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600 bandit streetfighter custom

600 bandit streetfighter custom

a bike im looking into getting

Posted by Geeny1983 on 2008-09-01 17:46:21

Tagged: , bandit , suzuki , streetfighter , motorbike , custom

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Making of custom, handmade motorcycle helmet

This helmet is only for decoration/display only.
I DO NOT RECOMMEND to use a chinese/no name helmet on street. If you use paint/thinner on a street helmet, it is not safe anymore.

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DayZ – Why you don’t raid Devil’s Castle

Me and my friend Eric heard about 2 bandits holed up in Devil’s castle, for some reason we decided to try to kill them xD

If you want to join us, join the group and add me on Skype (Don’t add me to steam friends) and keep in mind that though I do hold DayZ events, they are quite rare since my channel focuses mainly on TF2 and games like that:

There are a few conditions to joining us:
First of all, watch more than just 1 of my videos before you join us, get to know me and the crew, and our type of humour a little bit.
16+ years of age
a good mic
You need to be able to speak english, and you need to have acceptable grammar and spelling, not all of us are perfect but no one likes a person who doesn’t know the difference between ”your” and ”you’re”, or a person who says ”u” and ”r” instead of ”you” and ”are”
patience (We’re not gonna find a good server with enough slots on the first try, and someone’s bound to have some connection issues)

Note that I will not be able to record each time, but feel free to ask if you’d like to record and upload to your own channel if I’m not recording.

Interactive DayZ Chernarus Map:

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Reverse Trike Modified Suspension part 1

Reverse Trike Modified Suspension as it is now ( June 2011)
For more details visit:

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