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Boss Hoss Cycles

Boss Hoss Cycles

It’s time to register for the Boss Hoss Rally! Go to for information

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  • Visit Boss Hoss Factory in Dyersburg/Tennessee😀😀😀
    Thanks for the detailed two-hour guided tour of the mechanic Justin and the very good preparation of Frank Müller Boss Hoss Cycles Hürth / Germany.
    It was very impressive to see how most parts are still manufactured in the factory by 8 employees by hand, madness!
    Finally, I was able to drive the new Boss Hoss 383 Stroker with 6.3 l displacement and 480 HP as well as the new transmission. An absolute dream, switches very soft, no power loss and a lot of power also in the Overdrive. Boss Hoss has made a huge step forward. And who complains about the prices, it’s just manual work, and that is worth every dollar.

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