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2017 Victory Octane – Test Ride Review

POV Test ride and review of the new model 2017 Victory Octane cruiser motorcycle. I ride the bike through the city and on the highway to see how it performs. Based on the Indian Scout platform, the new Octane is a monster of a deal at only $10,499 MSRP.
104 HP @ 8000 RPM
528 LB. (240 KG)

Filmed with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black in 1080p 30fps Superview.

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21 Responses to 2017 Victory Octane – Test Ride Review

  • FR says:

    I really like the design of the Octane, how was it compared to the Scout all in all? I am pretty sure i have seen Octane with a little tachometer as well? It is a step forward in engine design from the US manufacturers, more Euro/Japanese like technology. And that is nice. The Octane/Scout is in my opinion not the classic type of cruisers, more power cruisers that have more incommon with "ordinary" road bikes, probably the reason for their good and easy handling. I am surprised that the engine did vibrate so much.

    PS: That flap on your left arm on the jacket is still not attached to it`s button =)

  • Great review. You really did a good job of describing the characteristics of the Octane and pointing out the differences between this and the Scout.

  • Totally want this bike!!!!!! Awesome review. This has to be the best and most thorough review I have seen for this bike.

  • Madcatdave says:

    I don't like the front wind shield. but the rest of the bike looks good.

  • Fabian Frank says:

    Great revues. Best I have seen so far

  • dry509 says:

    Where are you noticing the vibration…seat, handle bars, etc?

  • Finally, someone wrapped it out. Most reviewers ride this bike like its redline is 5000 rpm, then they say its not fast. I think the Octane redline is 8300 rpm. Too bad about the seat. Thanks for the review.

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  • Roy Munoz says:

    I just picked up my Octane yesterday and OMG I freaking love it!! SO MUCH PULL. I've only taken her up to like 6500rpm and jeez does it have power, and it handles so damn good!! So happy with going with the Octane instead of the Iron 883!! Great Video by the way!

  • JunkyardJedi says:

    should've called it the Victory Fag , it vibrates and hurts your ass! any bike you can't ride longer than 20 min. without pain is a P O S. and should never have made it past quality control! I'll shop elswhere……

  • crj dirt says:

    Great review! I need to demo one.

  • SUPERBIKE says:

    Impression with exhaust

  • You do some of the best bike reviews on youtube bro

  • Gaugeforever says:

    Hey I'm in the market for the scout or octane. How does the suspension compare? What character/application would you put on each? Your impression of the Octane has stuck with me, I might have to test ride one after I test ride the scout.

  • hey man love your vids, would love if you could test ride te new Harley Davidson low rider S and and make a review about it. keep up te good work and keep it safe 😉

  • Turco949 says:

    Nice review but if 20 minutes of riding hurts your butt regardless of make/model, you might wanna upgrade to a real man's ass. Also, make sure never to ride a VMax if this bike's acceleration shocked you! 😉 I have to agree with those who were disappointed. This bike is what a Scout Sixty should have been and this bike needed at least another 10 HP/torque more after all the modifications they claimed to have put in it.

    Still, a good bike nevertheless.

  • moto king says:

    man fuck you octaine sucks ass even with the aftermarket exhaust indian scout is more premium and sounds better with a samson full exhaust

  • greg meister says:

    i hate those red starter switches. it looks so cheap and Japanese…not fitting of a american bike

  • I have 2800 miles on my Octane, and love this bike! I got the Vance & Hines hi flow intake and the power commander V. I drilled A 5/8 hole below the center exaust hole on each pipe, and it about doubled the exaust noise level,and sounds even better! There are no pipes out yet that I like. I think the aftermarket parts for this bike will be awesome, once they get rolling. Like the review states,the power is insane thru all the gears, but I think his vibration issue was bike specific, as mine is pretty smooth. I have not dyno'd my bike yet, but have read that an intake,power commander and a good exaust will bring the hp up to 114 : ) this will be a HD V-Rod killer, in the 1/4 mile for 1/2 the price,now all I need is a taller 6th gear,so I can stay ahead of the Vrod.

  • Patrick Teto says:

    Being a Harley rider for the last 40 years and still own 2, that might not have a home in my garage the next time anyone asks if they are for sale. The Octane was everything I've been saying for years that H-D should have done a long time ago.Yeah they made the V-Rod,too heavy under-powered but pretty in typical Harley mindset.Yeah the seat is stiff but the vibration is where I like it,it lets you know your on a bike,but has exceptional throttle response that it more fun to keep in a lower gear and ride the damn thing in it's happy spot! My only gripe is the form over function fuel tank. I want a 5 gallon tank to take away the stress of an open fuel station in the middle of nowhere especially after everyone just passed a sign ( Next Gas Station 68 Miles at 80 MPH)! If the aftermarket doesn't see the market for producing a larger tank,I'll make my own and maybe a few extra for the guy's that agree with me……..

  • bloodyBill says:

    I hear a Harley behind him and It should be a power house bike It time for Victory to build one . I almost got one of these bikes until I test rode one

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