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Goll and Frank Ghost Sign, Milwaukee, WI

Goll and Frank Ghost Sign, Milwaukee, WI

A ghost sign that says "Goll & Frank Co., Wholesale Distributors, Notions and Furnishings", and something. Two young Germans, Julius Goll and August Frank, started Goll & Frank in 1852 in Milwaukee.

Frank, nicknamed the “Little Salesmen,” and Goll, described as “energetic, but modest and withdrawn,” according to family letters, got along fabulously. Both raised flowers, enjoyed reading and were exempted from the Civil War draft because of nearsightedness.

The two sold dry goods and hardware, such as linens, velvet ribbons, collars, gloves, men’s socks, combs, suspenders, silverware, teaspoons, purses and pocket books, according to an 1853 Goll & Frank advertisement. “Our supply of hardware and Yankee-notions is plentiful,” an 1852 ad read.

In Goll & Frank’s early years, business was booming. In a letter to his parents in 1853, Frank wrote, “Business is so good at present that I hardly know where my head is from 7 in the morning until 9 at night. I have to gulp my food down and there is hardly time to caress my wife, and child.”

By 1864, Goll & Frank had expanded to include customers from Minnesota and Iowa, and moved to the Water Street location. Twenty-eight years later, the building was almost destroyed by the “The Great Fire of 1892 in Milwaukee’s ‘Irish Third Ward,’ ” as a story by William Maher in a 1993 issue of The Irish Genealogical Quarterlywas titled.

The disaster displaced all of the Irish in the Third Ward, paving the way for Italians to settle there between 1900 and 1920, Maher wrote. According to the Third Ward’s website, the fire destroyed 440 buildings throughout 16 square blocks, leaving 1,900 people homeless and resulting in $60 million in damages by today’s standards.

Goll & Frank was rebuilt into a seven-story building in 1896 with a renaissance design, according to Historic Third Ward documents. In 1929, Julius’ son, company president Frederick Goll, renamed the firm Fred T. Goll & Sons when his sons Harry and Julius joined as partners. After Frederick died in 1931, the company became the J.H. Goll Co. in 1938. It is not known when the company went out of business.

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Eight Brothers Tobacco Ghost

Eight Brothers Tobacco Ghost

1000 block of S. 5th St.
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Eight Brothers Tobacco was made by The Schmitt Bros. and was made in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

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Abandoned motorcycle. Old abandoned moto

Forgotten Motorcycles. Amazing discoveries of forgotten and abandoned bikes. Old Motorcycle Heaven

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Payday 2 “GO BANK” (#1) | Live Commentary PC | Le pire braquage du siècle…

Salut à tous !
On se retrouve pour une petite vidéo sur ce sacré jeu qu’est Payday 2 ! Un braquage un peu à la n’importe quoi je l’accorde mais bon, j’me suis bien marré en la faisant donc c’est sans regret ! x)
Je continuerai bien évidemment à faire des vidéos sur Payday 2 dans le futur, il n’y a pas de soucis là-dessus car c’est un jeu que j’apprécie énormément 😉

Je vous remercie d’avoir visionné cette vidéo, n’hésitez pas à liker, partager et commenter.
Et aussi à vous abonner ! 😀

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Classic bike review. My 1982 Honda MB5 or MB50

A review on my classic MB5, see how fast it goes!!!!!!

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Wheel light motorcycle led wheel lights custom

Chicago Riding in Jan 13. Red Wheel lights CBR1000 cbr 600 RR wheel light kit led honda

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80’s Horror Dvd Collection Update 3 Pickups Carnivals , Sororities And Motorcycles

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The Funhouse (1981)
R 96 min – Horror – 13 March 1981 (USA)
Four teenage friends spent the night in a carnival funhouse and are stalked by a deformed man in a frankenstein mask.

