Haruo Remeliik
June 1 – Eugène Séguy, French entomologist (b. 1890)
June 5 – Lord George-Brown, British politician (b. 1914)
June 6
Norman W. Walker, British businessman (b. 1886)
Vladimir Jankélévitch, French philosopher and musicologist (b. 1903)
June 7
Georgia Hale, American actress (b. 1905)
Gordon Rollings, British actor (b. 1926)
June 9
Clifford Evans, British actor (b. 1912)
Matsutarō Kawaguchi, Japanese novelist (b. 1899)
June 10 – George Chandler, American actor (b. 1898)
June 11 – Karen Ann Quinlan, American right-to-die cause célèbre (b. 1954)
June 12
Czesław Marek, Polish composer and pianist (b. 1891)
Helmuth Plessner, German philosopher and sociologist (b. 1892)
June 15
Percy Fender, English cricketer (b. 1892)
Andy Stanfield, American Olympic athlete (b. 1927)
June 17
George Jackson, English footballer (b. 1893)
John Boulting, English filmmaker (b. 1913)
Either June 18 or June 19 – Bonnie Nettles, American religious leader (b. 1927)
June 21 – Tage Erlander, Swedish politician, 25th Prime Minister of Sweden (b. 1901)
June 27 – Elias Sarkis, Lebanese lawyer, 27th President of Lebanon (b. 1924)
June 28 – James Craig, American actor (b. 1912)
June 30 – Haruo Remeliik, Palauan politician, 1st President of Palau (b. 1933)

Jan de Quay

Simon Kuznets

Heinrich Böll
July 1 – Pauli Murray, American civil rights activist, lawyer, author and priest (b. 1910)
July 2
David Purley, British race car driver (b. 1945)
Hector Nicol, Scottish entertainer (b. 1920)
July 3 – Erik Ågren, Swedish boxer (b. 1916)
July 4 – Jan de Quay, Dutch politician and psychologist, 31st Prime Minister of the Netherlands (b. 1901)
July 8
Phil Foster, American actor (b. 1913)
Simon Kuznets, American economist (b. 1901)
July 9
Jimmy Kinnon, Scottish founder of Narcotics Anonymous (b. 1911)
Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (b. 1896)
July 14 – Lluís Solé, Spanish geographer and academic (b. 1908)
July 16 – Heinrich Böll, German writer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1917)
July 17 – Margo, Mexican-born American actress (b. 1917)
July 19
Janusz Zajdel, Polish writer (b. 1938)
Louisa Ghijs, Belgian stage actress and wife of Johannes Heesters (b. 1902)
July 21 – Alvah Cecil Bessie, American screenwriter, one of the Hollywood Ten (b. 1904)
July 22 – Matti Järvinen, Finnish Olympic athlete (b. 1909)
July 23
Kay Kyser, American bandleader (b. 1905)
Mickey Shaughnessy, American actor (b. 1920)
July 25 – Grant Williams, American actor (b. 1931)
July 26 – Grace Albee, American printmaker and wood engraver. (b. 1890)
July 27 – John Scarne, American magician and card expert (b. 1903)

