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KDJR, 8 yo American motorcycle racer, does a lot of motorcycle training via drills in a parking lot. This is one of the many cone drills we use called rows. The rows are so tight that he needs to transition (move) from left to right quickly in order make the next row. Also, he needs to use the all of the space in the row in order to make the turn. These types of drills are very popular in the mini gp world.

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Kristian Daniel Jr is an exciting young Motorcycle Road Racer (born 2009) out of Southern California who will be racing full time in Spain for the 2018 season.

He’s funny, handsome, very smart and has a sincere passion for racing and has come a long way in a very short period of time. After attending a MotoGP race in 2013 (age 4), he made his mind that he wanted to race Motorcycles. 2 months later, he learned to ride a bicycle and 2 weeks after that he had his first BMX race where he finished 2nd. It was obvious that he was a natural competitor.

After a lot of begging, he got his first motorcycle Christmas 2014, and that’s when he first rode. February 2015 he participated in his first Motorcycle Road Race, and pulled in a second place. He just completed the season and finished 4th in Overall Points in the M1-GP Sprint Series.

Following the American tradition, in July 2015 he began racing Flat Track with So Cal Flat Track Association. Again, he was immediately competitive and finished his first race in 3rd place. He has achieved 2 first place finishes and a hand full of 2nds and 3rds… not finishing one race off of the podium.

He still has his eyes set on MotoGP, but his immediate plans are to continue developing his skills on the road and in the dirt having fun all the while!

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