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How to Repair a Car Cover Rightly

A car cover is really functional to give the best protection for your car so you can use it as the best help for you. This cover is made from vinyl, fabric or leather so you can choose the best one that will be perfect for your needs. If it has some damages, it is better for you to fix it by yourself so you do not need to hire someone that will cost you more. To help you in repairing the cover, just check this article out.

A Vinyl Car Cover

If you would like to repair this type of cover, there are some ways you can do. The first thing you need to do is to measure the rip that must be repaired. In this case, you must cut the vinyl patch 1 inch longer and wider so you can continue the next process. The second step you must do is to turn the cover inside-out. In this process, it is important for you to pour alcohol onto a cotton ball until damp and you have to clean the area around the rip. After that, you must let it dry. The next process is to remove the backing from the adhesive vinyl patch and you can put the patch over the damage.

A Leather Car Cover

This kind of cover is also really good to consider and you must do the process of repairing rightly so you can make it functional for you. The first step is to utilize fine grit sand paper to rub the edges of the rip into the cover. Then, you have to pour the alcohol onto a cotton ball to clean the area that must be repaired. Also, you must know the measurement of the damage so you can repair it very well.

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