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Goll and Frank Ghost Sign, Milwaukee, WI

Goll and Frank Ghost Sign, Milwaukee, WI

A ghost sign that says "Goll & Frank Co., Wholesale Distributors, Notions and Furnishings", and something. Two young Germans, Julius Goll and August Frank, started Goll & Frank in 1852 in Milwaukee.

Frank, nicknamed the “Little Salesmen,” and Goll, described as “energetic, but modest and withdrawn,” according to family letters, got along fabulously. Both raised flowers, enjoyed reading and were exempted from the Civil War draft because of nearsightedness.

The two sold dry goods and hardware, such as linens, velvet ribbons, collars, gloves, men’s socks, combs, suspenders, silverware, teaspoons, purses and pocket books, according to an 1853 Goll & Frank advertisement. “Our supply of hardware and Yankee-notions is plentiful,” an 1852 ad read.

In Goll & Frank’s early years, business was booming. In a letter to his parents in 1853, Frank wrote, “Business is so good at present that I hardly know where my head is from 7 in the morning until 9 at night. I have to gulp my food down and there is hardly time to caress my wife, and child.”

By 1864, Goll & Frank had expanded to include customers from Minnesota and Iowa, and moved to the Water Street location. Twenty-eight years later, the building was almost destroyed by the “The Great Fire of 1892 in Milwaukee’s ‘Irish Third Ward,’ ” as a story by William Maher in a 1993 issue of The Irish Genealogical Quarterlywas titled.

The disaster displaced all of the Irish in the Third Ward, paving the way for Italians to settle there between 1900 and 1920, Maher wrote. According to the Third Ward’s website, the fire destroyed 440 buildings throughout 16 square blocks, leaving 1,900 people homeless and resulting in $60 million in damages by today’s standards.

Goll & Frank was rebuilt into a seven-story building in 1896 with a renaissance design, according to Historic Third Ward documents. In 1929, Julius’ son, company president Frederick Goll, renamed the firm Fred T. Goll & Sons when his sons Harry and Julius joined as partners. After Frederick died in 1931, the company became the J.H. Goll Co. in 1938. It is not known when the company went out of business.

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Jawa Ad

Jawa Ad

Scan from June, 1958 Cycle.

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U-Turn Harley Davidson New Zealand : SS Production

U-Turn Harley Davidson New Zealand : SS Production

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Starring: Miguelangel Morales
Narrator: Judson Rollins
Music: Miguelangel Morales, Daniel O’Connor

Scripted By: ROHIT SOOD

Co-Writer: Sarah Hart, Miguelangel Morales, Judson Rollins
Sound Engineer: Peter Wood

Produced By: AMIT SOOD

Cinematographer II Editor II Director: GAGAN SANDHU

Special Thanks. Jessie Bhaji
Contact Us:
SS Production Ltd.

Copyright Reserve to SS Production

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A German SPEC commercial! It’s not an official commercial for Harley-Davidson!

Spot: Inner Child
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Tempomedia
Script: Andreas Bruns, Gunnar Heuwold
Director : Andreas Bruns
Producer : Nathalie Kraft, Ruben Steingrüber
DOP: Simon Drescher
Editor: Andreas Bruns, Philipp Ostermann
Production Design: Cosima Vellenzer
Composer: Elegy Music
Sound Design: Marvin Keil
Animation/Composition/ VFX: ACHT FRANKFURT
3D Artist : Emanuel Fuchs
Make-Up: Dennis Alt, Inga Ross
Costume: You-Jin Seo

Robert Kuchenbuch, Carl Stubenvoll

Tempomedia, Esther Kurle, ACHT Frankfurt, Tracks and Fields, Studio Hamburg, Equiprent, Licam, Matheis Casting, Isabel Braak, You-Jin Seo, Marvin Marte, Tatjana Knoll, Christian Scheunert, Josefin Kuschela, Anna Branea, Philipp Walz, Angelika Niermann, Felix W. Fred Bräutigam, Johannes Rabe, Justus Becker, Jan Prahl und die ganze Crew.

see full credits: coming soon

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THE 2015 VICTORY MAGNUM – Baggers Magazine

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Hasbro – Dare Devil Challenge – Stunt Chopper – Vintage Commercial – 1970s

Vintage Hasbro Toys Commercial

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Norton Motorcycle Ad

You have been commissioned to write a piece of music that can be used as a theme and as a “bed” or “underscore” for one of the following services, organisations or products.

This must be an original work that reflects the and supports the ethos and meaning inherent in the service, organisation or product. This must be achieved by using compositional techniques that reference cultural and emotional stereotypes that potential customers will instantly relate to.

There is no fixed length for the music but it must be able to be used and edited within the constraints of a 30 second commercial.

Norton Motorcycles
The British motorcycle company Norton are looking to start a new advertising campaign to promote the sales of Norton motorcycles in the US. The music should reflect the traditional values of freedom and excitement along with an understanding of the tradition of British motorcycling expertise from the 1950’s and 60’s.

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Triumph Scrambler advertising video

The Scrambler represents a fresh take on the iconic bikes from Triumphs past. Combining inspiration from the relaxed culture and laid back attitude of sunny California with the chic approach of Southern Europeans, the Scrambler redefines the off-road machines made famous by 60s thrill seekers such as Steve McQueen and places many elements of their robust, dual purpose style into a contemporary urban context. The authentic styling of the Scrambler is what makes the motorcycle so unique, yet the technology is as modern as it can be.

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