Forbes Burnham

Kyu Sakamoto

Manfred Winkelhock

Samantha Smith

Macfarlane Burnet
August 1 – D. H. Turner, British art historian and museum curator (b. 1931)
August 2 – Frank Faylen, American actor (b. 1905)
August 5 – Arnold Horween, Harvard Crimson and NFL football player (b. 1898)
August 6
Forbes Burnham, Guyanese political leader, 1st Prime Minister of Guyana and 2nd President of Guyana (b. 1923)
John Harmon, American actor (b. 1905)
August 8 – Louise Brooks, American actress (b. 1906)
August 10 – Kenny Baker, American actor and singer (b. 1912)
August 12
Kyu Sakamoto, Japanese singer (b. 1941)
Manfred Winkelhock, German race car driver (b. 1951)
August 14 – Gale Sondergaard, American actress (b. 1899)
August 15 – Lester Cole, American screenwriter, one of the Hollywood Ten (b. 1904)
August 20 – Donald O. Hebb, Canadian neuropsychologist (b. 1904)
August 22 – Paul Peter Ewald, German-born American crystallographer and physicist (b. 1888)
August 24 – Morrie Ryskind, American dramatist (b. 1895)
August 25
Paul Harris, American actor (b. 1917)
Samantha Smith, American schoolgirl activist (b. 1972)
August 28
Ruth Gordon, American actress, screenwriter, and playwright (b. 1896)
Miguel Otero Silva, Venezuelan writer (b. 1908)
August 29
Evelyn Ankers, British actress (b. 1918)
Patrick Barr, British actor (b. 1908)
August 30 – Taylor Caldwell, Anglo-American writer (b. 1900)
August 31 – Macfarlane Burnet, Australian biologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1899)

Rodney Robert Porter

Paul Flory

Italo Calvino

Charles Francis Richter
September 1 – Stefan Bellof, race car driver and 1984 World SportsCars (Group C) Champion (b. 1957)
September 4
Isabel Jeans, British actress (b. 1891)
George O’Brien, American actor (b. 1899)
September 6
Little Brother Montgomery, American musician (b. 1906)
Rodney Robert Porter, English biochemist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1917)
September 7
Bruiser Kinard, American football player (Brooklyn Dodgers) and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame (b. 1914)
José Zabala-Santos, Filipino cartoonist (b. 1911)
George Pólya, Hungarian mathematician (b. 1887)
September 8 – John Franklin Enders, American scientist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1897)
September 9 – Paul Flory, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1910)
September 10
Ernst Öpik, Estonian astronomer and astrophysicist (b. 1893)
Jock Stein, Scottish football player and manager (b. 1922)
September 11
William Alwyn, English composer (b. 1905)
Henrietta Barnett, British Women’s Royal Air Force officer (b. 1905)
Masako Natsume, Japanese actress (b. 1957)
September 13 – Augusto Rademaker, Brazilian admiral and former military junta member (b. 1905)
September 14
Julian Beck, American actor (b. 1925)
John Holt, American writer and educator (b. 1923)
September 17 – Laura Ashley, Welsh designer (b. 1925)
September 19 – Italo Calvino, Italian writer (b. 1923)
September 22 – Axel Springer, German journalist and the founder and owner of the Axel Springer AG (b. 1912)
September 27 – Lloyd Nolan, American actor (b. 1902)
September 30
Floyd Crosby, American cinematographer (b. 1899)
Charles Francis Richter, American seismologist and physicist, creator of the Richter magnitude scale (b. 1900)
Simone Signoret, French actress (b. 1921)

Rock Hudson

Yul Brynner

Orson Welles

László Bíró

John Davis Lodge
October 1 – E. B. White, American writer (b. 1899)
October 2
Rock Hudson, American actor (b. 1925)
George Savalas, American actor (b. 1924)
October 4 – Franklin Merrell-Wolff, American philosopher (b. 1887)
October 5 – Abdus Sattar, Bangladeshi statesman, 8th President of Bangladesh (b. 1906)
October 6
John W. Snyder, American businessman and Cabinet Secretary (b. 1895)
Nelson Riddle, American bandleader (b. 1921)
October 9 – Emílio Garrastazu Médici, Brazilian general and statesman, 28th President of Brazil (b. 1905)
October 10
Alexander Buchanan, Australian politician (b. 1910)
Yul Brynner, Russian-American actor and performer (b. 1920)
Orson Welles, American actor and director (b. 1915)
October 12
Johnny Olson, American game show announcer (b. 1910)
Ricky Wilson, American guitarist (b. 1953)
October 13 – Francesca Bertini, Italian actress (b. 1892)
October 14 – Emil Gilels, Soviet pianist (b. 1916)
October 17 – Abdelmunim Al-Rifai, Prime Minister of Jordan (b. 1917)
October 21

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