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Triumph Motor Company (Organization)

Triumph Engine vs Harley Engine

ChoppaHead is a custom builder out here in Mass. Jay’s knowledge of motorcycles is amazing. It was a great night filled with beer drinking and Triumph history.


The Dime City, Iron & Air & Triumph Motorcycles Bonneville T100 Giveaway! – Final Giveaway

The Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer giveaway is completed for 2013! We’d like to thank all our partners once again: Triumph Motorcycles, British Customs, The Speed Merchant, Progressive Suspension, Triumph Twin Power UK, Lunarvue Media Services, Brandon Schrichten, St. Pete Powersports, Iron & Air and of course Neale Bayly and the Lost Children of Peru.

Stay tuned for the 2014 giveaway, we’ve got something else lined up that’ll get you just

Highlights –

Winner: Stephanie Gage, Austin, TX
Prize: 2013 Triumph Bonneville Cafe
Builder: Dime City Cycles
Charity: Wellspring International Outreach
Amount Raised: $50,000

What’s next –

Stay in the loop in 2014. We’re working on our next giveaway and were sure you’ll be just as excited to get in on that action too!

Finally –

Meet Stephanie Gage Of Austin, TX – Winner Of The 2013 Triumph Bonneville Cafe.

While it’s rewarding to see someone get so lucky, my opinion of Stephanie Gage, found solid ground for a different reason. When asked about her favorite aspect of the contest besides the bike, the quiet-natured Texan responded without flinching, “That more than one person won.” She’s referring, of course, to the fact that when we set this up, we made a call to our friend Neale Bayly, moto journalist and humanitarian, and asked him to get involved, tying in the ability to help his foundation, Wellspring International Outreach, with an optional donation upon entry. Thousands stepped up, contributing over $50,000 to help the children of Peru. It makes the miles she’ll be putting on her new ride all the sweeter.

Special thanks to everyone involved in this fantastic project.
Dime City Cycles, Triumph Motorcycles, Neale Bayly & Wellspring International Outreach, Progressive Suspension, British Customs, The Speed Merchant, St. Pete Powersports, Corsa Moto Works, Triumph Twin Power UK, Jim Miller, LunarVue, Brandon Schrichten, Ben Eytalis, Yve Assad.

Stephanie! You won!
(speechless. still.) I still can’t believe it.

Tell us about yourself.
I am a mother of two boys, 8 & 7. I live in Austin, TX and spend most of my time riding, camping & practicing photography.

How did you hear about Iron & Air for the first time?
Oh man, can’t remember. I think maybe I was looking for different kinds of motorcycle magazines – something different. Actually, yeah, I came across it online somehow. I was thrilled when I ran into it. I was immediately taken by how it was geared towards culture rather than just bike specs. Thrilled. Hooked immediately.

Thank you for that! How did you hear about the contest?
I was on the Iron & Air web site doing some shopping, looking for t-shirts. And then boom, enter to win a Triumph. Hello.

Our aim was to help out a friend and a cause with this effort, the addition of Wellspring International Outreach, led by humanitarian and journalist Neale Bayly – how did you feel about the tie-in & contributing?
I mean, how great that more than one person has won in this. I know I will enjoy the bike that much more. Other people benefitted from it. I also liked the fact that donating was optional and the amount was up to me. Great approach.

Tell us about what the experience was like when you were notified?
Ha! I was actually annoyed! Let me explain: I was hanging out online watching a moto video and kept hearing pings and dings from my phone – you know text message notifications, emails arriving, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram pings. I was like “What the hell, let me watch this video!”

So you were flown in from Austin, to be presented the bike and key, what was that experience like?
A whirlwind, surreal, crazy experience. When I actually saw the bike, it sunk in. This is real, it’s right in front of me! Certainly like being in a dream state up until then.

Other than winning the bike, what has been most memorable about this?
The people I met on the trip. Excited to be around everyone. Great vibe, great crowd. Everyone was good to one another and I always felt very welcome.

Where are you riding first?
I was super excited to ride it the first night I was awarded it, in downtown Ste. Pete and then the following day with a large group across Florida to Orlando for a vintage festival. When it arrives here in Austin, I’ll be riding it home from dealer with some backroads riding around Austin no doubt – into New Braunfels and San Marcos. The area surrounding Austin are much better for riding than in Austin.

If we come visit, can we borrow the bike?
We’ll see. 😉


Triumph Tiger Explorer – First Impressions

We took the Triumph Explorer on a 400 k loop of freeway, blacktop and dirt trails to gain our first impressions.

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Triumph Motorcycle Vol 1

ChoppaHead is a custom builder out here in Mass. Jay’s knowledge of motorcycles is amazing. It was a great night filled with beer drinking and Triumph history.

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