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2017 triumph bobber review

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review

I suppose I could compare Triumph’s Bonneville Bobber to mushrooms. Not those naughty magic ones, just simple everyday mushrooms that provide unconditional taste sensations to billions of people around the world. Having spent years neglecting ‘shrooms through a bizarre trepidation, I eventually sampled the blighters well into my 20s and was stunned by their taste, humble yet handsome flavour and sheer versatility in the kitchen. Anyway, enough of the whimsical bullshit: what I’m trying to say is, the Bobber shocked me. It’s far more than a fashion statement in modern retro form, utterly shocking me with sporty and involving dynamics. It shocked me like mushrooms shocked me.

Pre-ride fears involved futilely narrating its quirky dynamics to an audience already sold on cosmetics. After all, this modern retro scene is all about looks, fashion over function and the majority of Bobbers sold would have been based on aesthetical pleasuring, not launch reports. But, by Jove, this thing is as stimulating to ride as it is to look at. And I LOVE the two-tone green/silver. Just look at it. I’m a die-hard superbike nut and yet I want it to have my babies.
As mentioned during the unveiling in London, Triumph has ensured this hard-tail lookalike carries genuine custom presence and one-off appeal, without the ownership aggravations of living with an unreliable classic: the sole contemporary giveaway is its registration plate. And for a bike that takes heed from the 1940s, there’s an extensive electronics suite garnishing the Bobber. Switchable traction control and two rider modes (rain and road) function alongside Triumph’s latest ride-by-wire trickery. There’s also a slippery clutch and an array of optional extras.

Traipsing towards the motorway and escaping Madrid’s suburbs was like a grim scene from the north of England. Temperatures bordered on sub-zero, thick, freezing fog filled the morning air and, of course, we were dressed accordingly. Praise the Hinckley Gods for installing the optional heated grips, which gave us time to ponder the rest of the bike. The first standout feature was the Bobber’s exceptional soundtrack, especially given its Euro4 compliancy. In a world of attenuated noise – mainly owing to emission laws and wanky tree huggers – the Bobber brags a comfortingly booming, deep and husky bark ensuring it’s the Dot Cotton of the custom scene and goes a long way to flattering those straight-thru lookalike exhausts.


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Triumph Announce the NEW Bobber Black and the Bonneville Speedmaster at EICMA 2017

The Triumph Bobber was what made 2016 quite exciting for me… It was a bike that i just loved the look of. Although I have not ridden one yet I was pleased to see Triumph Announce the new Bobber Black which looks awesome.

Then Triumph announced the Bonneville Speedmaster…. This bike looks great and continues the range of Triumph Bonneville available.

I hope you are enjoying these little videos I have a lot to come from the EICMA event so bear with me and normal Vlog up[dates will resume

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Amazing Bike !! 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review

2017 triumph bonneville bobber review – Triumph has created a machine that combines post war styling with modern day performance – a trick they’ve carried over from the rest of their Bonneville range. It’s not the cheapest bobber out there, but it’s the classiest and packed with cool design touches and character. It takes the cool, slow-speed cruising stuff easily in its stride, but it’s surprisingly fun and capable, too. With its bespoke chassis and suspension, the Bobber actually goes, corners and steers like a sweet-handling roadster. It’s hard not to be in a constant state of disbelief that something that looks so bobbersome can perform so well.

A bike with a 100-section spoked 19” wheel up front and a 16-incher at the rear (150) simply shouldn’t handle this well. Especially one that weighs 228kg dry and has just 80mm of suspension travel, which could bottom-out at the drop of a hat. But it does. It may look unbalanced with all its bulk ahead of the rider and the rear wheel somewhere in another county, but it feels short and squat. It steers lightly and carves through corners and over bumps with the precision and easy poise of a Thruxton R. It’s more fun than it has any right to be and rest assured, you’ll never get left behind by your sportsbike-riding mates on the road.

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