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Triumph Tiger 800 + 1200 2018 / EICMA 2017 [FULLHD]

Tras ocho años en el mercado, la trail media del fabricante británico vuelve a actualizarse, ahora con una tercera generación que destaca por el restyling de la carrocería, una mayor dotación tecnológica, mejoras en confort y hasta 200 variaciones en chasis y motor comunes a las 6 versiones del catálogo.

La tercera generación de la maxitrail inglesa de 1200 aterriza en uno de los segmentos más competidos del mercado anunciando 141 CV en su actualizado motor tricilíndrico, 11 kg menos de peso, mayor tecnología y una imagen rediseñada en sus 6 versiones disponibles (4 asfálticas y 2 mixtas).

Triumph Tiger 800 XC/XR –
Triumph Tiger 1200 XC/XR –
Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster 2018 –
Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black 2018 –
Motos 2018 –

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What’s the Triumph Street Scrambler really like? – Tarmac & Off-Road Review

Recently I got to put the Triumph Street Scrambler through its paces, and share my thoughts on the bike. As a Street Twin owner, most of my views were a comparison, but there is plenty of info for anyone considering the Street Scrambler.

Thanks to the boys at Jack Lilley Romford for organising the bike.

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Maverick X3 Turbo vs 2017 Sportsman XP 1000, Aug 19

Bundy Hill. Drag Strip.
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Arriving in the U.S. aboard the freighter Magellan on February 3, 1949, the "Gratitude Train" had reached its final destination: the American People.

The Gratitude Train consisted of 49 obsolete, military boxcars laden with over 250 tons of gifts contributed by French citizens. The train was an expression of thanks from the French to the people of the U.S. for aid rendered during and after World War II. It was the American Friendship Train that inspired a rail worker and war veteran named Andre Picard to suggest that France reciprocate. The response from the French citizenry was immediate and overwhelmint, and, as newspapers and radio spread the story, the project gained national momentum.

The brainchild of newspaper columnist Drew Pearson, the American Friendship Train resulted in the collection of more than 700 freight cars of food, fuel and clothing for the people of war-stricken France and Italy. This grass roots program carried personal contributions from individuals in every part of the U.S. Before it finally reached New York City in November 1947, the American Friendship Train had traveled over 37,000 miles on 54 different railroads using equipment and time donanted by railroads, railroaders and many others.

By the end of 1948, the [French] Gratitude Train boxcars were filled to capacity. The train was assembled at Paris and pulled to the port of La Havre for transport to the U.S. Even as the boxcars were being loaded onto the freighter, more gifts arrived. Over 9,000 gifts were left behind.

Today, no fewer than 43 cars from the Gratitude Train are on display across the U.S. Some have succumbed to fire or neglect. They, and many of the gifts they carried, still serve to remind us of that splendid gesture sent by the people of France more than half a century ago.

"FORTY & EIGHTS" — The French Army posted each boxcar’s capacity as: Hommes 40 – Chevaux 8, or 40 men – 8 horses. Before their trip to the U.S., each car was repaired, painted and decorated with the crests of France’s 40 provinces. Boxcars were presented to each of the 48 states, with the 49th boxcar being shared by the District of Columbia and Hawaii. This is the Wisconsin 40 & 8 on display in Milwaukee during 1949.


Although many in war-ravaged France had little but sentiment to offer, more than six million families gave up something of value to help fill the Gratitude Train cars. Most of the 52,000 carefully packaged and crated gifts were worth little in monetary value; yet some were priceless. They included children’s drawings, puzzles, ashtrays, wooden shoes, cricheted doilies, battered toys, the original bust of Benjamin Franklin by the great French sculptor Jean Antoine Houdon, a jeweled Legion d’Honneur once presented to Napoleon Bonaparte, the bugle which signaled the Armistice signing at Compiegne in 1918, 50 rare paintings, a Louis XV carriage, and the first motorcycle ever built. These are just a sampling of the contents. According to newspaper accounts, "one poor woman rushed past workmen to one of the cars and announced, ‘I have nothing else to send. I will send them my fingerprints.’ " So saying, she pressed her fingers into the fresh paint. As one American was later moved to remark, "They gave so much from their little, while we gave so little from our abundance."

Posted by Steven+Alison Hoober on 2010-07-27 14:21:14

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BSA Fire at Calne Bike Meet

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A BSA caught fire at Calne Bike Meet earlier today, which prompted me to stop filming when I realised that nobody else was going to help the poor chap.

I was given some bottled water by a nearby catering trader (thank you!) and three of us used them to extinguish the fire. Thankfully there didn’t appear to be any damage to the bike or the rider’s groin!

I’m told by my Gold Star owning neighbour that this was quite a common occurrence with old British bikes and many riders carried a frame-mounted fire extinguisher ‘just in case’!


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Posted by Gulwen Heide on 2013-03-10 09:17:51

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Tu savais que les filles aussi font de la moto tout terrain hd – lolo cochet

Les filles sont de plus en plus nombreuses à passer le permis moto. OK ! Mais la compétition, la piste, le tout-terrain, ça reste un truc de mecs bien couillus non?


Conhecendo a Indian Motorcycles BH e Rolê até Macacos MG Parte 1

Visita a Indian Motorcycles BH, conhecendo algumas das motos. A Scout me surpreendeu muito, peso muito baixo pra uma custom daquele porte, pela ficha técnica deve ter um desempenho bem acima do comum. Gostei muito das motos. Retornarei depois para fazer um video mais detalhado, em 1080p e talvez um teste ride (nunca andei de custom, preciso me familiarizar com a postura XD).
Errei a configuração White balance (selecionei daylight), não gostei do resultado, vou melhorando a cada vídeo.

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