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RockAbilly Eclectic

RockAbilly Eclectic

Eclectic RockAbillY CowGirlZen Western Style
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Posted by Song River- CowGirlZen Photography on 2012-07-30 17:29:59

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Undressed Man on a Motorcycle

Occurred on September 8, 2017 / Saraburi, Thailand

“Naked guy rides a motorcycle.”

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Motorcycle Driving India VS USA

Motorcycle Driving Comparison India Vs USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,

What differences should an Indian be aware of when driving in USA?

many of these are rules or best practices in India, too. But following all of them on the road is often actively discouraged by fellow drivers (i.e. stopping at red lights on empty streets at night can get you rear-ended, or at least honked at). So it’s worth it to run through a mental checklist before getting behind the wheel. *

The first is the most obvious: sit on the left side of the car, drive on the right side of the road.
Use your side and rear-view mirrors while driving.
Use daytime headlights at all times.
Remember, indicators are on the left, wipers on the right!
Always use indicators, and use them well before making your turn or switching lanes. Indicate, check the traffic next to you and behind you, then turn / switch.
Drive in your lane and overtake only from the left.
Do not honk unless absolutely necessary.
Do not use high-beams unless necessary.
Follow speed limits strictly.
Make sure everyone is strapped in.
In most places, right turns are allowed at red lights, but there are often signs at intersections with particular instructions related to this. Stop, check signs and traffic, then turn.
Pedestrians have right of way. Be especially aware of this on urban roads.
Familiarise yourself with signs, symbols and road markings.
Always come to a complete stop at red lights and stop signs. Don’t speed through yellow lights. And do not change lanes while in an intersection.
Speeds are generally higher, so make sure to keep a greater following distance between cars.
Don’t talk on the cellphone while driving. Don’t use headphones either. If you hear a siren, check to see where it’s coming from, slow down, and carefully get out of its way, or stop to let it pass. You will notice all the cars around you doing the same thing.
Be familiar with your route before you set out. It’s often impossible to pull over or stop to ask for directions, and highway exits can come up fast. If you miss an exit never panic and stop, or try to back up as you might on an Indian road. Instead, take the next exit, pull over at a suitable point or parking area, and check your directions. GPS works much better in America, and map/navigation services give more reliable directions in general, so use these with confidence.
Make sure you know how to pump gas, as most stations are self-service. Also learn how to change a tire if you don’t know how to do it.
Ok, there aren’t generally elephants or camels lumbering along the road. However, do watch out for deer and other animals, depending on where you are!

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Dressed up as a Pink Unicorn and went out in Public…. / Security told us to stop recording…

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WHO DROVE WHO (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 95)

This funny video will get you cracking up. don’t laugh alone, SHARE THIS VIDEO.
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Golden State Warriors Fans | Season in 60 Seconds

A Golden State Warriors fan embraces a dominant era of basketball, but he’s still more than a little bit sensitive about the team’s tortured past. He’s also a little sensitive about Draymond Green. And most things.

Warriors fans, here’s a look ahead at your next eight months.

Season in 60 Seconds: Watch fans of NBA teams experience all the ups, downs, and in-betweens of their teams’ seasons in 60 seconds.

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Starring Conor Armor and James Coker

WRITER: Conor Armor
DIRECTOR: Adam Sacks
PRODUCER: Caitlin Smith
PROD COORD: Jamie Rasmussen
EDITOR: Chris Salgado
DP: Arlen Konopaki
B CAMERA: Mark Hendon
AUDIO: Alessandro Altman
PA: Brandon Brathwaite
Intern: Catherine Schmelter
Intern: Alina Sodano

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Motivos para ter uma Harley Davidson

Motivos para andar por aí sendo o chavão da moto, de Calibre Doze e Juliet na face.

Biela torta no FACEBOOK:
SNAPCHAT: @Mareaturbo

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Payday 2 A Journey – Part 18

Hello and welcome to Payday 2: A Journey. A series where Mah-Dry-Bread is accompanied by many others on his quest to level 100 of the maximum Infamy level. Expect to see a ton of repetitive gameplay with live commentary in English. Also expect to hate yourself, because I hate myself and I think it’s a byproduct of over 500 runs of Rats. Enjoy.

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Pass The Controller Please is a streaming channel dedicated to raising money for charity. We strive to provide entertaining streams in return for your donations to charities such as Child’s Play. Together Myself, Schaly, and Whattageek stream every Friday from 5 till 7 PM EST to entertain the viewers and help children around the world grow up with games just like we did. I hope to see you there!




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