Director: Tobe Hooper
Writer: Lawrence Block

Cast ;
Elizabeth Berridge … Amy Harper
Shawn Carson … Joey Harper
Jeanne Austin … Mrs. Harper
Jack McDermott … Mr. Harper
Cooper Huckabee … Buzz Dawson
Largo Woodruff … Liz
Miles Chapin … Richie
David Carson … Geek (as D. Lee Carson)
Sonia Zomina … Bag Lady
Ralph Morino … Truck Driver
Kevin Conway … Freak Show Barker / Strip Show Barker / Funhouse Barker
Herb Robins … Carnival Manager
Mona Agar … Strip Show Dancer
Wayne Doba … The Monster
William Finley … Marco the Magnificent
Susie Malnik … Carmella
Sylvia Miles … Madame Zena
Sid Raymond … Strip Show MC


Killer Party (1986)
R 91 min – Comedy | Horror – 9 May 1986 (USA)

Directed by
William Fruet

Writing credits
Barney Cohen (written by)

Cast ;
Martin Hewitt … Blake
Ralph Seymour … Martin
Elaine Wilkes … Phoebe
Paul Bartel … Professor Zito
Sherry Willis-Burch … Vivia
Alicia Fleer … Veronica
Woody Brown … Albert Harrison
Joanna Johnson … Jennifer
Terri Hawkes … Melanie
Deborah Hancock … Pam
Laura Sherman … Sandy
Jeff Pustil … Virgil
Pam Hyatt … Mrs. Henshaw
Howard Busgang … Bee-Boy
Jason Warren … Bee-Boy
Maida Rogerson … Mom
Danielle Kiraly … April
Scott Coppala … Stosh
Denise Fergusson … Dr. Bain
Cynthia Gillespie … Diver
Elizabeth Hanna … Stephanie
Derek Keurvorst … Cleric
Damir Andrei … Daniel (as Damir Andre)
Dora Dainton … Kosima
John Dee … Mr. Katz

Night School (1981)
R 88 min – Horror | Mystery | Thriller – 24 April 1981 (USA)

A Boston police detective investigates a series of gruesome decapitations of various college coeds commited by a helmeted, black-leather clad serial killer

Director: Ken Hughes
Writer: Ruth Avergon

Cast (in credits order) ;
Leonard Mann … Lt. Judd Austin

Rachel Ward … Eleanor Adjai

Drew Snyder … Vincent Millett

Joseph R. Sicari … Taj
Nicholas Cairis … Gus
Karen MacDonald … Carol
Annette Miller … Helene Griffin
Bill McCann … Gary
Margo Skinner … Stevie Cabot
Elizabeth Barnitz … Kim Morrison
Holly Hardman … Kathy
Meb Boden … Anne Barron
Leonard Corman … Priest
Belle McDonald … Marjorie Armand
Edward C. Higgins … Coroner (as Ed Higgins)
William McDonald … Medical Examiner
Kevin Fennessy … Harry The Janitor
Edward Chalmers Jr. … Construction Worker
John Blood … Construction Worker
Lisa Allee … Lisa
Elizabeth Alice … Lisa’s Mother
Patricia Pellows … Screaming Woman
J.J. Wright … Plainclothesman (as Ed Chalmers)
Ted Duncan … Garbage Truckman
Patricia Rust … Pat

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1969 BSA Modified 441 motorcycle & the 2nd Narrows bridge.

A 1969 BSA Cafe 441 motorcycle ride to Deep Cove BC on the day Speedvision showed 2007 Italian GP, the rear view video worked great for my sittng view but the glare angle ruined the capture by Camera A which is taping ride. I had a great view of it but still use shoulder checks and handlebar mirror, this gimmick would not be safe due to lack of depth/distance perception. It would be good in a tuck though, something for future GP bikes? would have to be reflected HUD system though as glancing down is awkward.
You can towards end see the yellow and outline of Victor decal but I will now know what angle to rotate the tft monitor so the SvHS body mounted camera has a clear image.
Across the 2nd Narrows Iron Workers Memorial Bridge which collapsed killing many workers when first constructed. It is also the bridge which Jackie Chan leaps and breaks ankle landing on a boat in Rumble in the Bronx.

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