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custom motorcycle

8 Of The Best Custom Motorcycles @ MCN London Motorcycle Show

I went to the show and filmed it so that you don’t have to.

And here’s the vid of the DMoL bike on The Bike Shed’s channel:




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custom Triumph bonneville T100, how to remove Bluing/scratches from motorcycle Exhausts!

I get asked questions about this a lot! so here is my method for removing Blue staining and scratches from your exhaust and getting that factory look back!

T cut original metal polish.

Meguiars nxt generation metal polysh.

Cotton stockinette


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BMW NineT Bobber by BAAK

The craftsmen team of BAAK Motocyclettes workshop spend months designing and building this classic BMW R NineT. An authentic build that provides pure riding feelings, shot in the French mountains.

Learn more about this motorcycle and discover the range of parts 100% Made in France we designed for the BMW NineT at
_ _ _ _ _ _
Film making:
Aurelien Baud
Julien Brun

Panorama Std

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Is The Harley-Davidson Softtail slim Better Than The 48 sportster

My new harley davidson softtail slim

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Brat Style Suzuki EN125 built by Douglas Paijo

Posted by on 2010-08-01 08:05:17

Tagged: , motorcycle , custom motorcycle , bratstyle

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NK13 Custom Motorcycle by Kedux Garage – Eps. Leong “let’s make some noise”

just a fun session with dede ongke, leong, bayu and blesi at that day. we go out and make some noise!
don’t forget to hit subscribe for more video.

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Milwaukee-Eight™(M8) Loose Valve Seats – Part 2

This is a follow-up regarding the Milwaukee-Eight™ (M8) Valve Seat issue. We had a lot of good comments and we wanted to go through what we did before we decided to post this notice.

We noticed the problem on our big bore kits when we were putting the heads back on with new rings – we make it a standard practice to put the head on torque and leak the motor down. To make sure that we have no issues. That’s when we saw the 25-28% leak down. Please note – this was NOT going past the rings. It was past the valve and the valve seats.

GMS Racing helped us identify a means to pressurize the port from the outside so we can show you the leak down. It was a great idea.

You will note that the leak down is not going past the valve seat. It’s between the head and the seat itself.

The whole issue is not a machining issue – it’s when the seats are being installed. When the seats are pressed in or, knocked in – it cocks and takes the material and scores the bore to the bottom of the seat hole. Material is built up under the seat area.

When we measure our press fit using a micrometer, we’re seeing .0025”-.0030” of variation in the O.D. of the seat and that material ends up at the bottom. That’s what cocks the seat and allows for it to leak underneath. So the seat does not have a complete press all the way around it. That’s why we’re seeing this issue.

We just wanted to share the effort that we went through to prove the issue. This was not a single head issue, it was repetitive so we wanted to make you aware of it.

If you have any questions – contact us at 336-993-7068 or, visit us online at

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Built by Shane Cooper at Speed Demon Cycles in Australia. PP100 engine

Posted by on 2010-08-16 02:20:57

Tagged: , Indian Motorcycle , custom motorcycle

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