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Harley Days in St.Petersburg

Posted by dmitrytsaritsyn on 2018-08-09 06:07:03

Tagged: , AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm 1:2.8G ED , Photography , Motorcycles , D3s , Motorcycle Photography , St.Petersburg , Russia , Nikon , outdoor , Harley Days , Victory , Photo , V-Power , STEELHORSE , overdrive , U.S.A.

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Russia Special Feature Teaser – Classic Cars, Custom Motorcycles & Bicycles.

Kingston Kustom Garage at a mini car show in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This is a small teaser of our Russia Special featuring Custom Automobiles (Russian and American) , Motorcycles and even custom Bicycles.
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Ship Wrek Zookeepers – Ark [NCS Release]
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Motorcycle Trip to Mongolia, Part 2, entering in Ukraine and Sightseeing Tour in Kiev

Motorcycle trip to Mongolia. Episode 2 Ukraine and Kiev.

Ukraine is one very big and nice country. The people there are friendly and very open for motorcycle riders. We spent there only 3 days, but I would like to come back and ride it more. Thanks to our friend Sasha, we had a perfect sightseeing tour in Kiev. It is big and interesting City with so much different things to see. You cannot be bored, even if you stay one week. The food is great and the service is excellent!

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How To Make Your Mini Bike Faster!

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Best Custom Sport Bikes 2016

Best custom sport bikes 2016 great looking motorcycles different custom paint jobs very fast sports bikes thanks for watching enjoy!!! Look twice save a life motorcycles are everywhere!!!

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Night Wolves: Putin’s Hairy Biker Gang

Putin’s Biker Gang: The Russian Hell’s Angels who have Putin’s back.

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How do you get a man like Vladimir Putin to envy you? Hitch a ride with his favourite motorcycle gang leader, Alexander Zaldostanov. In this rare interview Zaldostanov discusses a unified Russia with the Ukraine.

At a show in 2011, Putin rode with the Night Wolves motorcycle gang and praised the biker’s patriotism. It was vital, the President said, to help forge “one unified and indivisible Russian nation.” We are invited into their lair – a dark and foreboding base on the outskirts of Moscow, to meet a Ukranian born man pushing for “one country, and what ever others say, the Ukraine is part of the Russian world.” The Night Wolves drove through Ukraine to Sebastopol earlier this year, officially to deliver aid to pro-Russian rebels. Night Wolves leader Zaldostanov claims his dreams for his bike club are “as real now as the re-union of Russia and Crimea”.

Richard Parry – Ref. 6169

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Matchless 1916 Motorbike Machinegun combination

Its not often that you get offered the chance to have a ride on a unique vehicle. This was my chance. Believed to be the only surviving Matchless/Vickers machinegun motorcycle combination surviving anywhere in the world. Originally one of a hundred machines ordered for the Russian army in 1916 that were never delivered. Taken over by the British army and sold off after the First World war. A genuine survivor and Chris , thanks for the ride.

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Black Devil – Moscow Ride on R1

По всем вопросам:
Данный канал не принадлежит Black Devil
Его личная группа

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