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COMING UP! Courier Meet at the Ace! Sunday 30th October 3pm to 10.30pm Ace C…


Courier Meet at the Ace!

Sunday 30th October
3pm to 10.30pm

Ace Cafe London teams up with The Riders Digest on Sunday 30th October, from 3pm to close of cafe at 10.30pm, to host the first ever “Courier Day”!

The Rider’s Digest (TRD) set out as a recruitment rag for London’s courier industry in 1997 and Ace Cafe London began distributing the magazine a couple of years later when the magazine started aiming to reach a wider audience.

It is only fitting then that TRD should host its first ever Courier Day at the London’s premier petrol head’s paradise.

Anyone who has ever worked as a courier – whether they did so in London or anywhere else in the UK or around the world – is cordially invited to join us at the Ace on the afternoon/evening of Sunday October 30th to celebrate our shared heritage – and no doubt swap a few outrageous stories (obviously it would be wonderful to see any long term TRD fans who can make it too).

Initial soundings suggest that there’s more than enough rose-coloured nostalgia in the ether to persuade a veritable army of ex-despatch riders to turn up, but it would be particularly impressive if we can get a decent turn out of current couriers too.

Just by way of encouragement we’ve spoken to a few of our bike kit and equipment contacts and asked them if they’d like to contribute some sweeteners to include in a free prize draw we will be holding on the day, which will be for working riders only, on the basis that they’re doing a tough job and they don’t exactly get a lot of goodies bunged their way.

So far Held have generously agreed to supply us with three pairs of their highly rated £150 Cold Champ gloves and Wemoto, those lovely parts peeps on the south coast, have promised to come up with a basket of useful accessories. There are guaranteed to be many more prizes once everyone has got back to us (be sure to check out the event and The Rider’s Digest’s Facebook page for updates).

For further details (or if you’d like to add anything to the TRD prize draw pot) contact Dave Gurman at or give him a call on 020 8707 0655.

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