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Vincent HRD

1948 Vincent Black Shadow Motorcycle – Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4

1948 Vincent Black Shadow Motorcycle - Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4

1948 Vincent Black Shadow Motorcycle
Petersen Automotive Museum
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

I think this is one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever made.   It has a 998 cc (60.9 cu in) 50 degree 7.3:1 OHV 55 bhp engine that is a stressed frame member.   Fewer than 1700 hand assembled Black Shadows were manuafactured.

camera: Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4
lens: 4.5-18.0mm f/2.0-4.9
mode: Program
color balance: VIVID
filter: built-in UV
strobe: none
support: hand held
software: ACDSee Pro 10 (64 bit)

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1948, Vincent HRD,……

1948, Vincent HRD,......

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Vincent HRD Australian National Rally 2014

A selection of footage videoed at the Australian National Rally for the Vincent HRD Clubs of Australia, held in Marysville, Victoria in March 2014. Footage was taken from my hand held high definition Sony as although we had cameras on both the front & rear of the bike I prefer the quality and sound from the Sony.

Rides were to Lake Eildon & Lake Mountain from Marysville which was one of the towns of Victoria badly burned during the 2005 bushfires. The ride up to lake Mountain shows the new growth on a scarred mountain side and it was quite an emotional ride knowing that so many had not only lost their homes but many their lives during those horrible days.

An absolutely beautiful part of Victoria and well worth the visit to see how Marysville is coming back to life. The Steavenson Waterfall has a lovely walk back to town and it is lovely lit up at night.


The Great Ocean Rd, Australia, on a 1948 Vincent HRD Series “B” Rapide

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, has excellent views of the rugged coastline as you travel along it so we wanted to do the section between Lorne …


Vincent HRD Logo

Vincent HRD Logo printed on chocolate coloured t-shirt.

Makers of the fastest bikes back in the day – 1928 to 1955.

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1990 Australian National Vincent Rally

The 1990 Australian National Vincent HRD Owners Club Rally that includes rare footage of Phil Irving – never before seen. Wonderful material for any Vincent HRD fan. Yes, at times the sound is poor but the content is priceless. Unbounded thanks to Bob Satterly who captured the images and sound for us all to treasure.

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Australian National Vincent Rally 2012 ~ Bob Butler & his Outfit

Bob Butler is our club’s “treasured mascot” and he took me for a ride in his Vincent outfit at the recent rally, later he said that I had to take him for a ride afterwards so I did! Absolute fun, although I had trouble getting it into second gear. Probably a good thing since we were in a Caravan Park

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Silverstone Egli Vincent

Camera fitted to front fork leg to show problem with gear selection.
Ben Kingham on the Egli Vincent at the Silverstone Classic meeting July 2010

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