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Bosch Beer 8 pack.

Bosch Beer 8 pack.

The Bosch Brewing Company was a small brewery in Houghton, Michigan. The founder of The Bosch Brewing Company, Joseph Bosch, was the son of a beer brewer, and had always wanted to enter the brewing business. Bosch’s products were popular among the thirsty miners. When the company first started it sold only kegs, as beer in bottles was uncommon at the time.

Hard times threatened with talk of prohibition. Bosch placed ads in local papers headlined "Prohibition vs. Temperance", trying to sway people away from prohibition. Bosch had no choice but to close his company and pray for a miracle. The good relationship between company and community maintained local brand loyalty. One advertising theme was “Refreshing as the Sportsman’s Paradise”, The Bosch Brewing Company reached its peak in 1955, producing one hundred thousand barrels.

By the late 1960s, Bosch was making three beers, all light lagers: Sauna Beer, the flagship label Bosch, and premium Gilt Edge.

In the early 1970s Bosch was unable to compete with the large breweries of Detroit, Milwaukee, and St. Louis. On September 28, 1973, the last keg of Bosch beer was delivered to Schmidt’s Corner Bar in Houghton.

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