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Yamaha Xabre Memiliki Kembaran Seharga (13 Juta’an ), New Motorsport 2017.

Yamaha Xabre 150 memiliki kembaran di Vietnam dan dibandrol seharga 1000 USD atau setara dengan 13 jt an. Sudah tidak asing lagi jika motor dengan merek merek ternama ditiru desainnya, hal ini bukan kali pertama desain Yamaha yang ditiru, sebelumnya Yamaha R25 pernah ditiru oleh China.
Seperti dilansir dari motor yang mirip dengan Yamaha Xabre ini diberi nama MX Slaz 125, terlihat dari bagian kepala atau headlamp dengan cover tempat lampu jauh menembak. Kemudian detil lain adalah suspensi Upside Down. Secara umum mungkin kita tidak melihat desain identik atau kembar.
Walaupun motor ini diluncurkan di Vietnam tapi disinyalir motor ini dibuat oleh Tiongkok seperti dilansir dari (29/09/17) MX Slaz 125 ini memiliki body yang lebih kecil ketimbang Xabre, tak hanya body yang mungil tetapi mesinya juga, MX Slaz 125 ini hanya memiliki kapasitas mesin 125cc.
Kita lihat bagian velgnya, terlihat berbeda dari motor motor sport lainnya, terlihat ukuran velg yang digunakan seperti ukuran motor matic pada umumnya, belum jelas spesifikasi dari motor ini seperti dilansir dari

Kelebihan dari motor ini yaitu memiliki harga yang cukup murah yakni 1000 USD atau setara 13jt an, memiliki kaki kaki yang kekar, sport look banget, apa lagi sudah dibekali dengan suspensi Up Side Down, bagaimana menurut kalian keren apa ngk nih desain dari motor MX Slaz 125 tersebut…monggo ditunggu komentarnya.

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Best Electric Motorcycle That You Can Buy

Best Electric Motorcycle That You Can Buy

1. The Redshift SM
Alta Motorcycles has two solid options for those just entering the market. The Redshift SM, pictured here, has an output of 40 hp and 120 ft.-lb. of torque. Priced at $15,495, the Redshift SM has a top speed of 80 mph and charges in six hours from a level 2 charger. The SM is a bit limited when it comes to range at just 50 miles, but it’s packed with enough power for those looking for a city bike.

2. The Reddhift MX
For anyone looking to go electric for an off-road experience, Alta also offers its Redshift MX, pictured here. Like the SM, it also has an output of 40 hp and 120 ft.-lb. of torque. The MX is a bit cheaper at $14,995, but you’ll be compromising more with a top speed of 65 mph. Alta says the MX has a range anywhere between 1-4 hours, depending on factors like environment and speed. Both the SM and MX can be reserved online with a $100 deposit. Deliveries for the SM are scheduled to begin in February. The MX will be delivered between now and February 1, depending on when you place your order. Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, two of the original co-founders of Tesla, invested in Alta Motorcycles.

3. The Empulse TT
If you’re looking for an option with some extra juice, Victory Motorcycles’ Empulse TT has an output of 54 hp and 61 ft-lb of torque. The Empulse TT can reach 110 mph easily, a spokesperson for Victory Motorcycles told Business Insider. It has a range of 100 miles, so you can have it out for longer than the Redshift SM. The $19,999 motorcycle can fully charge in roughly four hours on a level 2 charger and can be bought at a local Victory Motorcycles dealer.

4. The Zero SR
Zero Motorcycles has a few different options for its electric motorcycle, the Zero SR, so you can customize it based on your driving needs. It offers a solid output of 70 hp and 116 ft.-lb torque.
The lowest performance version, the ZF6.5, gets 81 miles on a single charge, but the ZF13.0 offers a range of 161 miles. You can also shell out more for a Power Tank that will increase the range to 202 miles on city streets and 101 miles on a highway. Pricing starts at $10,995 for the option that gets 81 miles on a charge. The version above that costs $14,000.

5. The LS 218
If you’ve got a need for speed, your best bet is Lightning Motorcycle’s LS 218 that the company claims is the fastest production motorcycle in the world. It packs an insane output of 200 hp with 168 ft.-lbs. of torque. The LS 218 set a world record of 215.907 mph at Bonneville Speedway in Utah in 2011. The motorcycle has an average range of 100 miles on highways. But it’s a bit pricier with that kind of speed and power at $38,888. It charges in 2 hours on a level 2 charger. You can order an LS 218 online.

6. The Energica Ego
The Energica Ego is another option for those looking for more speed. The Italian superbike gets an output of 136 hp with 195 Nm (roughly 144 ft.-lb.) of torque. The motorcycle has a maximum speed limited at 149 mph and a range of 93 miles. The Ego can charge in 3.5 hours on a level 2 charger, but can charge in 30 minutes on a DC fast charger. The Ego comes with a 4.3-inch color display that monitors the battery and offers short-range Bluetooth connectivity of up to 100 meters (328 feet.) The $34,000 motorcycle will offer cellular connectivity for longer ranges by the end of this year. It also comes with Park Assistant.

7. The Energica Eva
Energica also offers a slightly cheaper electric roadster option, the Eva. The biggest difference between the Eva and Ego comes down to power, as the Eva has an output of 95 hp and 170 Nm (125 ft.-lb.) of torque. But even if the Eva doesn’t pack the same punch as the Ego, it’s still a solid option with a top speed of 124 mph. The roughly $26,500 motorcycle also has a range of up to 124 miles in ECO mode. The Eva can charge fully in 3.5 hours with a standard level 2 outlet.

8. The Johammer J1

9. The Brutus V9

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Yamaha YB100 bike no start موٹر سائیکل سٹارٹ نہیں ہو رہا۔

Here in this video you will see how to troubleshoot a bike no start problem. This troubleshooting and repair is a bit different than the typical faults you people are encountering in daily life. So hope this video may help you in some bad situation.

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Own this Custom 2016 Indian Motorcycle Chief Classic for ONLY $20,800

Own this Custom 2016 Indian Motorcycle Chief Classic for ONLY $20,800 (originally $25,371.) Fully loaded with accessories. Sale ends December 31st!

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1971 Norton 750cc Commando For Sale

Take a closer look at this 1971 Norton 750cc Commando with Glenn Bator. This bike is for sale at and can be yours!

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