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Voxan Black Magic,……..!

Voxan Black Magic,........!

This is the very rare Voxan Black Magic of Herman Schaeffer from the Netherlands. Only four of this motorcycles are present in our country so this isn’t a bike you ran into every day,…!

Voxan was a French motorcycle manufacturer established in Issoire, France, in 1995. Initiated by Jacques Gardette, the project was to build the first French motorcycle company in the global market involving different partners. Well-known industry figure, Alain Chevallier, designed the chassis part, while Sodemo Moteurs, focused on the engine. The first prototype was shown in 1997, with the first production model released in 1999.

All Voxan motorcycles use the same engine, a V-Twin, which is unique in its design; the engine consists of a 72° angle and 996ccm volume

In 1999, the first model was delivered to dealerships, the limited production Roadster sold exactly 50 units. The company then launched the Café Racer model in 2000, and the Scrambler model a year later in 2001. Although Voxan had garnered support for its products within France, the company continued to struggle against the established Japanese and Italian brands. In June 2002, Didier Cazeaux and Société de Développement et de Participation bought Voxan to ensure its continuity, and production restarted on April 1, 2003. The Street Scrambler model was released in 2003, and the Scrambler and Black Magic models in 2004. In December 2009, Voxan was forced into liquidation and is now a subsidiary of the Monaco-based Venturi Automobiles. Upon acquisition Voxan’s manufacturing department ceased production, and its engineering staff were relocated to Venturi’s headquarters is Fontvieille, Monaco.

TimelineCreated by Jacques Gardette in 1995.
First phase tests in 1997, and presentation of three models at the Paris Motor Show.
The Dassault Group, a prominent aeronautics firm, provides capital and financial support to Voxan in 1999.
In April 2001, Voxan motorcycles showed endurance for the duration of the 24 Hour Le Mans motorcycle event.
Getting receivership in June 2001 created Voxan Club de France in November 2001
Proposal for a recovery by the group in December 2001 and Merker refusal to add more than 100 employees in April 2002
Society participation Guy Couach, led by Didier Cazeaux, the capital in June 2002. Creation of the company Voxan-SCCM (Society of design and construction of motorcycles). The company sees the specter of bankruptcy away.
Release of new models in 2003.
Many dealers competing in different categories, a total of 23 dealers: ProTwin, Motorcycle Tour, Tourist Trophy Isle of Man …
Voxan have been sold in 5 countries/territory, France (with 16 dealers), Belgium (with 4 dealers), Monaco (with 1 dealer), Luxembourg (with 1 dealer), Isle of Man, (with 1 dealer).
Signature of a partnership with Sidama October 2006 . The Voxan concessions will be distributed in the network at European level Sidama
IPO on the Marché Libre of Euronext Paris in September 2007 (code MLVOX)
Voxan end of the partnership between Europe and Sidama
On December 29, 2009, the commercial court of Clermont-Ferrand declare the liquidation of the company, despite proposals for recovery from the Sodemo (company that provided them with their engines) and IDF (an obscure real estate company in Luxembourg ).
It will probably be the second brand of motorcycles to succumb to the financial crisis of 2009 after Buell .
June 2010, Purchased finalized, Venturi announces Voxan’s new Eco-friendly corporate plan, evolving the creation of an electric motorcycle by 2013.
Former models, Roadster: The Roadster is the first model of the brand, first deliveries in 1999. It is the work of designer Sacha Lakic. A new model appeared in 2005. The lighthouse trapezoidal, which was not unanimously well as giving the machine an instantly recognizable personality, is replaced by a conventional round headlight.
Café Racer: Came to support the Roadster, the Cafe Racer was released in 2000. It was more sporty, although having a mechanically identical to its appearance with a fork crown, but also thanks to his driving position in support of the wrists like a sports car.
Street Scrambler: Sportier version of the Scrambler, the Scrambler Street shows the characteristics of the engine and brakes Cafe Racer.
Black Magic: After the drawing of Sacha Lakic, the Black Magic said the heir of the legendary Norton Manx Triton or other. The engine develops the same power as the Cafe Racer. It is produced in limited edition and numbered.
Charade Racing: On the basis of Black Magic, engineers have grafted a crown." This is what we thought seeing the Charade for the first time in the World two wheels in 2005. But the changes are more profound. Braking is improved with the adoption of discs and radial calipers Beringer. As for the rear shock, it was developed by Bos. Also produced in limited quantities.
Black Classic: The Black Classic is an evolution of Black Magic. It adopts wire wheels, exhaust down and five different colors for the tank (as in Silver Grey Black Magic, brown Tierra del Fuego, Emerald Green, Pink Amethyst, Blue Ocean).
VX-10 "Néfertiti": The Voxan Nefertiti was presented in May 2009 the local newspaper Auvergne "La Montagne". With one look totally at odds with what was done previously in the firm Issoire, the new Voxan has a modern style, reminiscent of some Japanese. Indeed, its forms and bright dual perspective on the front are quick to forget the style known as "retro" used before. The break is not complete since Nefertiti always uses the two-cylinder engine carol on other models in the range, and the chassis already on the very first roadsters of the era of Jacques Gardette. This "conservatism" can be seen as an advantage considering that the Voxan motorcycles that are long since made their evidence, both in terms of reliability as the handling and drive ability. It then takes the name of VX10.
VB1: Created in partnership with the company Toulouse Boxer Design, the VB1 (Boxer Voxan 1) is the super sport model. Produced in 2001, made in limited quantities.

Canceled projects: GTV 1200
The 1200 GTV launches a development engine of 996 cc. This is the first road of the range. The prototype was presented at the Salon Paris 2007. Aesthetics is not unanimous with the changes.

Starck Super Naked
A Roadster signed Philippe Starck presented in conjunction with the first draft of the 1200 GTV at the global two-wheeler in 2007. Since then the project seems abandoned.

Source: Wikipedia.

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Ook trikes ontbraken niet op de motorbeurs.

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