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1972 Triumph Triton Café Racer

1972 Triumph Triton Café Racer

Thursday, January 7th 2016 11am
Sold for US$ 8,970 (£6,154) inc. premium

Frame no. T110 69427
Engine no. XG42507
If there were a Hall of Fame for motorcycle frames, the Norton Featherbed would be a shoo-in. Known for its legendary handling with geometry so good it was copied for decades, the Featherbed also became a favorite of specials builders, who liked the wide-open engine bay. As here, it most often accommodated 650cc Triumph engines to make so-called ‘Tritons,’ but with some effort even the rangy 1000cc Vincent V twin could be persuaded into place to come up with a ‘Norvin’. Whatever the powerplant, top off the resulting chassis with an aluminum gas tank, monster front brake, alloy rims and premium rubber, and you had the ultimate café racer, an appealing mix of speed and style – in effect, the world’s first sportbike.

This Triton follows the script to a T, from its shouldered Akront rims to its race-inspired aluminum ‘bread loaf’ fuel tank to is solo ‘bumstop’ seat. Clip-on handlebars, of course, while aftermarket Converta alloy mount plates properly locate the engine in the frame while also providing a secure place for the rearset footpegs. The current owner, a former roadracer and savvy mechanic, fabricated the front brake’s pop-riveted scoop, jutting forward to catch as much cooling air as possible.

He informs us that the engine, a rare Bonneville T120V five-speed from late in the 650’s production run, has not been breathed-on too heavily, the goal being tractable all-round performance rather than outright speed at the expense of real-world usability.

Posted by brizzle born and bred on 2015-12-26 11:14:49

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