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After riding through Montenegro and Albania, As Seen From The Sidecar have now r…

After riding through Montenegro and Albania, As Seen From The Sidecar have now reached their last European destination, Greece! Next stop ➡️ Egypt!

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Week 5 | Countries 🇲🇪 🇦🇱 🇬🇷 | Hours on the road 24 | 607 miles

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Week 5 of the expedition is over and we’ve finally made it to Athens! This week was all about a few days of long driving and a few days spent visiting some awesome cities and getting to know awesome locals. In Albania we probably experienced our first country that had a less European feel to it. The people were lovely and we were welcomed into two extremely warm, friendly homes. Despite also having a very scary night wild camping we survived it in one piece and if your keen to experience somewhere slightly different but still in Europe then we would definitely recommend it!

The latter stages of the week were all about Trikala – what an amazing place. Home of the largest Christmas market in Greece, we were lucky enough to spend time with the Mayor and vice Mayor while watching the Christmas market come to life (which opens next week – if only we had arrived a week later!). That being said we’ve certainly taken our time and had a blast in Europe. We now have just over a week in Athens to prepare ourselves for Africa, we are also set to visit a charity next week that works to prevent child trafficking – more on this to come.

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