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Alberto Contador’s Custom Trek Emonda | Contador’s Final Grand Tour Bike

To celebrate Alberto Contador’s long and successful career, his team Trek-Segafredo has presented him with this very special custom painted bike for his final Grand Tour, La Vuelta a España. Dan discovers the subtle detailing that makes this modest bike so unique.

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From his Grand Tour victories to maps and trophies, Alberto’s tour ending Trek Emonda is the perfect representation of an exceptional career in the sport.

Ex professional Tour de France cyclist Dan Lloyd takes a closer look at this understated paint job on the Trek-Segafredo rider’s Emonda, to reveal the stunning little touches that make this bike unmistakably one belonging to ‘El Pistolero’.

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Photos: © Bettiniphoto / & ©Tim De Waele /

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Canyon Endurace Vs. Rose Pro – Battle of Alloy Direct-Sell Disc Bikes

The Rose Pro SL Disc 2000 and Canyon Endurace AL 6.0 Disc are among the best value disc brake bikes available, so we ordered in one of each and set about working out which is our favourite. It was not easy.

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Raleigh Team Castorama 753 Dynatech Vintage Road Bike

Bikes in Focus Raleigh Team Castorama 753 Dynatech Vintage Road Subscribe:

Bikes in focus looks at an extra special Road Bike, this is a Raleigh Team Castorama 753 Dynatech. This was an actual Raleigh Team issue Race bike, beautifully restored and well worth a watch!

This actual bike belonged to Raleigh Team Member Jean Claude Bagot. Who cycled for the Raleigh Team in the early 1990’s. The Bike has been restored to an unbelievable level.

Bike Specification:

Frame Reynolds 753 Dynatech Frame
Group set Full Campagnolo C- Record with Delta Brakes
Wheelset Wolber TX profile Clincher Rims
Pedals look Carbon Clipless
ITM Handle bars and Stem
Regina cassette and Chain

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What to look for when buying a vintage bike – part 2

Part 2 of 3 on how to choose a vintage bike. Will from Glory Days Bikes shows you what to look for if you want to buy a steel vintage road bike that will be a great reliable ride. We hope you will find this series useful if you are new to retro cycling. Enjoy the ride!

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Vintage is trendy! Cannondale R500 CAAD3 road bike frame for a retro project.

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Bike bottom brackets: square tapered, Octalink, BSA / MegaExo, Pressfit, BB30 / PF30. Shimano

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720 HD Camera Gopro Hero HD.
This is the final product.A ”vintage bike with a modern look” :))after lots of polishing , tunning, greasing etc.New parts: Saddle, Saddle post,Brake levers, handle bar tape, tires, inner tubes..and the bottle:) Bike frame was a little bended( the forks) I had to streighten it too. The front deraileur cable was missing, I replace with new one. I changed the ball bearings on the front wheel. And I changed the pedals with some older Shimano Ultegra I had in house, since the original were stuck.
Bike was bough from Internet in a pour condition, was 100 Euros/ 120 Euros ( with shiping). Parts I put were another 75 Euros. And a lot of work ( mostly polishing and greasing ) , that I did myself 🙂 So this bike finished it is just a little under 200 Euros.
I already rided it around 130 km, and I can say I am more the pleased. The original Dura- Ace deraileur + the Old Suntour works perfect.
The old steel frame is very comfortable. I hope you ‘ll enjoy the video! Ride Safe ! And don’t forget to like/ subscribe ! TY!
Music : ” Hot Heat ” from Youtube
OCT 2013 Romania

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Schwinn World Tourist – Vintage Bike Check – BikemanforU A 1980s Schwinn World Tourist with Shimano’s vintage Front freewheel system is dubbed “a good little bike.” Free Shipping on bike parts, tires, tools, and cycle accessories. YouTube’s how-to guru of bicycle repair shows us a crank design that the late great Sheldon Brown once called a “solution in search of a problem.” As he shows us how the Front Freewheel system works, BikemanforU explains the freewheel in the front with the sprockets “lets you shift while coasting.” He seems underwhelmed when he adds, “It lasted for about a season and a half. It’s extremely heavy. The freewheel mechanism in here, the chain is constantly rubbing. It was Shimano’s one hit wonder. They just love to pull that kind of stuff. But it is friction style shifters on this thing, with this mechanism of front freewheel system, called an FF system, is what it was. This schwinn, kind of standard Schwinn, is a good little bike, man.” BikemanforU was a teen-ager, fixing bikes with his dad, Mr. Pump, at the family’s Bike ‘n’ Kite shop in Westhampton Beach on Long Island, when the lugged steel 10-speed World Tourist hit the market in the early 1980s. “This was right around when schwinn went overseas with their manufacturing,” he recalls. We get a good look at what’s going on with the 27″ wheels. “The chroming on this is not that great,” he says, pointing to the rear. “This thing was a mess. It was all rusted. came out of the barn from somewhere. You can see the pitting and how it’s starting to flake off. It’s starting to rust underneath and bubble up the chrome. The front one’s worse. You know why the rear one’s always in better shape than the front in terms of chrome? Because of the gear chain and lubrication that splatters down…The front doesn’t get that kind of action. The front one is really starting to corrode. Even with chrome polish, it’s not going to come out.” Overall, though, he notes, “(The bike) cleaned up pretty nice. We put a new set of BikemanforU 27 x 1 1/4 gumwall tires on this, and she’s good to go.” This model has it’s original Schwinn-approved spring cushion trefoil saddle, and upright handlebar. “Good little bike,” he says. “Basically in here for a kind of mini-tune, two tires and two tubes. (This is our ) bread and butter. It’s keeping us in business. You know what I’m saying: Take the old bike and make it into a new bike.” Watch more BikemanforU how-to DIY videos repairing and rehabbing old Schwinns. Thumbs up if you like what you see. Visit BikemanforU Channel for amazing DIY vids on bike repair, gardening, and grilling. Can’t get enough? Get real Saturdays at 10am eastern with the BikemanforU LIVE Show. You’ll never be the same. Binge watch alert –

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