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1936 Vintage Indian Motorcycle

Posted by Leslie Woodzell on 2011-09-10 04:06:50

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BSA New Bluestar Q21 496cc OHV from 1936

Test drive of the BSA New Bluestar Q21 496cc OHV from 1936. New in at

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BMW R4 1936 400cc 1 cyl ohv – vintage motorcycle – start up

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More details

Manufacturer: BMW
Model: R4
Year: 1936
Capacity: 398cc
Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv
Cylinders: 1
Power: 14hp
Weight: 137kg


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Vintage Motorcycles from 2010 Concours d’Elegance [1080HD]

Harley Davidson, Crocker, Excelsior, Thor, Pierce Arrow, Indian, Sears, Reading, Flying Merkel, Henderson motorcycles and bicycles. Most are nearly a hundred years old and still running and riding. Legendary pieces of history and the forefathers of 2-wheeled racing events. It’s only natural… if it has wheels and an engine… we HAVE to race it. Human 101. That’s what we do!

1915 Excelsior V Twin
1916 Excelsior Board Track Racer
1936 Crocker Twin
1913 Sears Dreadnaught Twin
1915 Harley-Davidson Twin
1913 Flying Merkel Twin
1910 Pierce-Arrow Single Cylinder
1919 Pierce Bicycle
1939 Indian Scout (4 of them)
1909 Harley Davidson Single Cylinder
1915 Harley-Davidson 11F with sidecar

1909 Reading Standard Twin
1929 Harley-Davidson DAR Board Track Racer
1909 Thor Road Model (how many paved roads were there?)
1936 Crocker Small Tank
1934 Harley-Davidson Twin
1938 Indian Four

If you’re not watching this in full screen in HD… what’s wrong with you? Quit it. Go big.


Norton Model 18 Motorcycle 1936 Vintage

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This is one of 22 bikes featured on our Motorcycles Pre and Post War Blu-ray and DVDs.It was produced by Fred Kinck Petersen for Kinck Sound. For info on North America’s biggest motorcycle show, go to

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