200130815_Nation Salute Ride by Royal Mavericks#001

200130815_Nation Salute Ride by Royal Mavericks#001

15 August 2013
To mark the 66th Independence Day, Nation Salute Ride was organised by Royal Mavericks- Royal Enfield Bikers Group New Delhi. The ride, which kick-started with the National Anthem, saw 47 Royal Enfield riders ride on the streets of the city with the national flag.

From Sukhdev Vihar to HIGHWAY GREENS, a dhaba on National Highway 2 (Agra Highway), the passionate riders celebrated the true spirit of the day in their own way. The ride culminated with a breakfast of Haryanvi parathas and kadak chai. After the flag hoisting, riders sang the National Anthem and rode back to Delhi, spreading the message of peace and harmony en-route.

For more pictures of the ride: Slideshow

Photo: / Zabeeh Afaque

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