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Vincent Norton – Aug 1970

Vincent Norton - Aug 1970

Aug 1970 – Stansfield Road, Stockwell.
Next to the NorVin (1000cc Rapide engine) is another bike my brother owned, (under the tarpaulin) which he rode for years after he took CJJ 33B off the road, a Matchless 350cc scrambler (his description) reg. no. PYK 384 MATCHLESS G3LC (350cc) Scrambler motorcycle made between 1957 and 1959.

CAN BE VIEWED AT A MAXIMUM SIZE Original (4565 x 2901)

I am happy to allow my work to be copied, and place no restrictions on them, provided that they are for your own personal records, or if displayed are credited to the copyright owner……
(Gonzo-Geezer – Michael O’Shea).

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