2010 BIKETOBERFEST – With SS Trike

2010 BIKETOBERFEST – With SS Trike

Biketoberfest was started in 1992 as a way to build on the popularity of Daytona Beach Bike Week, a 10-day event held in March. It’s come a long way with crowds around the 100,000 range. It was a good time, with many people looking for a way to forget about their troubles and get away for a few days.
If you watch long enough, you’ll see some standouts like the Dragon Cycle Guy, the Dog with Goggles in the Sidecar Guy, the Pumpkin-Colored Bike With Coffin-Shaped Sidecar Guy, the touring bike with the high-decibel coffin trailer, the leather chaps and thong girl stretched out on a big-inch chopper… Ahh, makes you proud to be an American.
The police attended their own rally called Baitoberfest. They deployed a series of bait motorcycles in high-theft areas, hoping to deter would-be thieves or catch real ones in the act. The hot spot they were targeting was on Main Street.

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