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Street Art Event Performance Outdoor Marketing – Milwaukee Marketing Company ALT TERRAIN – Nesquik

Street Art Event Performance Outdoor Marketing - Milwaukee Marketing Company ALT TERRAIN - Nesquik

ALT TERRAIN Outdoor Graffiti Performance consists of talented graffiti artists creating a brand advertising mural on a custom-built wall over an eight hour period at outdoor events, concerts, fairs, and/or other entertainment venues.

ALT TERRAIN helps agencies bring guerrilla marketing, wild posting and alternative outdoor advertising concepts to life!

Available in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Austin, New Orleans, Toronto, Montreal and many more North American cities.

Posted by ALT TERRAIN on 2010-08-08 20:58:52

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Harley-Davidson Sport Glide (2018) — az új Sport Glide is a Softail sorozatból való, valójában a Low Rider egy változata. 107 köbcolos Milwaukee Eight V2-es viszi. — the new Sport Glide’s been made out of the new Softail Low Rider. 107 cui. Milwaukee Eight V2 makes it going.

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Triumph Customs Cafe Racer | DOWN & OUT TRIUMPH T100 Modified Motorcycles

Like some of the other well established builders of Triumph Twins, the Down & Out Bonneville builds share many similar attributes with each other, which helps to make them instantly recognisable. These similarities also make the bikes easier to produce for customers wanting their own cool and very usable custom motorcycle, which is good business sense.
Down & Out use a mixture of bespoke and off-the-shelf parts, with some of the off-the-shelf parts being designed by and made exclusively for D&O.

The bespoke parts are made in house by the D&O team, and include their super sexy front mudguard with stainless fixings, as well as their frame kit which comprises of a frame-loop, seat, mudguard and LED tail light, all of which can be seen on this build, and are available from their online store.
‘FAT’, also describes the tyres Shaun loves on his bikes, on previous builds he chose the vintage Firestone deluxe (16×500) tyres, fitted to 16″ wheels. This time Shaun decided to take things a little further by fitting a pair of Continental TKC 80’s, (180×17) tyres, fitted to a set of black powder coated 5/12×17 wheels, both front and rear. Which was made possible at the front by the fitting of D&O’s wide yoke fork kit, which includes a set of modified USD CB100RR forks.
Parts and Modifications;
D&O bear trap foot pegs
D&O short leavers
D&O full stainless exhaust system
D&O alloy front mudguard and stainless steel mounts
D&O alloy rear mudguard and stainless steel mounts
D&O custom shorter seat
D&O custom stainless steel side rack and canvas bag
D&O rear loop conversion
D&O head light and stainless head light mounts built in indicator mounts
D&O custom alloy alloy wheels 5/12×17 powder coated black
D&O micro indicators
D&O stainless number plate mount
D&O wider yokes fork kit
D&O custom loom to use motone handlebars micro switch gear housing all wiring in the bars
D&O rear stainless steel indicator mounts
D&O CB100RR forks
D&O GSXR master cylinder and clutch perch
RENTHAL sprockets
YSS rear shocks
Motogadget Tiny speedometer and Tri box
MOTONE gass cap
MOTONE gear leaver
MOTONE regulator relocation bracket
MOTONE carburettor fined tops
MOTONE choke nob
MOTONE micro switch gear buttons
MOTONE aluminium intake bell mouth
JVB side panels
LSL ignition re locator
LSL chain guard
LSL bars
LSL risers
LSL master cylinder pot
PRO KUSTOM all paint work
Continental TKC 80 180 x 17

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Wiz Norton Racing – FLAT OUT TOP SPEED – Isle of Man TT (best sounding race bike in history!?)

One of the best sounding bikes in history, giving it everything around the famous mountain track!

The most unique type of racer to take on the circuit.

NW200 –

Original source (Wiz Norton Racing):



Please watch: “WizNorton Racing // Isle of Man TT // FULL RACE // 2016 // On Board Classic TT // PURE SOUND”

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Metal Gear Solid 4 – Eva’s Triumph Motorcycle Ride Out! Cutscene HD Gameplay Playstation 3

Metal Gear Solid 4 – Act 3: Big Moma Eva’s Triumph Motorcycle Ride Out! Cutscene HD Gameplay Playstation 3.


Eaton Hogs Motorcycle Club Ride Out Harley-Davidson Triumph Indian .

Eaton Hogs Motorcycle club Ride Out Harley-Davidson Triumph Indian .


Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob Burnout “EVIL BETTY”

‘Evil Betty”

2013 FXDB custom upswept pipes, stage 1 dyno. Blacked out.

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