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Bowtex Kevlar leggings Review

Want to wear your normal jeans, but don’t want to scarifice safety? I take a quick look at the Bowtex Kevlar leggings, which might just be your best solution….
Thanks to Will M for the suggestion

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5 Responses to Bowtex Kevlar leggings Review

  • Dexter x says:

    Thanks for reviewing these.

  • Bo Ismono says:

    Thanks for this video. I just got the SGS Armor myself. Which is basically the same I guess. I hope I never have to test them though

  • 1990 says:

    Why do you edit the gaps between the sentences out? You must save no more than 30 seconds. If that. It makes you sound unnatural.

    Are these really hot to wear in really hot weather, I wonder. Not just English hot. If they are, I don't see the point.

  • Mark Masztal says:

    Too bad my full figure doesn't have any size options.

  • will M says:

    Now you've had a chance to look at them, how do you feel they rate in terms of safety against similar priced motorcycle specific jeans? The kevlar coverage seemed to be better than any jeans I looked at. Two points which sold them to me though: The armour stays in place really well with mine, almost like the knox armoured shirts, and by wearing my own jeans my jeans fit well and no need for tailoring.

    The question is…Are these with the armour in with a pair of 501's safer than the resurgence jeans (or similar) at around the same price?

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