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The Power Of Drink Compels You! Police Exorcise Drunk Man in Brazil

The power of drink compels you! Police perform exorcism on drunk man.

Too many holy spirits? Policeman performs EXORCISM on ‘drunk’ reveller before arresting him in Brazil

It may sometimes be referred to as the devil’s brew – but it seems this police officer has taken the term a little too literally.
Amazing footage has captured the moment a police officer in Brazil performed an astonishing exorcism on a ‘drunk’ and abusive party-goer before arresting him.
Police were called to the scene in Goianira, central Brazil, after the reveller, Rodrigo Betti, 28, began hurling insults at passers-by.
When they arrived, Lieutenant Ricardo Mendes, 36, approached Betti and grabbed him by the head while muttering in Latin.

The religious police officer eventually began to shout: ‘Unleash his body, Jesus. Out in the name of Jesus.’
Onlooker Paulo Cortez, 25, who captured the extraordinary incident on his camera phone, told local media: ‘The drunk began speaking in a weird way, his voice was very low, and he looked very strange.
‘The policeman then shouted “Unleash his body, Jesus. Out in the name of Jesus”.

‘I suddenly realised he was doing an exorcism on the man. It was incredible.’
As the man sank to his knees growling, Mendes continued holding his head and calling for the devil to get out.
Cortez said: ‘At one point the man fell to the ground writhing and shouting. It really looked as if he was possessed. But the policeman was doing a great job.

‘Someone behind me then said he was going to get a priest.’
A police spokesman who verified the authenticity of the video said: ‘When the priest arrived the situation was under control and the man had been fully exorcised.
‘The officer acted properly in the situation and did not abuse his authority. He believes in God and regularly goes to church.’
Betti was arrested and released the following day.
He reportedly thanked the police officer saying: ‘I can’t remember a thing about last night, I must have been possessed by something.’

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