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DIY Harley Davidson SaddleBag Wall Storage Rack Cheap

You asked..You got it! You can make this saddlebag storage rack that hangs on your wall vs. the floor for under 20 bucks. I’ll give you the exact measurements and the parts you will need in the video. Save a ton of money and keep your saddlebags off the floor.
Parts I used are 2 x 3/4″x10′ pvc pipe
12 x 3/4″ 90 degree pvc elbow
6 x 3/4″ pvc Tee
2 x 3/4 pvc end cap
3/4″ pipe insulation
2 x 1″ 2 hole strap bracket
2″ lag bolts
pvc Primer and Glue

Cut your pieces as follows
2 x 20″
4 x 6″
2 x 9″
2 x 3″
1 x 4″

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Carburetors vs. Electronic Fuel Injection—What’s Better? | MC Garage

Your motorcycle is either being fed fuel through a carburetor with jets, or via a throttle body with an injector. What happens when these two systems face off? We’ll find out in this video from the MC Garage.

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P48 Project; New Axle for the Old Truck!

1948 Chevy 3100, P48 Project – Torque Tube Axle removal, new axle review and prep for install.


instagram: @vintagespeed1956

Tools Used in This Video:

Markal Silver-Streak Welder Pencils (96102);

Coleman Cable Welder 240v Extension Cord (1917);

ARES Ratcheting Wire Crimpers (70005/8752);

BluSmart Wire Strippers (14333);

Johnson 90* Square;

Johnson T-Square;

Miller Welders Millermatic 211 Auto-Set MIG Welder;

AHP AlphaTig 200X, IGBT AC/DC Pulse TIG Welder (2018 model, 8484);

Dewalt 4.5″ angle grinders (DWE4011);

Diablo 40 & 80 grit Flap Discs;

Dewalt Bi-Metal 3.5″ Hole Saw (D180056);

Ridgid 18v 1/4″ driver (53451);

Spot Weld Cutters;

3M Peltor Ear Plugs;

3M Polarized Safety Glasses;

oLight M22 Tactical Light;

Craftsman drill press;

P48; 1948 Chevy 3100 Mustang II IFS:

Helix Mustang II IFS Conversion 47-54 Chevy 3100;

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Triumph 650 Motorcycle Engine Disassembly & Rebuild part 4 – Lowbrow Customs

Part 4 – With helpful tips and tricks, Todd takes a step by step walk through on the disassembly of timing chest and transmission. He shows you what to look for and how to know when certain parts need replaced along with helpful tips on how to remove nuts, gears and those pesky cheese head screws.

If you missed Part 1 –
If you missed Part 2 –
If you missed Part 3 –

00:16 – Taking off the points cover.
00:40 – Remove the points plate.
02:00 – Remove the advance unit.
02:52 – Cheesehead screws – removing timing cover
06:01 – What’s under that timing cover?
06:29 – Remove the oil pump.
07:45 – Removing the three nuts from cam and pinion gears.
08:25 – Remove the nut on the pinion gear.
09:40 – Remove nuts off cam gears.
10:19 – Explanation of the tit on the nut from the intake cam.
11:51 – Remove the intermediate gear.
12:00 – Explanation of the timing marks on each gear and where they go.
12:18 – Remove the gear from the Intake cam.
15:03 – Remove the gear from the Exhaust cam.
17:35 – Remove the pinion gear
20:41 – Remove the Transmission cover
21:08 – F*&$ing Cheesehead Screws!
24:00 – Grab a drain pan and drain the transmission oil.
25:15 – Remove ratcheting gear for kick starter off of the main shaft.
26:26 – Remove the 3 fasteners holding on the inner transmission cover.
28:50 – Remove the main shaft, shift shaft, shift forks, counter shaft, and cam plate selector. Keep gears with each shaft in order.

Music by:
“Dory Honey”
“Blinded by Dust”
Composed by: Jahzzar

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3D Print CUSTOM Bike Grips

In this quick video I 3d print some bike grips for my old bike and they came out really well.


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– Unknown Brain – Roots (feat. Attxla)

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Channel Intro! First MotoVlog! Victory Motorcycles and a dead bird…

My name is Kyle, and this is the first video on my new channel!

MotoVlogs, house projects, DIY fun, and life. I will be trying to put out about 3 videos a week. Hope you enjoy the Life Of Bliss!!!

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P48 Project; Helix Mustang II IFS Install – How to Box Your Frame Rails

P48 – 1948 Chevy 3100; Building frame boxing plates, tacking them in, cleaning up the rails, Helix Mustang II IFS Install.


Tools Used in This Video:
Dewalt #D180056 Bi-Metal Hole Saw, 3.5″
Dewalt #DWE4011 4.5″ angle grinders
Miller Welders Millermatic 211 Auto-Set MIG Welder
AlphaTig 200X TIG Welder
Markal; Silver-Streak #96102 Welders Pencils
Coleman Cable 1917 8/3 STW 6-50 Welder Extension Cord
3M Peltor Ear Plugs
3M Polarized Safety Glasses
Craftsman 1hp drill press

instagram: @vintagespeed1956

Upcoming Projects:
‘P48’ 1948 Chevy 3100 Street Custom Pickup
TBI 350/T5, IFS Mustang II, 4Link, 10bolt

1994 Ford F350 OBS 7.3L IDI Turbo Diesel 4×4
5.9L Cummins Swap, Crew-Cab, Short Bed Conversion
Dana 60, Sterling 10.25, Banks Sidewinder, 35s/18s

1996 Honda Civic Dedicated Track Car
Finish Roll Cage and Seat Welding Projects
Motor Swap

1994 Ford F350 OBS 460ci, 4×4
Dana 60, Sterling 10.25, 37s/17s
Tow mirror swap, Cam install

Highlighted Vehicles:
1967 Triumph 650 T120 Tiger Bobber
1971 Ford Boss 351 Mustang
1997 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L
1998 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L
2005 Ford F350 6.0 Diesel Duallie Tow Rig
2006 Dodge 2500 5.9L Diesel, Crew-Cab, Short Bed, 4×4
2006 Ford F350 6.0 Diesel Duallie Tow Rig
2017 Ford F250 Crew-Cab, Short Bed, 4×4, 6.7L Triton V8 Diesel
2017 Polaris RZR Side-by-Side, Race Buggy

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17 Harley Road King Touring Milwaukee Eight Slip-On Install and Sound of Cobra Neighbor Haters on M8

Here is my 2017 Road King Special with the Milwaukee Eight (M8) sound comparison and install of my Cobra Neighbor Haters slip on.

Buy them Here:

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