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Jim Jefferies – God is drunk at a party

All copyrights go to that aussie cunt Jim Jefferies.

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39 Responses to Jim Jefferies – God is drunk at a party

  • Bay sihakom says:

    guys pretty awesome

  • Jon R. says:

    I'm a Christian and I absolutely hate it when Christians push religion on people.

  • Andrew N says:

    Amazlng guy, funny and clever……

  • Job Hd says:

    If god exists, he (Because we love them as a he apparently) aint some white guy in the sky like all the painting and Jesus…OMG..Jesus from the Middle East is no blond blue eyed hippy looking dude. How F'ing Dumb do you have to be to believe that crap. He probably looked more like the Muslims you see now int he Middle East. It looks like the White Man created God and his son in his own image and not vice versa! But for that reality to settle in and for Jesus to suddenly look more like a Muslim….well, I am sure there will be hell to pay, because accepting that is impossible. Bunch of desert people come up with a book and expand on it with all sorts of stories, most of which have something to do with the time or a universal lesson and we take it literally, kill millions of people for it and hate each other based on what we believe. Yeah…religion is such a great tool for humans! Its like giving a gun to a kid and telling the kid, "Mighty powerful tool you got there, use it wisely"

  • Fake Hipster says:

    I will fully stand up for the right for people to be religious and practice whatever they're heart desires, but that being said, im a huge Atheist and I think the idea of any god or gods is literally pathetic and people who pray for other people if they're sick or hurt or whatever are fucking idiots. (literally my opinion don't freak the fuck out)

  • "Whos the guy in pink shirt who is enjoying singing?" I like where this is going

  • tylsimys67 says:

    "Eternal father, strong to save"… Love to play it, especially on boats.

  • Ivan Ruiz says:

    that despricption though

  • Mgaak says:


  • I'm Hindu… if all our Gods turn up for a party we have a small European Country in the making.

  • Double G says:

    I believe in God and I think this is funny lol

  • Love this shit, religious ppl are idiots

  • Brilliant

  • 3kycat says:

    All of this is what jokes and hates it inventions of men, and not God. But his drunken snout did not embrace.

  • samirriani says:

    a great talented comedian,

  • mcaddicts says:

    After all God is a white guy.

  • God is playing sims on some Highly advanced computer. Hope I don't die burning while I try to make a sendwich

  • Coen Art says:

    thanks for the words friend….sounds like my mother coming from that bastard god cunt.

  • God is a man-made invention. That's why he was invented in so many different parts of the world, in thousands of different forms, at different times in history. Religious people try to get round this by saying there's a universal God, but that's a cop out. Like football (soccer), God was always going to be invented.

  • Josh Linder says:

    And heres all the people who add their opinions about religion in the most annoying way possible haha

  • Jack Bailey says:

    If only someone who mock, question, and ridicule Islam and Judaism.

  • bill bennet says:

    please listen to him… i just lost my sister….

  • The A Game says:

    Wow, so many butt hurt comments. Religious guys out there, this is just a bit of banter. I'm religious, but I found this FUCKIN HILARIOUS!!! I couldn't stop laughing, lol

  • Fif0l says:

    Explaining all of this would take too much time, so I'm just laughing here.

  • Where is ur video of God getting roasted? I can't find it it's my favorite and like showing people it

  • Excellent! What a man! My Pugs really like him too!

  • Who new God would be unwanted @ a party

  • His accent makes it more funny! 😂😂

  • Lmao. God has a great sense of humor other wise He would not have created comics. But despite the poetic license I can correct some errors even if it's a buzzkill lol. God can not hate cuz He is love. He doesn't hate the sinner but due to the impervious nature of His being He must be polar opposite of sin. Not that He can't do anything but He chose to give us free will. He does love us unconstitutionally and forgives all the only thing that He can not forgive is rejecting His gift. Sent His son to die & all that one needs do is merely accept His gift, rejecting it is just saying you don't want to spend eternity in heaven with Him. It's not that hard to grasp. But the churches over complicated it so man must go to another man Catholics started this shit! Man made changes so one needed get a man to get their prayers heard via payment and they were not allowed to read the bible for themselves but (especially in older times when not everyone was literate more on that in a bit). So not only did they fuck it all up but so did the false jews mentioned in the book even! The group of people are called the phonecians sons of Cain! Who killed able! So they make every major language literally (hence why we're all literally illiterate asf & don't even know it!) these fools did the other thing that the bible said not to do & that's alter His word! To take away from or add to, same as the Islam did added to it. Mystics took away what was removed from the bible from these 2 groups or more even the 3rd groups the nazi which is all the same just a new name. But the phonetics phones bell Baal Saturn and the cult that's been added into the bible by these phoney jews Ashkenazi – nazi- nazerine. Phonecians get it?! Read this stuff going back to the 1800's and as far back as possible to the 1500's anything older is hard to find and when you do find it its all about the cult of Saturn! So there hope that clears up some of the confusion and brings some light on the subject. So many ignorant so quick to judge as if anyone ever actually knew anything about the world cuz our modern science and shit is just infallable and always right on ffs. Human error is never factored into the swift judgement of the ignorant masses who know it all these days yet not even what 0.001% of you can be bothered to even look into wtf I'm actually saying here before just disguarding it entirely lol. Is it too much ego?! Lack of trust in the world view that were told how to think these days?! But no one looks into why it is or wonders why when in times of great pleasure and agony the first instinct is to say what?! "Omg" or something like that! Hmm maybe y'all need to do a little research & actually read the book. The best possible way to get the most out of it is to read it in every language it's ever been written in and that should clear things up a lot. I can only do so much for ya point in the right direction I can not do anything for you as you must do so for your self. Also hell wasn't created for man but the fallen & the devil. It doesn't mean He doesn't love you just that it is set up so 100% positivity would not be 100% if even 1% negativity entered. Those who don't know Him and don't want to be till too late. The judgment is after He has taken His children home already and occurs when those who have seen Him with their own eyes yet still refuse Him and get left behind or try to use the science and magic or followed the antichrist etc. the dogma is a figment of the phonecians medling with the Word. The spelling get it magic spells it is literal. Also take into consideration that if the devil exists then for there to be balance the polar opposite must also exist. And we know that there's a devil! Just look at Hollywood & the music industry how many times have you heard that one sold their souls to the devil for worldly riches & fame?! People have more faith in the devil than most do in the church's. Which I can get onto another tangent about how they're mason lodges or worse! Not all but most again it's also in the bible. If you don't get it by now & have actually looked into any of the stuff I'm saying then maybe you just won't get it or aren't willing to believe that were held accountable for our behavior?! People really hate the idea of this & want to do anything to escape it even if it's delusional. But the faithful are seen as delusional! Smh I've said all that can be said.

  • "Yeah, well.. I'm fuckin' everywhere aren't I? So why the fuck wouldn't I be here.. " 😂😂😂

  • HHAHAHAHAAA! let's not forget that God is a white guy!…I tell my black religious friends that shit and laugh!

  • Max Michel says:

    this dude is so ignorant

  • marriage is really a slave ownership proving you own your wife to the law so others couldn't just take your property fuck it and u left with damaged goods same as owning a horse or whore .
    vote Trump

  • bekause they look like insekts, shrimp no honor in killing a bug.


  • Ecstasy6933 says:

    Hey guys as someone that isn't Christian I have never read the bible can someone explain the thing about shrimp

  • Jim Turner says:

    Jim jefferies is a legend

  • This fat tub of shit isn't funny.

  • i think evolution is because God just made us and went "alright we'll see how this turns out"

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