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Illegal Pit Bike Riding V2



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Welcome to my life!!! I am just a teenage kid, brand new Vlogging kid living in New York, I upload videos daily of fun things like, dirt bikes, Pit Bike stunts, motovlogs, games,stunts,jumps, skating, bmx, Pit bikes, pranks, fails, Art, Clothing, dirt bike racing, Dirt Bikes and anything i think is fun. So SUBSCRIBE to see my life!!!



Film/Edit – Tyler Monagan

Cameras / EQUIPMENT –

Canon T5i
GoPro Hero 3+ Black – GoPro hero 4
iPhone 6s – iPhone 7 Plus
Canon G7X M4
Canon 10-18mm
Kit Lens


2014 KX250f –
– FMF Factory 4.1 with carbon fiber tip
– Flow green plastics – cyrca
– Custom graphics
– FMF Mega Bomb header
– cyrca full skid plate

2003 DRZ110 –
All white plastics
oversized air filter
painted all black
rev box
tall rental bars
custom shifter
tb parts manual clutch kit
tb parts 144cc big bore kit
tb parts stiff rear shock
tb parts 4th gear drum
tb parts billet red covers
tb parts tall bars
tb parts high rev cdi
tb parts 26mm carb
tb parts V2 Head
Pitster Pro Front Suspension / Brake system

Gear –
FASTHOUSE Jersey – Speed Style L1 Jersey – Electric Blue
FASTHOUSE pant – FH Grindhouse Pant – Electric Blue
Bell Moto 9 Helmet – Black
Alias A1 Designer Gear – Tan –
Fly F2 Carbon Helmet
100% RaceCraft goggles
100% Gloves
Alpinstar Tech 5 boots
Alpinstar Tech 7 boots
Thor Force XP Knee Guards

You can find all this on

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Illegal Motorcycle Street Racing – Shocking Accident

Illegal Motorcycle Street Racing. Illegal Street Bike Racing. Motorcycle Street Racing. Underground Street Racing. Shocking Accident.

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KTM Duke 390 Rider VS Indian Police |Escapes/Gets Caught|Ft. TheClutchLess

My Encounters With The Indian Police

Most Of The Times When I Have Been Stopped By Indian Police
I Have Been Harassed For Wearing Full Gears

One Time I Was Stopped For Wearing Gloves
The Other Was For Mounting A GoPro

I Was Asked To Pay A Fine For Using A Gopro Because I Didnt Get A Permission From The Motor Vehicle Department

So Afterwards I Decided Not To Stop If They Have Sufficient Proof Let Them Mail Me With The Proof

I Do Not Wished To Be Harassed By The People Whom We Pay To Protect Us

There Are Exceptions
There Are Good Police Officers

These Are Real Life Incidence Dont Try To Replicate. I Dont Promote Road Racing


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Hey guys at it again, this time with a zxr250/zx2r engine.
This is by far the most complex and fastest homemade drift trike I have ever build, stay tuned to see this beast slide and don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

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Modified bikes Legal or Illegal ? | MotoVLog | Royal Enfield Continental GT

Everyone seem to Misunderstand the very concept of Modification of motorcycles here in India.

Here is what I learned … “as per the Indian law Sec 52 of the M.V.A – Motor Vehicles Act”

“No motorcycle owner or vehicle owner shall alter their bikes & cars that the particulars contained in the RC are at variance with those which are originally specified by the manufacturer”

There are 2 different MVA … One from Central Gov and other from State Gov. Each state has its own laws depending on their traffic and situation..

In Simple terms : “ Any alterations to the vehicle other than specifications recorded in the RC are considered a violation of the law, i.e.; illegal. “

Usual questions I get on Fb or IMs … are :

1. Can I change the color of my bike?

Yes you can. After the RTO approves it … there are certain colours which cannot be used such as , Olive Green, Military Green, Navy Blue & Camouflage Pattern.

2. Can I remove my bikes Mud guards & Silencer /rear view mirror?


3. Can I paint my vehicle without informing the RTO?

No, you cannot as You would have to get a permission first. If you get caught by the traffic police and your RC book mentions a different color than the one on your bike, it will be considered as stolen, so be careful.

4. Can I change the engine ?

Yes you can .. Only when you are opting for a different kind of source of energy or fuel, you cannot change from single cylinder 100cc Petrol to inline 4 600cc petrol …

5. Can I use Songs or patterned sounds instead of normal horns?

[ Are you crazy ] — No. absolutely not. The decibel level of any horn should not exceed 115.

6. Can I use Bright head lights or customized colored bulbs like blue or green or red for indicators ?

Yes /No, as long as it becomes a safety issue using very bright head lights … and No, the indicators must use only amber indicator bulbs.

7. How about free flow Exhausts?

The exhausts should not protrude out. The decibel level should be below 88. Unless the manufacturer has given you an option to install after-market exhaust upon delivery such as Arrows from triumph or IXIL from Benelli ..

Can I change my Tires ?

Yes you can, there is no law that prohibits vehicle owners from changing the tires..

Things to Remember :

1. Any changes or modifications to your bike require prior permission from the RTO. For eg: Body Kit / Color etc

2. RTO can validate only the internal changes ie: engine. which may be done for performance enhancement.

3. External modifications like paint job, No. plate etc. can be done with the permission from authorities.

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